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Two Men Steal Service Dog From Owner
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Seattle Man Says Service Dog Was Stolen After He Was Attacked In Capitol Hill Grocery Store

A Seattle man says his service dog was stolen after he was attacked in a Capitol Hill grocery store.

Jeffrey Almes' 9-year-old service dog Layla was stolen last month in a confrontation with two men that was captured on surveillance video. 

Video from Hillcrest Market allegedly shows two men confronting Almes, punching him and walking away with Layla. 

"I've had her 9 years of her life, I got her when she was 6 weeks old. I've had her since she was a puppy to be my service dog," Almes said. 

Layla has helped Almes since he was in a car accident a decade ago that left him with PTSD any time he's in a vehicle. He's still searching and trying to get her back. 

Seattle police detectives are looking for leads and are checking in with Almes periodically.