June, 16, 2019

Restaurant chains Wahaca, Strada and Byron accused of forcing staff to pay bills when customers dine and dash

Restaurant Chains Wahaca, Strada And Byron Accused Of Forcing Staff To Pay Bills When Customers Dine And Dash

UK restaurants frequently force their staff to foot the bills of customers who "dine and dash", industry insiders have told i after the popular Mexican chain Wahaca came under fire for ordering a waiter to cover the costs of a table that left without paying.

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Concord man arrested after threatening to commit mass murder of Jewish people, police say

Concord Man Arrested After Threatening To Commit Mass Murder Of Jewish People, Police Say

CONCORD (BCN) Police in Concord have arrested a man in connection with several crimes related to possession of an illegal assault rifle and for threatening comments the man reportedly made in the chat room of an online gaming platform. Ross Farca, 23, of Concord, was arrested and ultimately charged by the Contra Costa District Attorney's Office with making criminal threats, possession of an illegal assault rifle and manufacturing an assault rifle, according to the Concord Police Department. Last weekend, the FBI relayed a cyber-tip to police in Concord about threatening comments made in an online chat room that consisted of threats against Jewish people, threats to commit a mass shooting at a synagogue and threats to shoot at law enforcement. Police said the suspect also claimed to possess an assault rifle. There were no specific threats locations included in the threats, according to police. The FBI's initial investigation determined the threatening posts originated from an address in Concord, and detectives with the Concord Police Department were able to identify Farca as a suspect in the case. Police said Farca had legally purchased an incomplete AR-15 rifle frame earlier this year. On Monday, police obtained an arrest warrant for Farca and a warrant to search his home. Farca was taken into custody without incident. During a search of his home, police found an illegal AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, which had been built from the legally purchased frame, police said. Investigators also found several high-capacity magazines, but they did not find any ammunition. Detectives also found Nazi literature, camouflage clothing and a sword. In addition to Farca's arrest, detectives were also able to obtain an...

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Pilots reveal safety fears over Boeing's fleet of Dreamliners

Pilots Reveal Safety Fears Over Boeing's Fleet Of Dreamliners

Company admits that fire extinguisher switch has failed a 'small number' of times

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Arizona couple files $10M lawsuit after cops allegedly pull guns on family after 4-year-old steals doll

Arizona Couple Files $10M Lawsuit After Cops Allegedly Pull Guns On Family After 4-year-old Steals Doll

An Arizona couple filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city of Phoenix claiming police officers committed civil rights violations after video showed them allegedly pointing guns at them after their 4-year-old daughter stole a doll from a dollar store last month.

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50 percent of voters believe Trump campaign coordinated with Russia: poll

50 Percent Of Voters Believe Trump Campaign Coordinated With Russia: Poll

Half of American voters believe the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia, a six point jump over three months, according to a poll released Sunday.

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Japan demands more proof from U.S. that Iran attacked tankers

Japan Demands More Proof From U.S. That Iran Attacked Tankers

The Japanese government has been requesting the United States for concrete evidence to back its assertion that Iran is to blame for the attacks on two tankers near the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday, government sources said Sunday. The request came after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a...

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Hong Kong protest sees hundreds of thousands call for city's leader to step down

Hong Kong Protest Sees Hundreds Of Thousands Call For City's Leader To Step Down

Hundreds of thousands of protestors took to the streets to call for Hong Kong's leader to stand down, leaving the city at a standstill.

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Charities call for end to greyhound racing after 1,000 deaths in a year

Charities Call For End To Greyhound Racing After 1,000 Deaths In A Year

Sport's opponents say it cannot be reformed because of dangerous tracks and problems rehoming retired dogs

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South LA Post Office Dedicated to Singer Marvin Gaye

South LA Post Office Dedicated To Singer Marvin Gaye

A post office in South Los Angeles has been rededicated in honor of the late Grammy-winning soul singer Marvin Gaye. The U.S. Postal Service issued a stamp in honor of Gaye on April 2, which would have...

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Electrical failure cuts power to all of Argentina and Uruguay, supplier says

Electrical Failure Cuts Power To All Of Argentina And Uruguay, Supplier Says

Almost all of Argentina and Uruguay, with a combined population of 48m, lost their power, supplier says.

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Trump Says He Didn't Speak to Mueller 'Because They Were Looking to Get Us for Lies'

Trump Says He Didn't Speak To Mueller 'Because They Were Looking To Get Us For Lies'

President Donald Trump said in a new interview that he didn’t speak to the team of Special Counsel Robert Mueller “because they wer...

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Warren Overtakes Progressive Rival Sanders in Trio of Recent Polls

Warren Overtakes Progressive Rival Sanders In Trio Of Recent Polls

Is this a sign that Warren could be winning over progressive voters?

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Washington father executed daughter over 'petty argument' about baby gate, prosecutors say

Washington Father Executed Daughter Over 'petty Argument' About Baby Gate, Prosecutors Say

An argument over installing a baby gate turned into a deadly confrontation between a father and daughter in Washington state that left the mother of a newborn dead, according to prosecutors.

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Trump lashes out suggesting he could stay in office after two terms, amid poor approval ratings

Trump Lashes Out Suggesting He Could Stay In Office After Two Terms, Amid Poor Approval Ratings

'Do you think the people would demand that I stay longer?'

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Trump campaign cutting ties with pollsters after internal numbers leaked

Trump Campaign Cutting Ties With Pollsters After Internal Numbers Leaked

The president's re-election campaign says series of polls showing Joe Biden ahead in key states are "ancient" news.

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Buttigieg: US should consider 'putting the brakes' on Saudi relationship

Buttigieg: US Should Consider 'putting The Brakes' On Saudi Relationship

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg (D) said Sunday that the U.S. should reconsider its relationship with Saudi Arabia and "consider putting the brakes" on it.

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GOP congressman admits

GOP Congressman Admits "privately" Republican Lawmakers "all Agree" Trump's Foreign Interference Comments Were Wrong

"What good does privately do?" conservative CNN host S.E. Cupp said. "I am so sick of hearing 'Republicans, when they talk privately, say one thing.'"

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Support among Democrats for beginning impeachment hearings grows in new NBC/WSJ poll

Support Among Democrats For Beginning Impeachment Hearings Grows In New NBC/WSJ Poll

Americans overall remain divided over beginning impeachment hearings but Democratic support has surged since last month.

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Perspectives: Congress hasn't raised the minimum wage in 3,614 days. It's time to put hard-working Americans first

Perspectives: Congress Hasn't Raised The Minimum Wage In 3,614 Days. It's Time To Put Hard-working Americans First

Despite a tight labor market, employee salaries aren't rising fast enough to make up for years of wage stagnation, writes Chris Lu, who served as deputy secretary of Labor during the Obama administration.

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Trump says London Mayor Sadiq Khan is a 'disaster' but homicide rates in US cities are much higher

Trump Says London Mayor Sadiq Khan Is A 'disaster' But Homicide Rates In US Cities Are Much Higher

President Donald Trump has attacked London mayor Sadiq Khan's handling of crime in the city, but homicide rates in US cities are much higher.

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