May, 24, 2019

Trump invokes emergency powers to sidestep congress and sell arms to Saudi Arabia

Trump Invokes Emergency Powers To Sidestep Congress And Sell Arms To Saudi Arabia

Move comes after congress voted to end US support of Saudi military operation in Yemen

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Penny Costs 2.06 Cents to Make in 2018, Nickel Costs 7.53 Cents; US Mint Realizes $321.1M in Seigniorage

Penny Costs 2.06 Cents To Make In 2018, Nickel Costs 7.53 Cents; US Mint Realizes $321.1M In Seigniorage

The price of producing U.S. coins for circulation climbed again last year, the United States Mint disclosed in its 2018 Annual Report. And also again, for a thirteenth straight year in fact, the un...

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2 Texas men die trying to jump car over open drawbridge

2 Texas Men Die Trying To Jump Car Over Open Drawbridge

A witness said the car backed up at the open drawbridge, and then accelerated forward, trying to jump to the other side.

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Medical Marijuana Will Be a Legal Alternative to Opioids in Colorado

Medical Marijuana Will Be A Legal Alternative To Opioids In Colorado

The bill allows doctors to recommend medical marijuana instead of opioid prescriptions.

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U.S.: Man aided Hamas, threatened to kill Israel supporters

U.S.: Man Aided Hamas, Threatened To Kill Israel Supporters

FBI says Jonathan Xie transferred money to Hamas-affiliated groups and posted on social media that he wanted to bomb the Israeli embassy and Trump Tower in New York; the 20-year-old could face 20 years in prison if convicted

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Three more die on Everest amid overcrowding

Three More Die On Everest Amid Overcrowding

Seven have died climbing the world's highest peak in a week - more than for the whole of last year.

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Son of parents who pleaded guilty in admissions scandal accused in alleged assault on father

Son Of Parents Who Pleaded Guilty In Admissions Scandal Accused In Alleged Assault On Father

The son of two parents who pleaded guilty in the wide-reaching college admissions scam was arrested and charged with felony assault following an alleged altercation with his father, according to two law enforcement sources.

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Snapchat employees spied on users with internal tool, report says

Snapchat Employees Spied On Users With Internal Tool, Report Says

Multiple employees abused privileged access to user data, reports Motherboard.

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Michigan charges 5 former priests with criminal sexual conduct

Michigan Charges 5 Former Priests With Criminal Sexual Conduct

Five former Catholic priests have been charged in Michigan with criminal sexual conduct, the state attorney general said Friday, amid a monthslong investigation of alleged clergy sexual abuse in the state.

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When their mailman retired, the neighbors along his route threw him one heck of a goodbye party

When Their Mailman Retired, The Neighbors Along His Route Threw Him One Heck Of A Goodbye Party

A suburban Atlanta neighborhood went all out to honor the man who had delivered their mail for decades.

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Florida executes convicted serial killer and rapist Bobby Joe Long

Florida Executes Convicted Serial Killer And Rapist Bobby Joe Long

It took more than three decades, but convicted serial killer and rapist Bobby Joe Long was executed Thursday evening in Florida as two of his surviving victims looked on.

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Planned Parenthood and ACLU sue over Alabama's 'extreme abortion ban'

Planned Parenthood And ACLU Sue Over Alabama's 'extreme Abortion Ban'

Alabama has pushed abortion care further "out of reach for years with medically unnecessary and politically-motivated restrictions" and this ban shows how far they will go, an ACLU lawyer said.

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Hawaii confirms 3 recent cases of rat lungworm disease in US visitors, says tourist ate slug on a dare

Hawaii Confirms 3 Recent Cases Of Rat Lungworm Disease In US Visitors, Says Tourist Ate Slug On A Dare

Health officials in Hawaii have announced three recent cases of rat lungworm disease in U.S. visitors to the state from Dec. 2018-Feb. 2019, including one that involved an adult who ate a poisonous slug on a dare.

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Scarborough Says People Close To Trump Worry He's 'Pre-Dementia'

Scarborough Says People Close To Trump Worry He's 'Pre-Dementia'

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said Friday that people close to the President have told him that they worry he’s “pre-dementia.” "The...

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NASA wants your help bringing back pieces of a potentially hazardous asteroid

NASA Wants Your Help Bringing Back Pieces Of A Potentially Hazardous Asteroid

The Osiris-Rex mission to asteroid Bennu needs extra eyes to scope out a safe spot for grabbing a sample of the rock.

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The President* Is Acting in Pure Paranoia. There's Nothing Funny About This.

The President* Is Acting In Pure Paranoia. There's Nothing Funny About This.

Trump is putting his own law enforcement apparatus and the free press on notice--do what I want or I will make your lives hell.

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SpaceX puts up 60 internet satellites

SpaceX Puts Up 60 Internet Satellites

The California firm launches the first spacecraft in its multi-billion-dollar broadband project.

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Kenyan court upholds law making gay sex illegal

Kenyan Court Upholds Law Making Gay Sex Illegal

In a blow to the LGBTQI movement in Africa, Kenya's High Court ruled Friday that a colonial-era law banning same-sex relations should remain in place.

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Pelosi's daughter rips 'despicable' fake videos: 'Madam Speaker doesn't even drink alcohol!'

Pelosi's Daughter Rips 'despicable' Fake Videos: 'Madam Speaker Doesn't Even Drink Alcohol!'

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) daughter on Thursday described as "despicable" fake videos depicting her mother slurring words and acting intoxicated.

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Man Is Charged With Pulling a Subway Emergency Brake. Is He the Subway Saboteur?

Man Is Charged With Pulling A Subway Emergency Brake. Is He The Subway Saboteur?

A suspect was arrested and now the police are looking into whether he committed dozens of other similar acts.

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