July, 12, 2019

Why Did It Take So Long to Take Down Epstein, Cosby, and Spacey?

Why Did It Take So Long To Take Down Epstein, Cosby, And Spacey?

The other day, I had the movie Spotlight going on in the background. If you’ve never seen it, it’s about The Boston Globe uncovering ...

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US govt believes Michael Flynn was doing more work for Turkey than previously known

US Govt Believes Michael Flynn Was Doing More Work For Turkey Than Previously Known

A court hearing on Friday revealed that US authorities have previously unknown information about former national security adviser Michael Flynn doing secret work for the Turkish government "because of (his) relationship with an ongoing presidential campaign."

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34 cannabis plants found growing in flower beds at the Vermont Capitol

34 Cannabis Plants Found Growing In Flower Beds At The Vermont Capitol

Vermont's Capitol Police have quite the mystery on their hands after a visitor pointed out a possible cannabis plant growing in the flower beds on the front lawn.

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Cop fired over shooting 'rehired to get pension'

Cop Fired Over Shooting 'rehired To Get Pension'

US cop Philip Brailsford was fired and charged with murder but acquitted in 2017.

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R. Kelly's federal charges say he took underage girls across state lines for sex

R. Kelly's Federal Charges Say He Took Underage Girls Across State Lines For Sex

Once Kelly had convinced victims to be with him, they "were not permitted to leave their room" without permission, "including to eat or go to the bathroom," one of the indictments says.

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Couple Meets 'Hitman' At Olive Garden To Put Hits Out On Their Respective Exes: 'We're Taking Care Of Both Problems'

Couple Meets 'Hitman' At Olive Garden To Put Hits Out On Their Respective Exes: 'We're Taking Care Of Both Problems'

At an Olive Garden in Houston, Texas, undercover officer Javier Duran and police informant Moataz "Zach" Azzeh met with local veterinarian Valerie McDaniel and failed doctor Leon Jacob to discuss the murder of their respective exes. Jacob had contacted Azzeh a few weeks prior to ask for his help in abducting his ex-girlfriend Meghan Verikas, who had pressed charges against Jacob following multiple assault and stalking incidents. Jacob told Azzeh he wanted him to kidnap Verikas and convince her to drop the charges that were threatening his future in medicine.

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A deputy pulled over a car for speeding. That traffic stop saved a 12-day-old baby's life

A Deputy Pulled Over A Car For Speeding. That Traffic Stop Saved A 12-day-old Baby's Life

When Deputy Will Kimbro stopped a car for speeding last month, he didn't know he would end up saving a newborn's life.

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US government is running out of money faster than expected, Mnuchin warns

US Government Is Running Out Of Money Faster Than Expected, Mnuchin Warns

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Friday issued a warning Friday that the US government is at risk of running out of cash sooner than expected.

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ICE raids are looming. Panicked immigrants are skipping work, hiding out and bracing for the worst

ICE Raids Are Looming. Panicked Immigrants Are Skipping Work, Hiding Out And Bracing For The Worst

With a new threat of immigration raids Sunday, undocumented immigrants are terrified -- staying home from work, afraid to go outside and unsure of where to turn.

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Robots could take over 20 million jobs by 2030, experts say

Robots Could Take Over 20 Million Jobs By 2030, Experts Say

The trend could boost productivity and economic growth but also bring greater income inequality.

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After Donald Trump declared Arnold Schwarzenegger

After Donald Trump Declared Arnold Schwarzenegger "died" The "Terminator" Star Said "I'm Still Here. Want To Compare Tax Returns?"

Trump was in fact referring to the movie star's ratings, but the former governor used it as an excuse to reignite his feud with the U.S. president.

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Islamic State supporter Farhad Salah plotted to use driverless car in terror attack

Islamic State Supporter Farhad Salah Plotted To Use Driverless Car In Terror Attack

Farhad Salah was arrested during police raids carried out amid fears of a Christmas terror plot.

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R. Kelly Accused of Paying Off Family at Center of His 2008 Trial

R. Kelly Accused Of Paying Off Family At Center Of His 2008 Trial

Two new federal indictments charge the R&B singer with making child pornography, obstructing justice and other crimes relating to sex with underage girls.

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Incoming acting Labor Secretary Patrick Pizzella under scrutiny for work with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff

Incoming Acting Labor Secretary Patrick Pizzella Under Scrutiny For Work With Disgraced Lobbyist Jack Abramoff

Incoming acting Labor Secretary Patrick Pizzella will take the helm of the department after the resignation Friday of Alex Acosta, who faced scrutiny over his role in prosecuting alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein more than a decade ago.

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Johnson & Johnson to test HIV vaccine in US and Europe

Johnson & Johnson To Test HIV Vaccine In US And Europe

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson is set to test an experimental HIV vaccine in the U.S. and Europe sometime this year, the company confirmed with CNBC.

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Human Trafficking Task Forces arrest 49 during All-Star festivities in Cleveland

Human Trafficking Task Forces Arrest 49 During All-Star Festivities In Cleveland

Multiple agencies were involved in two separate operations during Major League Baseball's All-Star weekend festivities.

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Mueller testimony delayed by one week

Mueller Testimony Delayed By One Week

Lawmakers say one reason for the delay was ongoing negotiations about how long they would have to question the former special counsel.

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Mom arrested after young daughter licks tongue depressor at doctor's office, puts it back

Mom Arrested After Young Daughter Licks Tongue Depressor At Doctor's Office, Puts It Back

A Florida mother faces a possible felony charge after her daughter licked a tongue depressor at a doctor's office and put it back.

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2 Teens Dead, 2 Hurt in 80-Foot Jump From Bridge After Crash

2 Teens Dead, 2 Hurt In 80-Foot Jump From Bridge After Crash

Two people were killed and two people were critically injured in a jump off a freeway overpass after a crash in Carmel Valley.

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Trump cabinet member resigns in wake of Jeffrey Epstein child sex scandal

Trump Cabinet Member Resigns In Wake Of Jeffrey Epstein Child Sex Scandal

Donald Trump's labour secretary Alex Acosta has resigned over his role in a controversial plea deal handed to convicted sex offender Jeff...

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