May, 19, 2019

White FDNY lieutenant accuses official of removing him from color guard because of his race

White FDNY Lieutenant Accuses Official Of Removing Him From Color Guard Because Of His Race

A white lieutenant with the New York City Fire Department filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the city Friday, saying he was removed from a position on the color guard because he is not black.

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Nike to change pregnancy policy for athletes in contracts after backlash over freezing pay

Nike To Change Pregnancy Policy For Athletes In Contracts After Backlash Over Freezing Pay

Although current contracts will not be altered, female athletes will also receive the same protection.

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20 years later, Diana Saunders still searches for her 3 missing sons

20 Years Later, Diana Saunders Still Searches For Her 3 Missing Sons

Diana Saunders has lived with the pain of not knowing the fate of her three sons who were allegedly abducted by their father from their home in Torbay, Newfoundland more than two decades ago.

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US 'nuclear coffin' on island in the Pacific could be 'leaking' radioactive sludge into the sea

US 'nuclear Coffin' On Island In The Pacific Could Be 'leaking' Radioactive Sludge Into The Sea

Radioactive waste from Cold War nuclear weapons tests could be leaking into the Pacific Ocean.

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Half of kids in Yemen under five have stunted growth, UN says

Half Of Kids In Yemen Under Five Have Stunted Growth, UN Says

"Yemen is a test of our humanity. And right now, we are badly failing this test," head of UNICEF says

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Deutsche Bank Staff Saw Suspicious Activity in Trump and Kushner Accounts

Deutsche Bank Staff Saw Suspicious Activity In Trump And Kushner Accounts

Anti-money laundering specialists proposed filing "suspicious activity reports" about transactions connected to President Trump and his son-in-law. Bank managers said no.

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'Heroes' lead police to Texas girl who was abducted while walking with her mother, police say

'Heroes' Lead Police To Texas Girl Who Was Abducted While Walking With Her Mother, Police Say

Authorities rescued a Texas 8-year-old Sunday after a vigilant duo saw the Fort Worth Police Department's description of the car suspected in her kidnapping and went hunting for it, police said.

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Skripal poisoning suspects received mystery phone call following attack

Skripal Poisoning Suspects Received Mystery Phone Call Following Attack

Detectives think pair may have been awaiting signal that operation had been successful before returning home

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8-year-old's girl lip, cheek torn open in attack by dog visiting Calif. classroom

8-year-old's Girl Lip, Cheek Torn Open In Attack By Dog Visiting Calif. Classroom

The 8-year-old's family is taking legal action against the school district in hopes of banning dogs from classrooms.

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Sanders pledges to only nominate Supreme Court justices that support Roe v. Wade

Sanders Pledges To Only Nominate Supreme Court Justices That Support Roe V. Wade

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) joined other 2020 Democratic hopefuls on Sunday in pledging to only nominate Supreme Court justices that support the Roe v. Wade decision protecting abortion rights.

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Swiss voters approve tighter gun control

Swiss Voters Approve Tighter Gun Control

A referendum backs new gun restrictions, helping Switzerland avoid conflict with the European Union.

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Sanders: It's 'not good enough' just to defeat Trump in 2020

Sanders: It's 'not Good Enough' Just To Defeat Trump In 2020

The Democratic presidential candidate hit back against Joe Biden's claims that he is best positioned to defeat the president next fall.

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Atlantic City knew Trump was a grifter. His tax figures are proof

Atlantic City Knew Trump Was A Grifter. His Tax Figures Are Proof

All of which further vindicates Rep. Bill Pascrell's fight for Trump's complete tax returns.

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After more than 70 years, a stolen Alexander Hamilton letter may soon return home to Massachusetts

After More Than 70 Years, A Stolen Alexander Hamilton Letter May Soon Return Home To Massachusetts

The letter was found at an auction house in Virginia.

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Black strippers awarded $3.3m after judge rules they worked in worse conditions than white colleagues

Black Strippers Awarded $3.3m After Judge Rules They Worked In Worse Conditions Than White Colleagues

'A powerful message to ... any employer who thinks they are above the law,' lawyer says

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Police: Louisiana students laced teacher's drink

Police: Louisiana Students Laced Teacher's Drink

EUNICE, La. (AP) -- Authorities say two Louisiana high school students poured a chemical into a teacher's drink and filmed it on Snapchat. Eunice Police

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The 1990s GOP would have demanded a special prosecutor for Trump's Air Force One campaigning

The 1990s GOP Would Have Demanded A Special Prosecutor For Trump's Air Force One Campaigning

Back when Bill Clinton was in the White House, the Republican Party was apoplectic about similar breaches of norms.

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US lifts steel and aluminium tariffs on Canada

US Lifts Steel And Aluminium Tariffs On Canada

Mexico is also expected to see levies lifted, paving the way for a new North American trade agreement.

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50 million under threat of severe weather as hail, rain and tornadoes move East

50 Million Under Threat Of Severe Weather As Hail, Rain And Tornadoes Move East

More than 50 million people are under threat of hail, heavy rain, strong winds and isolated tornadoes Sunday as several storms move east, according to the National Weather Center.

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Trump expected to pardon US war criminals who killed unarmed civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan

Trump Expected To Pardon US War Criminals Who Killed Unarmed Civilians In Iraq, Afghanistan

"What message is he really trying to send to the military?"

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