Mumps and measles cases in England prompt vaccine call

Rise In Mumps Cases Prompts Vaccine Call

There were 795 cases of mumps in the first three months of 2019, versus 1,031 in the whole of 2018.

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Corrections Says ICE Failed to Provide Warrant to Hold Gang Members Now Accused in Maryland Girl's Death

Corrections: ICE Didn't Get Warrant To Hold Gang Members

The Prince George's County Department of Corrections is defending itself after federal immigration agents blamed it for releasing two suspected gang members last year, giving them the opportunity to kill...

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Harvey Weinstein Agrees to Pay Accusers

Harvey Weinstein Is Said To Reach $44 Million Deal To Settle Lawsuits

About $30 million would be set aside for women who have accused him, employees of his former studio and creditors, according to people briefed on the matter.

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Church tells NJ charter school to cover up LGBT mural; school obliges

Church Tells NJ Charter School To Cover Up LGBT Mural; School Obliges

A Hackensack charter school student said she was “heartbroken” after a local church and landlord instructed her school to cover up a...

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A Portland, OR cannabis company was caught trying to sell their data of local growers strain genetics to big business. The company was founded on protecting small growers from future genetic copyright from big business.

A Betrayal By A Leader Of Oregon's Cannabis Industry Shows How The Weed Business Went From Down Home To Cutthroat

Beth Schechter's world shattered with a text message. An Atlanta native, Schechter moved to Portland in 2015 to take a job as executive director of a nonprofit called the Open Cannabis Project. Her job: protecting small cannabis farmers by challenging patent claims on commonplace weed strains.

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Shocking number of Americans can't cover $400 surprise expense

Shocking Number Of Americans Can't Cover $400 Surprise Expense

Additionally, about one-quarter of non-retired adults have no retirement savings.

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Trump Calls Himself ‘Extremely Stable Genius,’ Demands Staffers Tell Press How ‘Calm’ He Is

Trump: 'I'm An Extremely Stable Genius,' Asks Staff To Describe How 'Calm' He Is

Needless to say, the president's speech on increased farm aid did not stay on target.

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Ex-GOP lawmaker pens op-ed calling for Trump to be impeached

Ex-GOP Lawmaker Pens Op-ed Calling For Trump To Be Impeached

Former Rep. Tom Coleman (R-Mo.) has penned an op-ed calling for President Trump to be impeached.

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Lawsuit against Utah medical marijuana law moved to federal court

Lawsuit Against Utah Medical Marijuana Law Moved To Federal Court

A legal challenge to the medical marijuana compromise bill that Utah lawmakers passed last year will now take place in federal court.

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Howard Stern: Trump's candidacy for president was a 'publicity stunt'

Howard Stern: Trump's Candidacy For President Was A 'publicity Stunt'

Radio shock jock Howard Stern believes President Donald Trump's candidacy for president started out as a "publicity stunt" in order to get a raise from NBC for hosting "The Apprentice."

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Ad Firm Fires Back at N.R.A. With $50 Million Lawsuit

Ad Firm Fires Back At N.R.A. With $50 Million Lawsuit

An escalating battle between the gun group and a longtime contractor has plunged the organization into a bitter power struggle.

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Beam me up, Kentucky? George Takei tweets he's 'tempted' to take on Mitch McConnell

George Takei Tweets He's \

No, not into the far reaches of space, but someplace even harder to reach: Defeating long-time U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell for his seat i...

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Most presidents don't pardon murderers. Trump did, and may again.

Most Presidents Don't Pardon Murderers. Trump Did, And May Again.

Where the military sees possible war crimes, President Donald Trump sees injustice.

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Former GOP Rep. Tom Coleman: Trump, Pence are illegitimate. Impeach them

Former GOP Rep. Tom Coleman: Trump, Pence Are Illegitimate. Impeach Them

Critical times require exceptional leadership. Politics should not rule the day. Partisan politics is what got us to this dangerous place -- so dangerous, I believe, that the survival of our democracy is at risk.

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California veterinarians could soon recommend medical marijuana for pets

California Veterinarians Could Soon Recommend Medical Marijuana For Pets

Veterinarians in California could soon recommend medical marijuana for pets.

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Alleged pedophilia

Alleged Pedophilia "dark Web" Site Bust Brings 9 Arrests In U.S. And Other Countries, Rescue Of 50 Kids

Global police agency Interpol says it is still trying to ID 100 more children seen in images shared by suspects on a "dark web" site

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New Yorker cover titled 'The Shining' shows Graham, McConnell, Barr polishing Trump's shoes

New Yorker Cover Titled 'The Shining' Shows Graham, McConnell, Barr Polishing Trump's Shoes

The upcoming cover of The New Yorker magazine shows President Trump sitting upright in a chair as Attorney General William Barr, along with Sen.

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ATF on the hunt for thousands of illegal machine gun conversion devices smuggled into US

ATF Agents Hunting Down Illegal Machine Gun Device

Federal authorities suspect that thousands of machine gun conversion devices have been illegally imported into the United States from China, in some cases ending up in the hands of convicted felons, CNN has learned.

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Disney World employee tried to lure 8-year-old girl into sexual encounter, authorities say

Disney World Employee Tried To Lure 8-year-old Girl Into Sexual Encounter, Authorities Say

Frederick Pohl, 40, who worked at the Magic Kingdom, allegedly sent explicit photos of himself and arranged to meet with the child at an Orlando hotel.

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Congestion on Everest leads to backlog of climbers in 'death zone'

Congestion On Everest Leads To Backlog Of Climbers In 'death Zone'

Local media cites recent deaths of three people as cause for hours-long queue in freezing temperatures

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