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2 months ago

News Source: nymag.com
Trump Calls Himself ‘Extremely Stable Genius,’ Demands Staffers Tell Press How ‘Calm’ He Is
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Trump: 'I'm An Extremely Stable Genius,' Asks Staff To Describe How 'Calm' He Is

Trump pulls out @KellyannePolls for live testimonial about Trump's calm and powerful demeanor during tantrum meeting. (Baghdad Bob territory) pic.twitter.com/8dBYlgKrJs

Second Testimonial! Trump brings out Mercedes Schlapp to testify to Trump's utter calm in tantrum meeting. pic.twitter.com/EVYyf1Rjpe

Now Trump calls Larry Kudlow up for testimonial about Trump's surpassing calmness during tantrum meeting. pic.twitter.com/spanuDepbQ

Now Trump calls up Sanders for calmness testimonial! pic.twitter.com/sBAlsBUV2J

Reince: “We thank you for the opportunity & the blessing…to serve your agenda” pic.twitter.com/3MPQq4CIiq