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Britain's Oldest Person Grace Jones Dies At Age Of 112
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Britain's Oldest Person Dies At Age Of 112

Britain's oldest person has died at the age of 112, at her home in Worcestershire.

Last August Grace Jones, from Broadway Worcestershire, took the title following Olive Boar's death.

Her daughter, Deidre McCarthy, said her mother - nicknamed Amazing Grace - was fit and active until she died.

She was recently interviewed on BBC Points West about World War One. Her death, at her home on Friday, was confirmed by her daughter.

"I never dreamt when I was a little girl that my mother would be the talking point of the whole country," she said.

"She was wonderful and had a lovely sense of humour... and that's something somebody should have.

"Never let that fade away because if it does it starts a downward trend and you become rather dull."

Ms McCarthy said last year her mother was invited on to TV shows, including Good Morning and Strictly Come Dancing.

"She took it [the attention} in her stride. She sat there to do interviews at her party and everyone was lined up in the hall at Buckland Manor to do their piece ready for the evening [news] programmes.

"Mother sat there looking so serene and gorgeous, really dressed up beautifully and each person came in, all the boys with their cameras and lighting and she thought that was great.

"She conducted herself so nicely and answered everything, and then on the last one for Channel 5 she suddenly said 'I'm hungry; when is teatime?'."