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Turkey To Declare Holiday For Planting Trees.
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Erdogan Responds To Young Man's Call To Declare National Holiday For Trees

"Got an idea. Why don't we declare a 'Tree Planting Holiday?' Let's set aside a day for all 82 million people in the country, including the children and the elderly, to plant trees. Let's set an example to the world and hand down a green country to the upcoming generations," Şahin said in the post, that quickly went viral and grabbed the attention of Turkish officials, including the youngest elected deputy Rumeysa Kadak.

"Without a doubt, we will soon hear terrific news for a greener Turkey and a greener world," Kadak said.

A few hours later, President Erdoğan welcomed the call also in a Twitter message.

"This is a great idea, Enes. We've always worked for a greener Turkey and continue to do so. My friends and I will undertake all responsibility to make sure that we have a national tree planting day," the president said, indicating that Turkey may soon reserve a day for the occasion.

Inspired by Muslim religious holidays Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, Şahin told himself why not have a holiday to plant trees.

"I want all of us to go plant and water the trees," Şahin told a Turkish media outlet, adding that having an official holiday will enable people to spend that day for a greener Turkey.