May, 12, 2019

Uber driver allegedly tried to lock 2 women in his car and said, 'You're not going anywhere'

Uber Driver Allegedly Tried To Lock 2 Women In His Car And Said, 'You're Not Going Anywhere'

An Uber driver in Pittsburgh has been arrested on charges of kidnapping after he was accused of trying to lock two women in his car.

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Leading US drug companies 'conspired to inflate prices by up to 1,000%'

Leading US Drug Companies 'conspired To Inflate Prices By Up To 1,000%'

Industry-wide scheme affects prices of more than 100 treatments used for HIV, asthma, cholesterol, ADHD and anti-depressants, huge legal case alleges

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FBI investigating reported machete attack on Appalachian Trail hikers, sheriff's office says

FBI Investigating Reported Machete Attack On Appalachian Trail Hikers, Sheriff's Office Says

Multiple agencies are investigating reports that a man with a machete attacked hikers on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia, according to a local sheriff's office.

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Biden's Middle-of-the-Road Climate Plan Condemned as

Biden's Middle-of-the-Road Climate Plan Condemned As "Stunningly Un-Ambitious" And A "Death Sentence For Livable Planet"

"A 'middle ground' policy that's supportive of more fossil fuel development is a death sentence for our generation and the millions of people on the frontlines of the climate crisis," said co-founder of the Sunrise Movement

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Instead of Correcting Lies, Corporate Media Use Twitter to Passively Amplify Misinformation From Trump, Study Shows

Instead Of Correcting Lies, Corporate Media Use Twitter To Passively Amplify Misinformation From Trump, Study Shows

Anti-Trump protesters have frequently slammed President Donald Trump for lying to the public, but according to a new study major media ou...

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Opinion: Millennials Wanting To Overhaul America Need To Come To Terms With Boomer Power

Opinion: Millennials Wanting To Overhaul America Need To Come To Terms With Boomer Power

The two generations are roughly equal in number, but the massive political power of boomers will remain for at least another decade.

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Billions laundered through B.C. real estate, spiking housing prices: report

Billions Laundered Through B.C. Real Estate, Spiking Housing Prices: Report

A whopping $7.4 billion was laundered in B.C. in 2018, and about $5 billion of that was in housing, according to a new report.

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Weld: Trump not living up to responsibilities of the job

Weld: Trump Not Living Up To Responsibilities Of The Job

"He's says we're just not going to comply with any of these subpoenas because they're partisans...and that to me is the president really not living up to his responsibility as a co-equal ...

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Flint mayor asked city employees to divert donations to her nonprofit, witness testifies

Flint Mayor Asked City Employees To Divert Donations To Her Nonprofit, Witness Testifies

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver asked employees to direct water crisis charitable donors to her 527 fund, ex-CFO says

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Leaked documents show more than $500,000 in alleged spending by NRA CEO

Leaked Documents Show More Than $500,000 In Alleged Spending By NRA CEO

Documents published online reportedly show more than $542,000 that the National Rifle Association's (NRA) public relations firm alleges the organization's CEO, Wayne LaPierre, billed to it, including $39,000 for shopping at a clothi

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U.S. couldn't

U.S. Couldn't "survive Another Four Years" Of President Trump, Says Rep. Adam Schiff

"[Trump] doesn't seem to understand that a fundamental aspect of his job is to try to make us a more perfect union," the congressman said.

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Savannah officer dies after shooting incident on Bull Street

Savannah Officer Dies After Shooting Incident On Bull Street

Two Savannah Police Department officers and a suspect were injured after a shooting incident occurred Saturday evening near Bull and 38th streets in Savannah.

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'Hundreds of bugs' crawled from a girl's backpack, police say, as a Florida mom is charged with neglect

'Hundreds Of Bugs' Crawled From A Girl's Backpack, Police Say, As A Florida Mom Is Charged With Neglect

A Florida woman was arrested last week on felony neglect charges after police said her five children were living in filthy conditions, including a girl whose backpack allegedly had bugs crawl out of it at school.

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Trump is like Raptors in Jurassic Park

Trump Is Like Raptors In Jurassic Park "testing The System For Weaknesses," Warns Conservative CNN Host

"And Republicans are cutting the power," S.E. Cupp alleged.

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Schiff: Campaigns shouldn't be allowed to get foreign help

Schiff: Campaigns Shouldn't Be Allowed To Get Foreign Help

The California Democrat responds to Rudy Giuliani's proposed (and then scrapped) Ukraine trip.

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Fleming Begaye, Navajo Code Talker Honored at White House, Dies at 97

Fleming Begaye, Navajo Code Talker Honored At White House, Dies At 97

At a 2017 ceremony meant to honor code talkers including Mr. Begaye, President Trump angered many by mocking Senator Elizabeth Warren as "Pocahontas."

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Michigan deputies stop a man who was 'on a killing spree'

Michigan Deputies Stop A Man Who Was 'on A Killing Spree'

A man who claimed he was "ridding the demons of some dear friends" was pulled over midway though a killing spree, authorities said.

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Opinion: Rod Rosenstein resigned and thanked Trump. Is this Stockholm syndrome?

Opinion: Rod Rosenstein Resigned And Thanked Trump. Is This Stockholm Syndrome?

Of all those who have been turned to filth by Trump's Sidam touch, he is the runtiest of the litter. Once keen to remove this obscenity from the planet's most powerful position, he chose silence instead

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Ohio man gets military honors 50 years after Vietnam action

Ohio Man Gets Military Honors 50 Years After Vietnam Action

A Warren County, Ohio, man was awarded the Purple Heart and other military commendations on Friday, almost 50 years after he served in Vietnam.

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German hotel guests found dead from crossbow bolts

German Hotel Guests Found Dead From Crossbow Bolts

Hotel employees discovered the three bodies in the room alongside two crossbows.

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