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Freshman Rep. Katie Porter Hilariously Takes Down Both Biden And Maher In Two Minutes
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Freshman Rep. Katie Porter Hilariously Takes Down Both Biden And Maher In Two Minutes

On Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the panel discussion turned to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s recent reversal of his support for the Hyde amendment, a law that bans federal funding for abortion.

California freshman congresswoman Katie Porter went right after Biden, saying he’s playing politics with a serious health issue. “Biden’s trying to make a political decision here. And failing still to recognize that this a personal decision. Even when he talked about it, he couldn’t quite get the word out.” The audience laughed as the congresswoman then mocked Biden fumbling his words while announcing his changed position on the matter.

She capped off her criticism of Biden’s political expediency with a biting joke, “Look, I was a professor. Better late than never for the student who gets it on the last day of class,” Porter said.

The congresswoman then brought the house down after Maher shared how he is personally “squishy” on the topic of abortion because his mother may have aborted him after she had a “difficult” birth with his older sister. Porter then said to Maher, “Well, Bill, your mother made a choice, and we all are living with the consequences of it.”

Wow @RepKatiePorter out-funnied Bill Maher on his own show. Maher said he's "squishy" on choice because his mom almost didn't have him, and Porter absolutely brought down the house with this response pic.twitter.com/F6WDDfYSqQ

It was a pure mic drop moment. And it likely won’t be the congresswoman’s last. Porter has gone viral several times since taking office in January. She has shown a knack for laser precision when questioning those in powerful positions. She gave Morgan Chase Bank CEO Jamie Dimon a math lesson while grilling him about not paying some of his employees a liveable wage earlier this year. And, most recently, she exposed the ignorance of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson during his now infamous “Oreo” response to a question about the foreclosure term REOs at a House Financial Services hearing.