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News Source: aviation24.be
Passenger Mistakenly Opened The Emergence Exit Door Thinking It Was The Toilet
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PIA Passenger Wants To Go To The Bathroom But Inadvertently Deploys Emergency Slide - Aviation24.be

On 7 June, Pakistan International Airlines’ evening flight PK 702 from Manchester, U.K. to Islamabad, Pakistan departed more than six hours late after an inadvertent emergency slide deployment.

Just before departure, a passenger wanted to go to the bathroom but mistakenly took the aircraft’s door for a toilet door. She opened the armed door at the rear left of the Boeing 777-340 (AP-BHW) and deployed the emergency slide.

As a result of the inoperative door, 21 passengers had to be accommodated on other seats and 37 passengers couldn’t continue their travel to Islamabad and where offloaded.

* in this case, the airline was still allowed to operate the flight but had to reduce and reseat the passengers as the door wasn’t available anymore in case of a possible emergency evacuation.

Source: پی آئی اے پرواز میں خاتون نے بیت الخلا سمجھ کر ایمرجنسی دروازہ کھول دیا