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B.C. Teacher Suspended After Showing Students Inappropriate “Salad Fingers” Videos
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B.C. Teacher Suspended After Showing Students Inappropriate Videos

A B.C. teacher has been given a two-day suspension after showing films in his classroom that students described as “creepy.”

James Douglas Thwaites was a teacher on call (TOC) at School District No. 91 in Nechako Lakes in January 2018.

According to the BC Commissioner for Teacher Regulation, Thwaites was teaching a Grade 7/8 class when he showed students three inappropriate short films.

One was called Salad Fingers and featured an animated character who says “The feeling of rust against my salad fingers is almost orgasmic” and “I must caress your rusty kettle.”

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According to a consent resolution agreement, students reported finding these films “creepy, weird, and inappropriate.”

He also spoke to students about his divorce, how much it costs, and the fact he was dating a woman from overseas.

The agreement goes on to say in February 2018 he was a TOC for a Grade 3/4 class.

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While talking to a group of students, he discussed having “crushes” and asked one student how his girlfriends were, saying, “You’re such a player.”

A two-day retroactive suspension of his teaching certificate was served last September.