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News Source: foxnews.com
Man Attacked By Shark Goes To Bar Instead Of Hospital.
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Florida Surfer Attacked By Shark Opts For Bar Instead Of Hospital, Friend Says

A professional surfer who was attacked by a shark in Florida didn't go to the hospital after the incident — he went to the bar instead, according to his friend.

Frank O'Rourke, 23, was surfing at Jacksonville Beach around 3:30 p.m. on Saturday when the shark attacked him in the water.


"Shark comes out of the water and grabs onto my arm right by my elbow," he told ABC News. "Kinda tugs a little bit and throshes."

His friend RJ Berger, who said he was swimming with O'Rourke at the time, said the shark "pretty much came fully out of the water, his tail like splashed everywhere."

Berger said his friend kept saying "I think I got bit, I think I got bit," and noted that "once he got to the beach he just started bleeding everywhere, the blood started rushing to his arm."

O'Rourke was quickly treated by lifeguards but opted not to go to the hospital. Instead, Berger told WJXT that O'Rourke "immediately went to a bar, because he's like, 'I got bit by a shark!' and people were like, 'I'll buy you drinks!' So he went and hung out at the pier."

Despite the scare, Berger says he still plans to surf and "Frank is, too."