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3 weeks ago

News Source: abc7.com
DUI Suspect Smashes Into Gates Of OC Jail Complex
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Gate Crasher: DUI Suspect Smashes Into OC Jail Facility

She crashed her vehicle right into the front gates of a county jail facility in the Irvine area.

Photos released by the department show the gates of the facility ripped off and lying on the ground. The suspect's Range Rover incurred significant damage.

She was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and then, of course, booked into jail.

The Musick facility temporarily stopped housing detainees as of July 18 while the department makes changes to its jail operations and builds new facilities.

"We are grateful no OCSD personnel were injured in this collision," the Sheriff's Department tweeted. "While this damage can be fixed, we know that's not always the case with DUI collisions. Losing a loved one or friend is irreparable. Please always designate a driver or coordinate a ride."