May, 16, 2019

Healthcare worker accused of murdering 12 elderly women could be linked to more than 1,000 deaths

Healthcare Worker Accused Of Murdering 12 Elderly Women Could Be Linked To More Than 1,000 Deaths

The healthcare worker is accused of murdering multiple elderly women by smothering them with a pillow and robbing them

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Five more states sue OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma for opioid epidemic

Five More States Sue OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma For Opioid Epidemic

Four of the states -- Iowa, Maryland, Wisconsin and West Virginia -- also sued the company's former president Richard Sackler.

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CFPB Chief Says Education Department Is Blocking Student Loan Oversight

CFPB Chief Says Education Department Is Blocking Student Loan Oversight

The director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says the Trump administration's Education Department is getting in the way of ef...

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New York state teacher's aide arrested for allegedly using duct tape on student's arms, mouth

New York State Teacher's Aide Arrested For Allegedly Using Duct Tape On Student's Arms, Mouth

The incident happened during a special education class, according to court records.

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GOP strategist warns Alabama abortion law could energize Dem base in 2020

GOP Strategist Warns Alabama Abortion Law Could Energize Dem Base In 2020

Republican strategist Gus Portela told Hill.TV's "Rising" on Thursday that a new law banning most abortions in Alabama may energize the Democratic base ahead of the 2020 elections.

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Couple goes fishing, catches burglars' bag containing guns and sorority pins stolen 26 years ago

Couple Goes Fishing, Catches Burglars' Bag Containing Guns And Sorority Pins Stolen 26 Years Ago

Sam Nichols III was out in the fields in Auburn, Alabama, when his wife told him he got a call from the sheriff's office in Greene County, Georgia.

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6 months after deadliest wildfire in California, water found with elevated levels of cancer-causing benzene

6 Months After Deadliest Wildfire In California, Water Found With Elevated Levels Of Cancer-causing Benzene

"If my kids get cancer in 20 years, I'll never forgive myself," one homeowner says

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Trump Judge Who Endorsed Theory Abortion Causes Cancer Confirmed By Senate

Trump Judge Who Endorsed Theory Abortion Causes Cancer Confirmed By Senate

Wendy Vitter, who promoted a brochure that links birth control to "violent death," is expected to get a lifetime seat on the federal bench Thursday.

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No French trees big enough to rebuild roof, says heritage expert

No French Trees Big Enough To Rebuild Roof, Says Heritage Expert

PARIS (AP) -- A French cultural heritage expert says France no longer has trees big enough to replace ancient wooden beams that burned in the Notre Dame fire.Bertrand de Feydeau, vice president of preser

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A pregnant woman is murdered, her baby cut from her body. Her family blames a Facebook post.

A Pregnant Woman Is Murdered, Her Baby Cut From Her Body. Her Family Blames A Facebook Post.

The last time anyone saw Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, she was nine months pregnant. The petite 19-year-old left her alternative high school on the lower west side of Chicago at around 3 p.m. on April 23, driving away in her black Honda Civic. Later that day, her family got a call saying that she hadn't shown up to pick her 3-year-old son from day care. She had sent a text message to her husband saying that she was too tired to drive anymore, then vanished. For nearly a month, as her due date came and went, her family desperately pleaded for her return, fearing that she had been kidnapped or worse. Her mother, Raquel Uriostegui, tearfully told reporters that Ochoa-Lopez's toddler was refusing to eat, and that they had had to take down all their family photos because he kept asking for her. "She can't just have disappeared in thin air," Uriostegui said through an interpreter earlier this month. "She is a very responsible lady. She is not a person who just disappears and leaves home. I cannot believe that she would just leave, pregnant, and abandon her other son. There's something wrong here, something bad." Any hopes that the teenager might still be alive were dashed on Wednesday, when officials confirmed that human remains discovered at a home on the southwest side of Chicago belonged to Ochoa-Lopez, and that her baby had been ripped from her womb. Ochoa-Lopez was also known by the name Marlen Ochoa-Uriostegui. She died of ligature strangulation, which typically involves the use of a cord or rope, the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office said, and her death was ruled a homicide. Anthony Guglielmi, the chief spokesman for the Chicago Police Department, told The Washington Post that her baby had been removed after she was killed. Ochoa-Lopez's body was found hours after several people at the house were taken into custody for...

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A Connecticut mosque fire was intentionally set, authorities say

A Connecticut Mosque Fire Was Intentionally Set, Authorities Say

A blaze that engulfed a New Haven mosque Sunday was intentionally set, the city's supervisor of fire investigations, Ray Saracco, told CNN.

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SAT exam reportedly to give students

SAT Exam Reportedly To Give Students "adversity Score" In Bid To Level Playing Field

A new score on the SAT exam will calculate a students' economic hardship or privilege

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Missouri passes

Missouri Passes "one Of The Strongest" Abortion Bills Yet In U.S.

Missouri joins a movement of GOP-dominated state legislatures emboldened by the possibility that a more conservative Supreme Court could overturn Roe V. Wade

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Elizabeth Warren introduces bill to curb defense lobbying

Elizabeth Warren Introduces Bill To Curb Defense Lobbying

Warren wants to limit the influence of big defense contractors on national security spending

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Firefighter killed, 3 injured in Wisconsin shooting

Firefighter Killed, 3 Injured In Wisconsin Shooting

A Wisconsin firefighter is dead after being shot while responding to an unrelated medical call, in which a police officer was also shot, officials said.

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Donald Trump: White welfare king and lord of the great grift

Donald Trump: White Welfare King And Lord Of The Great Grift

Trump's farm bailouts -- to mitigate the effects of his tariffs -- are essential to his strategy: Welfare for whites

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Republican senators meet with Jared Kushner on immigration, conclude he's clueless

Republican Senators Meet With Jared Kushner On Immigration, Conclude He's Clueless

Kushner fails to impress GOP senators in private meeting on immigration plan: "He's in his own little world"

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'Good,' Says Warren, After Trump Bank Regulator Calls Her Tough Questioning on Wells Fargo 'Insulting'

'Good,' Says Warren, After Trump Bank Regulator Calls Her Tough Questioning On Wells Fargo 'Insulting'

"People all across this country were scammed and squeezed by Wells Fargo," said the Massachusetts senator

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Elizabeth Warren Has a Theory About Corporate Power

Elizabeth Warren Has A Theory About Corporate Power

The left forgot what Roosevelt knew: Small businesses and corporate behemoths have different interests.

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Radioactive US school shut down

Radioactive US School Shut Down

The Ohio school, next to a closed nuclear plant, is contaminated with radioactive chemicals.

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