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Sarah Sanders Failed In Almost Every Aspect Of The Job
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Sarah Sanders Failed In Almost Every Aspect Of The Job

Joe Lockhart was White House press secretary from 1998-2000 in President Bill Clinton's administration. He co-hosts the podcast "Words Matter." The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own. View more opinion at CNN.

(CNN)Sarah Sanders said last December that when her role as White House press secretary ends, she hopes to be remembered as "honest and transparent." I'm afraid she's going to be remembered quite differently because of the actions of her boss, President Donald Trump, and her own failures to live up to the obligations of the office.

With Thursday's announcement that Sanders is leaving the White House at the end of June -- and looking back at the two years that she has spent there -- it's safe to say that her hopes were misplaced. She has failed in almost every aspect of the job. Let me use several examples to make that point. One job that the White House press secretary has is to promote the President's agenda and try to put the President in the best possible position to make his case. Just last week, the President did an interview in the American graveyard in Normandy with a highly partisan Fox News anchor. The President proceeded to desecrate the sacred ground by launching partisan attacks at his political opponents in the worst possible setting. Sanders' job was to anticipate what the President would say and make sure situations like this never happened.

Sarah Sanders' audience of one And, while we are on the question of honesty, this was another important failure of Sanders' tenure. Some of it was beyond her control. President Trump, as of April 26, according to the Washington Post, has made misleading or false statements more than 10,000 times since taking office. But to my memory, I can't point to a single time Sanders acknowledged when the President misspoke. Her legacy of dishonesty is enshrined in the Mueller Report and is very telling. Many will remember the day she went after Former FBI Director James Comey, saying the White House had heard from many FBI agents who were critical of Comey's leadership. It was only when she was under oath and facing potential jail time did Sanders admit she made the whole story up. To be clear, she smeared a former high-ranking government official with a story that was made up from whole cloth.