May, 11, 2019

Americans driving to Canada for cheaper insulin as prices skyrocket

Americans Driving To Canada For Cheaper Insulin As Prices Skyrocket

'I almost felt like I was robbing the pharmacy,' says Minnesota woman

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Donald Trump Jr. subpoena: Why did Richard Burr issue it?

Donald Trump Jr. Subpoena: Why Did Richard Burr Issue It?

WASHINGTON — North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr is not one to make a splash.

So when the Senate Intelligence Committee, which Burr...

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The Mueller Report Isn't The Only Thing That William Barr Is Hiding

The Mueller Report Isn't The Only Thing That William Barr Is Hiding

Attorney General William Barr recently invoked a powerful, rarely used privilege to withhold information from the public, marking a drama...

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Gas product spills in Houston Ship Channel after collision involving 755-foot oil tanker and barges

Gas Product Spills In Houston Ship Channel After Collision Involving 755-foot Oil Tanker And Barges

A tug pushing two barges collided with a 755-foot oil tanker in the Houston Ship Channel, capsizing one barge, damaging the other one and leaking thousands of barrels of gasoline blending stock, the US Coast Guard said.

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There have been 15 school shootings in the US so far this year

There Have Been 15 School Shootings In The US So Far This Year

Nineteen weeks into 2019, there have already been 15 school shootings in the US in which someone was hurt or killed.

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Boys Ambushed, Shot 5 Men on Philly Block, Commish Says

Boys Ambushed, Shot 5 Men On Philly Block, Commish Says

Five men were ambushed and shot along a North Philadelphia street on Friday evening and police believe the shooters are no older than 15 years old.

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Ben Shapiro apologises to Andrew Neil after being 'destroyed' in BBC interview

Ben Shapiro Apologises To Andrew Neil After Being 'destroyed' In BBC Interview

US pundit says he was not prepared for segment, which went viral after he cut it short

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Crossbow shooting victim dies in hospital

Crossbow Shooting Victim Dies In Hospital

Gerald Corrigan, 74, suffered "horrendous" injuries when he was shot outside his Holyhead home.

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Boy, 14, charged with attempted murder in Argyle Red Line shooting released to mother's custody

Boy, 14, Charged With Attempted Murder In Argyle Red Line Shooting Released To Mother's Custody

A 14-year-old boy accused of attempted murder for allegedly shooting two men during evening rush hour on a Red Line L platform on the North Side has been released to his mother's custody.

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How Donald Trump lied his way onto the Forbes 400 richest people list

How Donald Trump Lied His Way Onto The Forbes 400 Richest People List

This week, the New York Times reported that Donald Trump's businesses lost more than $1 billion between 1985 and 1994. Journalist Jonathan Greenberg says Trump conned him into getting on the Forbes 400, a list of America's richest people.

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Try as he might, Trump couldn't get Donald McGahn to lie for him

Try As He Might, Trump Couldn't Get Donald McGahn To Lie For Him

If at first you don't succeed, try, try, and try again.

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Actors and filmmakers are refusing to work in Georgia because of its latest abortion restriction

Actors And Filmmakers Are Refusing To Work In Georgia Because Of Its Latest Abortion Restriction

"I can't ask any female member of any film production with which I am involved to so marginalize themselves or compromise their inalienable authority over their own bodies."

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A boy heard a buzz and felt something strange. The cause caught his doctors by surprise

A Boy Heard A Buzz And Felt Something Strange. The Cause Caught His Doctors By Surprise

A 9-year-old Connecticut boy felt a strange sensation and heard buzzing in his ear. When checked by doctors, they were surprised to see a tick was implanted in the "ear drum."

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Did Cindy Yang funnel Chinese cash into Donald Trump's 2020 campaign?

Did Cindy Yang Funnel Chinese Cash Into Donald Trump's 2020 Campaign?

Florida massage parlor operator and GOP donor now under investigation for illegal campaign donations

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Alleged Colorado gunman bullied others and joked about school shootings, former friend says

Alleged Colorado Gunman Bullied Others And Joked About School Shootings, Former Friend Says

One of the suspects in the deadly Colorado school shooting is a bully who joked about shootings and threatened other students for years, a former friend said.

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'If Mnuchin Doesn't Comply, Throw Him in Jail': House Democrats Subpoena Trump Tax Returns

'If Mnuchin Doesn't Comply, Throw Him In Jail': House Democrats Subpoena Trump Tax Returns

"The American people deserve the truth about Trump's deeply concerning conflicts of interest and his profiting from the presidency."

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95-year-old attacked after helping stranger in Dallas

95-year-old Attacked After Helping Stranger In Dallas

Doorbell video shows a woman ask the 95-year-old for a drink of water, but when he turned to get it, she waved in an accomplice.

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Retired Justice Stevens: Trump 'exercising powers that do not really belong to him'

Retired Justice Stevens: Trump 'exercising Powers That Do Not Really Belong To Him'

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens said this week that he is concerned President Trump is "exercising powers that do not really belong to him."

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Trump reportedly asked Don McGahn to publicly announce he did not obstruct justice. McGahn refused.

Trump Reportedly Asked Don McGahn To Publicly Announce He Did Not Obstruct Justice. McGahn Refused.

Former White House counsel Don McGahn refused to comply with President Trump's request that he issue a public statement last month saying that he did not believe Trump obstructed justice during Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into 2016 Russian election interference, sources familiar with the situation said. The sources said that McGahn previously told Mueller's investigation team that he did not believe Trump had obstructed justice, and the White House felt that repeating that claim to the public would lend credence to the narrative that the Mueller investigation vindicated the president. Trump was reportedly upset by McGahn's refusal to say that publicly. But McGahn's side downplayed any drama -- he and his lawyers reportedly did not feel that the White House's request was uncalled for. "We did not perceive it as any kind of threat or something sinister," McGahn's lawyer William Burck said. "It was a request, professionally and cordially made." They reportedly felt it was unnecessary because Attorney General William Barr had already publicly said Trump did not obstruct justice. Tim O'Donnell

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Trump: It would be 'appropriate' for me to talk to DOJ about investigating Biden

Trump: It Would Be 'appropriate' For Me To Talk To DOJ About Investigating Biden

President Trump said Friday it would be "appropriate" for him to discuss opening an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his family with Attorney General William Barr.

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