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News Source: 6abc.com
Police ID Pregnant Woman, 9-year-old Son Killed In Flash Flooding In Pennsylvania
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Police ID Pregnant Woman, 9-year-old Son Killed In Flash Flooding In Pennsylvania

Thirty-year-old Pamela Snyder and her son, Preston Dray, both of Douglass Township were killed when their vehicle was swept away by floodwaters on Pine Forge Road, police confirmed Friday.

The monsoon-like rains hammered the area adjacent to the Manatawny Creek.

Snyder called 911 around 4:30 p.m. to tell them she and her son were stuck inside her Mazda. She told authorities the water was rushing inside the vehicle and they were unable to escape.

"Our 911 dispatchers were on the line with the victim the whole time and eventually had lost contact with her," Douglass Township Chief John Dzurek said.

Snyder was on the phone with dispatch for 49 minutes while rescue efforts were underway. But rising water even prevented the crews from getting to the mother and son.

Dzurek says a major rescue effort was mounted that included water craft, a helicopter and a drone.

"The fire department and the water rescue team even had difficulty getting in because just about every road in the township had some sort of obstacle and made rescue efforts extremely difficult," Dzurek said.

Snyder and her son were eventually recovered by divers and pronounced dead by the Berks County Coroner's office.

She did not know the victims, but she grew up near the creek and was sadden by the deaths.

"I can't believe that it would happen. I just feel absolutely horrible for the family and friends," Taglieber said.

Chopper 6 was over the scene when authorities found what they believed to be the vehicle.