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Thief Breaks Into Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum; Historic Door Knob Missing
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Thief Breaks Into Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum; Historic Door Knob Missing

Police in North Little Rock are looking for the person who managed to get on board the historic USS Hoga at the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum Saturday night.

Whoever got inside didn’t break any glass, but when workers arrived Sunday morning they noticed the original door knob from Pearl Harbor was missing from the pilot house on the historical landmark.

The museum says they don’t know if the knob is going to show up in the river or if the thief got away with it.

Walking into work Sunday morning Myna Miller spotted something different at the museum.

“I noticed the locks had been moved so I unlocked the side door one of our life rings was sitting outside the door,” Miller said.

“The hose was pulled off and half of it was thrown on the side, but it was still there,” Miller said.

When she checked the USS Hoga, something was missing from the historic landmark.

“When I unlocked the doors on the outside one of the door knobs was missing,” Miller said.

“It was the original from pearl harbor so yeah it’s worth a lot,” Miller said.

Surveillance footage captured a person roaming around the museum Saturday night.

“He walked all around the museum, he walked up onto the razorback and through both barges,” Miller said.

“I don’t know if he was trying to steal something I don’t know if he was looking for a place to stay I don’t know,” Miller said.

Miller said it’s upsetting to know someone would want to hard a historical piece of history.

“I mean this is our baby, these are both of our babies and who would want to come down and do that,” Miller said.

Miller said they have a few doors knobs they’re going to replace the missing one with.

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