June, 9, 2019

Philadelphia's first openly gay deputy sheriff found dead at his desk in apparent suicide

Philadelphia's First Openly Gay Deputy Sheriff Found Dead At His Desk In Apparent Suicide

Philadelphia's first openly gay Deputy Sheriff committed suicide at his desk from an apparent gunshot wound on Friday, just before the city's weekend of pride celebrations were set to begin.

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Missing Texas hiker is found alive after almost a week

Missing Texas Hiker Is Found Alive After Almost A Week

A Texas man missing on a hiking trip for almost a week in Arkansas has been found safe, his family says.

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"This Is What Fascists Do": Trump Attempted To Suppress State Dept Analyst's Testimony On Climate Crisis

State Department intelligence analyst Rod Schoonover's testimony was nearly suppressed last week by the Trump administration. Schoonover ...

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100 firefighters tackle six-floor fire at flats in Barking, east London

100 Firefighters Tackle Six-floor Fire At Flats In Barking, East London

About 100 firefighters have been tackling a fire at a block of flats in east London.

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UPDATE: Geto Boys Group Member Bushwick Bill Is NOT Dead, Condition Is Worsening -

UPDATE: Geto Boys Group Member Bushwick Bill Is NOT Dead, Condition Is Worsening -

The rapper is still fighting his battle with pancreatic cancer.

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Illinois bishop refusing Communion to lawmakers who support abortion bill

Illinois Bishop Refusing Communion To Lawmakers Who Support Abortion Bill

Illinois bishop refusing Communion to lawmakers who support Reproductive Health Act

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Magic mushrooms could be treating depression in five years, says psychedelics expert

Magic Mushrooms Could Be Treating Depression In Five Years, Says Psychedelics Expert

Exclusive: 'People on antidepressants long-term say they feel blunted, with psychedelic therapy it's the opposite, they talk about an emotional release, a reconnection'

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2020 Census could be worst undercount of black and Latinx people since 1990

2020 Census Could Be Worst Undercount Of Black And Latinx People Since 1990

The Trump administration's addition of a citizenship question could have a chilling effect on response rates.

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Schools Should Serve Humans, Not

Schools Should Serve Humans, Not "The Economy"

Bernie Sanders's education policies are the most progressive of any 2020 candidate. But his platform must reject the pro-business language of "competitiveness" to truly transform the education system.

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The police demanded he unlock his cellphone. He didn't -- and spent 44 days in jail.

The Police Demanded He Unlock His Cellphone. He Didn't -- And Spent 44 Days In Jail.

"The world should know that what they're doing out here is crazy," said a man who refused to share his passcode with police.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg warns of a polarizing Supreme Court

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Warns Of A Polarizing Supreme Court

Of 43 new cases decided since October, just over a quarter had a 5-4 or 5-3 vote.

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Joe Biden's lead slips as Elizabeth Warren surges, Iowa poll shows

Joe Biden's Lead Slips As Elizabeth Warren Surges, Iowa Poll Shows

Former VP at 24% and Sanders second on 16%, but Massachusetts senator and Buttigieg close behind as race tightens

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Mom says Iberville deputy promised help with warrant for sex act with infant son that he filmed

Mom Says Iberville Deputy Promised Help With Warrant For Sex Act With Infant Son That He Filmed

A woman filmed allegedly performing a sex act on her 1-year-old son told investigators she was coerced into doing so by an Iberville Parish sheriff's deputy who told her it

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24 immigrants have died in ICE custody during the Trump administration

24 Immigrants Have Died In ICE Custody During The Trump Administration

The deaths of 3 detainees since April, along with the release of internal reports about detention center conditions, have spurred an outcry from advocates.

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Impeach Trump and don't worry about President Pence. He's already here.

Impeach Trump And Don't Worry About President Pence. He's Already Here.

The arguments against beginning the impeachment of Donald Trump keep getting worse.

The latest from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pos...

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Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins mocks Trump's knowledge of Mars

Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins Mocks Trump's Knowledge Of Mars

Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins wants to see a Mars landing -- and he has doubts about President Trump's leadership on the matter.

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How Anti-Immigration Policies Are Leading Prisons to Lease Convicts as Field Laborers

How Anti-Immigration Policies Are Leading Prisons To Lease Convicts As Field Laborers

Under lucrative arrangements, states are increasingly leasing prisoners to harvest food for American consumers at a rate not seen since Jim Crow.

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A Tax Audit, a Coverup and a Neighbor in the Oval Office

A Tax Audit, A Coverup And A Neighbor In The Oval Office

Part 2: When Bill Koch's Company Transferred Its Profits to an Overseas Tax Haven, and the IRS Looked the Other Way

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Publisher drops Central Park Five prosecutor

Publisher Drops Central Park Five Prosecutor

It comes amid renewed outcry over Linda Fairstein's role in the wrongful conviction of five teenagers.

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There Is Still Time for Beto O'Rourke to Return to Texas and Run for Senate

There Is Still Time For Beto O'Rourke To Return To Texas And Run For Senate

Challenging Cornyn would be better for him and the country.

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