Hacked Emails Show GOP Demands on Border Security Were Crafted by Industry Lobbyists

Hacked Emails Show GOP Demands On Border Security Were Crafted By Industry Lobbyists

Demands that CBP spend millions to upgrade cameras used to read license plates were orchestrated in part by a company that hoped to profit.

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Judge rejects Stone's request to dismiss charges

Judge Rejects Stone's Request To Dismiss Charges

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., on Thursday denied longtime GOP operative Roger Stone's request to dismiss the charges against him, finding that Stone "has not identified any legal ground" to do so.

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Woman loses hair 'in clumps' after Nair was allegedly mixed into conditioner bought at Walmart

Woman Loses Hair 'in Clumps' After Nair Was Allegedly Mixed Into Conditioner Bought At Walmart

In a “very, very traumatic” experience, a Wisconsin woman’s hair fell out in clumps after Nair hair removal cream was mixed in her conditioner, according to her mother.

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Tiny Apartments and Punishing Work Hours: The Economic Roots of Hong Kong’s Protests

Tiny Apartments And Punishing Work Hours: The Economic Roots Of Hong Kong's Protests

The widening wealth gap is being felt in the most fundamental way: where people live. The apartments in which many residents now live are so small they are called cages and coffins.

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Possible Dam collapse in the North West of England

Town Evacuated As Dam Wall Collapses

Police tell Whaley Bridge's 6,500 residents to gather at a local school, as a severe flood warning is issued.

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Kentucky is using 'shocking' boats to show just how bad its Asian carp problem is

Kentucky Is Using 'shocking' Boats To Show Just How Bad Its Asian Carp Problem Is

Asian carp are a serious problem, and Kentucky is getting creative in dealing with the invasive species.

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New California Law Restricts Full-Contact Football Practice to an Hour a Week for Children

New California Law Restricts Full-Contact Football Practice

California is limiting full-contact practices for youth football teams to reduce brain injuries.

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Drug suspects trapped in container call Antwerp police for help

Drug Suspects Trapped In Container Call Antwerp Police For Help

Two men got locked in a metal container full of cocaine on one of hottest days on record

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Trump spoke to Putin this week and hardly anyone noticed

White House Buried Trump's Call To Putin In Debate Night Frenzy

The White House didn't bother to mention it until late Wednesday night.

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Protesting coal miners: Mitch McConnell has done nothing for Kentucky

Protesting Coal Miners: Mitch McConnell Has Done Nothing For Kentucky

A Kentucky Coal Miner describes hardships miners are facing.

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Elizabeth Warren’s Trade Plan Empowers Workers, Not Corporations

Elizabeth Warren's Trade Plan Empowers Workers, Not Corporations

The Massachusetts senator's latest plan is about power as much as policies.

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Majority of House Democrats now support impeachment inquiry

Majority Of House Democrats Now Support Impeachment Inquiry

Pelosi will now face increased pressure to back impeachment proceedings.

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New Jersey will allow terminally ill patients to end their lives starting today

New Jersey Will Allow Terminally Ill Patients To End Their Lives Starting Today

Terminally ill adults in New Jersey will now be able to ask for medical help to end their lives.

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Democrats should ditch cable news

Democrats Should Ditch Cable News

Turn the debates into a progressive showcase instead of an inquisition

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Ohio officers involved in Stormy Daniels strip club arrest face departmental charges

Ohio Officers Involved In Stormy Daniels Strip Club Arrest Face Departmental Charges

The five officers could face termination in connection with Daniels' arrest last year in Columbus, which she claims was politically motivated.

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Longtime company official says Trump lied about narrowly avoiding deadly helicopter crash

Longtime Company Official Says Trump Lied About Narrowly Avoiding Deadly Helicopter Crash

A former Trump Organization official said in a new interview that President Trump lied about almost being on a helicopter that crashed in 1998, killing three company employees.

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Cambodia cites Trump, saying US embassy officials 'should pack up an leave' if they don't like it there

Cambodia Cites Trump, Saying US Embassy Officials 'should Pack Up An Leave' If They Don't Like It There

A Cambodian government spokesperson said on Thursday U.S. officials can leave if they "don't like the country," echoing President Trump's comments last month telling four minority congresswomen to "go back" where they came from.

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'The selling of an election': dangerous level of private control revealed in 2018 Georgia midterms

'The Selling Of An Election': How Private Firms Compromised Midterms Security

Georgia's voting machines and online registration were almost entirely managed by private companies, prompting security concerns

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B.C. teacher suspended after showing students inappropriate “Salad Fingers” videos

B.C. Teacher Suspended After Showing Students Inappropriate Videos

Students reported finding these films "creepy, weird, and inappropriate."

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Fox News Women Condemn Lahren For Suggesting Harris Slept Her ‘Way To The Top’

Fox News Women Condemn Lahren For Suggesting Harris Slept Her 'Way To The Top'

While vehemently live-tweeting the second round of the second Democratic debate on Wednesday evening, Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren was...

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