July, 30, 2019

Angry about no pay, Kentucky miners block train loaded with coal

Angry About No Pay, Kentucky Miners Block Train Loaded With Coal

Miners on Tuesday blocked the tracks of a coal train in Kentucky for a second straight day as part of a standoff between a coal company that filed for bankruptcy and left nearly 400 workers without work and pay for a month.

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Suspect arrested in beating death of Berkley man at Detroit gas station

Suspect Arrested In Beating Death Of Berkley Man At Detroit Gas Station

The Detroit man wanted for the fatal beating of a 24-year-old man from Berkley after a car crash last week has been arrested, Detroit police say.

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Woman seen urinating on potatoes at Walmart

Woman Seen Urinating On Potatoes At Walmart

As if licking a container of ice cream and putting it back on the shelf wasn't disgusting enough, police are now searching for a woman who did something even more unthinkable.

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Suburban parents reportedly giving up custody of kids to get need-based financial aid

Suburban Parents Reportedly Giving Up Custody Of Kids To Get Need-based Financial Aid

Wealthy suburban parents in the Chicago area are using a legal loophole in order to get their children more need-based financial aid, according to a report by ProPublica Illinois.

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10-year-old boy charged with assault following dodgeball game at school

10-year-old Boy Charged With Assault Following Dodgeball Game At School

Months after the boy was suspended from his elementary school, his mom was notified he received a criminal charge

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'Disgruntled employee' kills 2 co-workers, wounds officer inside Mississippi Walmart

'Disgruntled Employee' Kills 2 Co-workers, Wounds Officer Inside Mississippi Walmart

The suspect was in surgery late Tuesday morning, officials said.

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An Amazon delivery driver stole a Texas couple's dog and tried to sell it online, police say

An Amazon Delivery Driver Stole A Texas Couple's Dog And Tried To Sell It Online, Police Say

An Amazon delivery driver was fired and arrested after police say she stole a dachshund from in front of a Texas couple's home and attempted to sell it online.

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Florida beekeeper says someone is poisoning his honey bees, 7 million possibly dead

Florida Beekeeper Says Someone Is Poisoning His Honey Bees, 7 Million Possibly Dead

A beekeeper near DeLand believes that someone is poisoning his honey bees after finding dead bees all over his property, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reported.

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Google reveals devastating iPhone vulnerabilities - but hides one which the company hasn't fixed

Google Reveals Devastating IPhone Vulnerabilities - But Hides One Which The Company Hasn't Fixed

Apple has fixed five of the vulnerabilities which Google's elite security team discovered, but one still remains.

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Louisiana coach charged with 25 counts of molestation of juvenile

Louisiana Coach Charged With 25 Counts Of Molestation Of Juvenile

A man is accused of the molestation of a juvenile over the span of years while at a Northwest Louisiana private school.

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Gun shop buys '4 Horsemen' billboard insulting congresswomen - McKinnon Broadcasting

Gun Shop Buys '4 Horsemen' Billboard Insulting Congresswomen - McKinnon Broadcasting

MURPHY, N.C. (AP) -- A new billboard in North Carolina shows four minority congresswomen smiling down on the small town of Murphy, their faces at odds with the apocalyptic phrase slapped above them: The 4 Horsemen Cometh. The billboard funded by a local gun shop then shows a red line striking out the last word, editing the phrase to instead say "The 4 Horsemen are Idiots." The Charlotte Observer reports the billboard by Cherokee Guns targets the same congresswomen who President Donald Trump recently told to return to the "crime infested places from which they came." Reps. Alexandria

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Ex-Theranos CEO, Stanford dropout Elizabeth Holmes' trial delayed until August 2020 - The Stanford Daily

Ex-Theranos CEO, Stanford Dropout Elizabeth Holmes' Trial Delayed Until August 2020 - The Stanford Daily

After the defense's request to review exculpatory evidence was granted, the U.S District Court for the Northern District of California revealed that jury selection for the trial is to begin the week of July 28, 2020.

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What "Moscow Mitch" Wants: An Election Overrun By Trolls And Plunged Into Chaos

Russian hackers invaded all 50 states. Trump and McConnell want it to continue. The media ponders "who wins"

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Border Collie Trained to Recognize 1,022 Nouns Dies

Border Collie Trained To Recognize 1,022 Nouns Dies

Chaser, often described as "the world's smartest dog," made headlines worldwide for being able to identify objects by their names.

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Brazil prison riot leaves 57 dead, 16 decapitated in

Brazil Prison Riot Leaves 57 Dead, 16 Decapitated In "settling Of Accounts" Between Rival Gangs

Riot erupted as "a settling of accounts between the two groups" and led to huge fire in northern Brazil's Altamira prison

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Police seek woman who urinated on potatoes in Walmart

Police Seek Woman Who Urinated On Potatoes In Walmart

Police are seeking a woman who they say urinated on potatoes at a Walmart in western Pennsylvania.

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Top Hispanic group launches 'Trump Wins We Lose' campaign

Top Hispanic Group Launches 'Trump Wins We Lose' Campaign

The Latino Victory Fund is focusing the campaign on health care, the economy, education, immigration, Puerto Rico and the environment, ar...

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Lackland just relocated 200 airmen due to dorm mold -- and more moves are coming

Lackland Just Relocated 200 Airmen Due To Dorm Mold -- And More Moves Are Coming

Civil engineers have tried to fix the mold problems in some rooms by bleaching them, tearing out their carpets, and using dehumidifiers.

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An Ironman cyclist died after she was hit by a semi during a race

An Ironman Cyclist Died After She Was Hit By A Semi During A Race

A cyclist participating in an Ohio Ironman triathlon died Sunday after being hit by a semi during the race.

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Trump claims he is the 'least racist person in the world' despite repeated racist attacks

Trump Claims He Is The 'least Racist Person In The World' Despite Repeated Racist Attacks

President's claim comes as Democrats attack Mr Trump for his attacks on prominent politicians and civil rights leaders of colour

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