May, 21, 2019

Young sperm whale found dead with stomach full of plastic

Young Sperm Whale Found Dead With Stomach Full Of Plastic

Environmental campaigners are raising the alarm after a sperm whale was found dead on an Italian beach with plastic in its stomach.

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Betsy DeVos is the eighth Trump official to use personal email for official White House business

Betsy DeVos Is The Eighth Trump Official To Use Personal Email For Official White House Business

The education secretary is the latest member of the Trump administration to get caught for using her personal email to conduct official business.

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Vandals trash model railway show

Vandals Trash Model Railway Show

Four youths are arrested and the club in Lincolnshire says a "hurricane would have done less damage".

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Flood rescues are underway in Oklahoma as millions in US face severe storms

Flood Rescues Are Underway In Oklahoma As Millions In US Face Severe Storms

Rescuers pulled people to safety and ferried them through fast-moving floodwaters in middle Oklahoma on Tuesday after severe storms swamped the area -- and more severe weather will threaten a large portion of the central US as the day goes on.

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Toddler suffers broken collarbone after being hit by Boston Police cruiser

Toddler Suffers Broken Collarbone After Being Hit By Boston Police Cruiser

A child was injured after being struck by a Boston Police cruiser Monday night.

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Forgotten gun that might have fallen off car roof near Hugo elementary school leads to police search

Forgotten Gun That Might Have Fallen Off Car Roof Near Hugo Elementary School Leads To Police Search

A Hugo man called police Monday morning to report that his .380-caliber Ruger handgun might have flown off the roof of his car near Oneka Elementary School in Hugo. The man left his house in the 49...

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Secret documents show Russian plot to stoke racial violence in America

Secret Documents Show Russian Plot To Stoke Racial Violence In America

The Russians who interfered in the 2016 US presidential election are still at it — and this time, they’re trying to ignite racial vio...

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Lawsuits unveil alleged culture of teen sex abuse in Louisville police mentorship program

Lawsuits Unveil Alleged Culture Of Teen Sex Abuse In Louisville Police Mentorship Program

A police mentorship program in Louisville, Kentucky has been plagued by sex abuse charges involving its teenage cadets.

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A jewelry box led police to revisit hundreds of deaths. They may have found a serial killer.

A Jewelry Box Led Police To Revisit Hundreds Of Deaths. They May Have Found A Serial Killer.

Police are continuing to look for more potential victims.

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Undercover video reveals brutal treatment of Falun Gong prisoners inside Chinese labor camps

Undercover Video Reveals Brutal Treatment Of Falun Gong Prisoners Inside Chinese Labor Camps

A California family is taking their fight to the Chinese government after they say their loved one was tortured and killed inside of a Chinese labor camp nearly 20 years ago, simply for supporting the spiritual meditation practice known as Falun Gong.

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Trump Just Suggested His 'Great New Attorney General' May Prosecute His Enemies for 'Treason'

Trump Just Suggested His 'Great New Attorney General' May Prosecute His Enemies For 'Treason'

The current President of the United States is not compatible with a constitutional republic. The two cannot coexist. Day by day, Donald T...

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Off-duty FDNY firefighter attacked by teens after defending elderly couple, cops say

Off-duty FDNY Firefighter Attacked By Teens After Defending Elderly Couple, Cops Say

A New York City Firefighter sustained a concussion and several broken teeth Saturday after police say he was assaulted while trying to stop a group of teens from harassing an elderly couple.

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New Jersey man who allegedly urinated on cancer victim's memorial is fired by dad from family business

New Jersey Man Who Allegedly Urinated On Cancer Victim's Memorial Is Fired By Dad From Family Business

The New Jersey man who allegedly urinated on the memorial of a 9-year-old boy who died of cancer has been fired from his family's business.

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University professor fired for having sex with 2 female students must be reinstated, Pa. court rules

University Professor Fired For Having Sex With 2 Female Students Must Be Reinstated, Pa. Court Rules

The relationships were consensual and didn't violate the university's sexual harassment policy, the judges found in backing an arbitrator's ruling.

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Ocasio-Cortez: 'We have to move forward' with impeachment

Ocasio-Cortez: 'We Have To Move Forward' With Impeachment

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is amplifying her calls for the House begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

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A baby cut from his mother's womb after she was killed opens his eyes

A Baby Cut From His Mother's Womb After She Was Killed Opens His Eyes

The infant son of Marlen Ochoa-Lopez is in intensive care and listed in grave condition.

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US aviation officials think a bird strike was factor in 737 Max crash

US Aviation Officials Think A Bird Strike Was Factor In 737 Max Crash

U.S. aviation officials believe a bird strike may have led to the deadly crash of a Boeing 737 Max in March, a source says.

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Don McGahn expected to be held in contempt over refusal to testify - live

Don McGahn Expected To Be Held In Contempt Over Refusal To Testify - Live

The former White House counsel had been subpoenaed to appear before the House judiciary committee but Trump blocked his testimony

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Dressbarn to close all 650 stores, shutter entire business

Dressbarn To Close All 650 Stores, Shutter Entire Business

Dressbarn, a household name for over 50 years, has struggled to grow sales in a competitive market where it battles with online retailers like Amazon and off-price retailers like T.J. Maxx.

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Betsy DeVos used her private email account for government work, internal probe finds

Betsy DeVos Used Her Private Email Account For Government Work, Internal Probe Finds

DeVos pulled a Hillary Clinton -- that is, she used a private email account to conduct official government business

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