May, 15, 2019

Intuit CEO in Internal Video: Hiding Free TurboTax Was In

Intuit CEO In Internal Video: Hiding Free TurboTax Was In "Best Interest Of Taxpayers" -- ProPublica

The video obtained by ProPublica shows the CEO defending the company as committed to "integrity without compromise."

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Warren to bank regulator who found her question insulting: 'Good'

Warren To Bank Regulator Who Found Her Question Insulting: 'Good'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) squared off with a top Trump administration bank regulator on Wednesday over his decision to keep parts of the agency's oversight of Wells Fargo confidential.

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Dallas police investigating alleged sexual abuse by clergy execute search warrants at Catholic diocese

Dallas Police Investigating Alleged Sexual Abuse By Clergy Execute Search Warrants At Catholic Diocese

Dallas police on Wednesday were searching the headquarters and other properties of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas as part of the church's widening sex abuse scandal, police and church officials said.

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The teen who sacrificed his life to help stop the Colorado school shooting will be honored by hundreds of Jeeps

The Teen Who Sacrificed His Life To Help Stop The Colorado School Shooting Will Be Honored By Hundreds Of Jeeps

Kendrick Castillo, who was killed trying to stop a gunman at a suburban Denver school last week, loved all things Jeep. So more than 800 Jeeps are expected to help escort his family to the church today for his memorial service.

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1 Colorado shooting suspect faces 48 counts while a 16-year-old suspect is charged as an adult

1 Colorado Shooting Suspect Faces 48 Counts While A 16-year-old Suspect Is Charged As An Adult

On the same day mourners gather to remember Kendrick Castillo, two schoolmates accused in the mass shooting that killed him face their charges.

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Lost passport? McDonald's offers embassy hotline

Lost Passport? McDonald's Offers Embassy Hotline

US citizens who need help in Austria can now head to their nearest burger joint.

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E. coli outbreak linked to ground beef infects 196 people, CDC says

E. Coli Outbreak Linked To Ground Beef Infects 196 People, CDC Says

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Monday said there are 196 reported cases of E. coli linked to ground beef across 10 states.

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Massachusetts teen convicted of murder in beheading case

Massachusetts Teen Convicted Of Murder In Beheading Case

A Massachusetts teen was found guilty of murder Tuesday, convicted in the killing, mutilation and beheading of his classmate.

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VIDEO: Kentucky homeowner shoots at would-be robbers

VIDEO: Kentucky Homeowner Shoots At Would-be Robbers

Four men in Kentucky picked the wrong house to break into. 

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Trump supporters who donated to GoFundMe wall now worry they got scammed

Trump Supporters Who Donated To GoFundMe Wall Now Worry They Got Scammed

Trump boosters are baffled: Hustler and scam artist who raised $20 million on GoFundMe isn't really building a wall

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Turns Out

Turns Out "Spooky 'Socialist' Proposals" Are Popular, Says AOC, As Poll Shows 70% Of GOP Voters Back Plan To Cap Credit Card Rates

Progressive proposals are "winning over vast majorities of GOP voters because they are common-sense, humane policies," said the New York congresswoman

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Audio reveals pilots angrily confronting Boeing about 737 Max feature before 2nd deadly crash

Audio Reveals Pilots Angrily Confronting Boeing About 737 Max Feature Before 2nd Deadly Crash

Just months before a second deadly crash of a Boeing 737 Max airplane, American Airlines pilots angrily confronted a Boeing official about a computerized anti-stall system that preliminary reports have now implicated in both deadly wrecks, audio obtained by CBS News reveals.

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Revealed: nine more US states considering hardline anti-abortion bills

Revealed: Nine More US States Considering Hardline Anti-abortion Bills

Legislation similar to the six-week abortion ban signed into law in Georgia this month pushed by high-profile conservative Janet Porter

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Record money for Monet at US auction

Record Money For Monet At US Auction

The painting, one of the Haystacks series, sells for a record $110.7m (GBP85.7m) in New York.

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SpaceX Is Launching 60 Starlink Internet Satellites Tonight: How to Watch Live

SpaceX Is Launching 60 Starlink Internet Satellites Tonight: How To Watch Live

The spacecraft are the first in a constellation that will number in the thousands.

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Anthony Weiner Released From Prison After Serving 18 Months for Sexting Teenager

Anthony Weiner Released From Prison After Serving 18 Months For Sexting Teenager

The former Democratic congressman had been sentenced to 21 months for sending sexually explicit texts to a 15-year-old girl.

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Mexico City declares pollution alert

Mexico City Declares Pollution Alert

Pollution in the Mexican capital reaches levels potentially dangerous to human health.

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"America Makes A Lot Of Money Off The Sick"

The for-profit health care system in the US has created a crisis for patients and medical workers. That's why 2,000 health care workers are on strike in Ohio this week.

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Elizabeth Warren is right: Fox News is a hate machine Democrats should avoid

Elizabeth Warren Is Right: Fox News Is A Hate Machine Democrats Should Avoid

Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar did Fox News town halls. Warren has refused -- and she's right, for many reasons

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Elizabeth Warren's 'Hate-For-Profit' Label Might Just Stick to Fox News

Elizabeth Warren's 'Hate-For-Profit' Label Might Just Stick To Fox News

The 2020 Democrat announced she'd rejected a town hall invitation from the network on the back of her trip through Trump country.

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