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Actress Testifies She Was Lured Into 'sex Cult' Through Classes
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An Actress Testifies She Was Lured Into 'sex Cult' Through Classes

The following report contains sexually explicit and disturbing testimony.

New York (CNN)An actress testified Monday that "Smallville" star Allison Mack pulled her deeper into the activities of the cult-like group Nxivm, where she eventually became a "slave" in the organization's secret sex society and was blackmailed into staying silent.

These are the people involved in the scandal around alleged sex cult inside Nxivm From the beginning, Nicole said, she was uncomfortable about some aspects of Nxivm. Students and instructors wore different colored sashes to signify their ranks, she said, and would bow when entering and leaving a room. Group members idolized Raniere, calling him the smartest man in the world, she said. At the annual celebration of Raniere's birthday, known as "V-week," because he was called "Vanguard," Nicole started to become good friends with Salinas, to whom she confided her true feelings about Nxivm. "It seems a little weird to me," she testified. "I don't really like situations where someone is idolized. It just feels weird." At the end of her five-day course, she was persuaded to take more classes. Both her ex-boyfriend and Mack told her that staying involved in "The Source" would give her a built-in community once she moved to New York in 2015. 'The Vow' Nicole testified that she was struggling with her career after moving east and eventually began teaching classes for "The Source" to make money. She read from journal entries in court detailing suicidal feelings and worries that she had "screwed everything up" by relocating.