The Village Church sued for more than $1 million over alleged abuse at church camp

The Village Church Sued For More Than $1 Million Over Alleged Abuse At Church Camp - Religion News Service

(RNS) -- A young woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted by a youth minister at a church camp when she was a child is suing the Village Church for more than $1 million for gross negligence and the emotional distress the abuse has caused her.

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Ex-Michigan State President to Get $2.4 Million in Retirement Deal

Ex-Michigan State President To Get $2.4 Million In Retirement Deal

Lou Anna Simon, who faces criminal charges that she lied about her knowledge of Lawrence G. Nassar's sexual abuse, has denied any wrongdoing.

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27 Children Removed From Montana Alternative Treatment Center Over Abuse Allegations

27 Children Removed From Montana Alternative Treatment Center Over Abuse Allegations

Montana removed 27 children from an alternative youth treatment program citing allegations of physical and mental abuse, along with medical neglect. According to the state, the kids were hit, kicke...

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Black rag dolls intended to be abused were pulled from shelves after they were called racist

Black Rag Dolls Intended To Be Abused Were Pulled From Shelves After They Were Called Racist

Black rag dolls that instruct someone to abuse them were removed from the shelves of multiple One Dollar Zone stores after they drew criticism for being racist.

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Man who lied about UK VIP child abuse ring jailed for 18 years

'VIP Abuse' Accuser Jailed For 18 Years

Carl Beech's lies about murder and child sexual abuse led to a GBP2m Metropolitan Police investigation.

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Archbishop tried to discredit BBC film on church links to abuse

Archbishop Tried To Discredit BBC Film On Church Links To Abuse

Cardinal Vincent Nichols filed formal complaint over 2003 programme, documents show

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Why Did It Take So Long to Take Down Epstein, Cosby, and Spacey? And when will Trump pay for his (alleged) assaults? We need to stop whispering about sex crimes and pressure officials to take action.

Why Did It Take So Long To Take Down Epstein, Cosby, And Spacey?

The other day, I had the movie Spotlight going on in the background. If you’ve never seen it, it’s about The Boston Globe uncovering ...

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Fire everyone who let Jeffrey Epstein skate

Fire Everyone Who Let Jeffrey Epstein Skate

The utter failure to seek meaningful justice for victims at the outset of this case must be addressed.

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Shambhala suppressed allegations of abuse, ex-members say

Shambhala, The Boulder-born Buddhist Organization, Suppressed Allegations Of Abuse, Ex-members Say

Shambhala for decades suppressed allegations of abuse -- from child molestation to clerical abuse -- through internal processes that often failed to deliver justice for victims, The Denve...

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The Border Patrol Is the American SS

The Border Patrol Is The American SS

After decades of nurturing a culture of violent, racist abuse, Customs and Border Protection cannot be seen as just another working-class job. Like Hitler's SS, we must see CBP not as a place where good people do bad things, but where bad people do bad things.

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Officials substantiate child sex abuse allegations at prominent DC synagogue's preschool

Officials Substantiate Child Sex Abuse Allegations At Prominent DC Synagogue's Preschool

Officials have substantiated multiple accusations of child sexual abuse by a preschool teacher at Washington Hebrew Congregation, according to a cease-and-desist letter sent by the DC superintendent of education to the synagogue in June.

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Vatican court rejects laws obligating priests to report sexual abuse revealed in confessions

Vatican Court Rejects Laws Obligating Priests To Report Sexual Abuse Revealed In Confessions

Catholic court issues document calling laws, like one pending in California, an "unacceptable offense" against religious freedoms

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Mayor, doctors and social workers arrested in scheme to brainwash children into believing they had been abused and sell them

Mayor, Doctors And Social Workers Arrested For 'brainwashing Children Into Thinking Their Parents Sexually Abused Them'

Network fabricated evidence and made children believe they had been abused in adoption scheme worth hundreds of thousands of euros

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Ex RNC chair blasts Trump administration for treatment of migrants, saying a

Ex RNC Chair Blasts Trump Administration For Treatment Of Migrants, Saying A "damn Toothbrush" Won't "break Your Bank"

"This is clearly documented abuse. It's clearly documented mistreatment and it's clearly documented inhumanity to fellow human beings that's going on in these centers," Michael Steele said.

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Ex-Scientology member sues church and its leader alleging abuse, human trafficking

Ex-Scientologist Sues Church And Its Leader Alleging Abuse, Human Trafficking

The complaint, filed by a woman who went to work for anti-Scientology campaigner Leah Remini, is the first of many, her attorneys say.

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Milk drinker sues Fairlife, Fair Oaks Farms founders after animal abuse videos

Fair Oaks Farms Animal Abuse: Milk Drinker Sues Over 'sham' Labels

Amid the fallout from undercover videos showing the abuse of calves at Fair Oaks Farms, the Indiana dairy operation’s owners are being ...

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10-year sentence for participant in abuse of caged woman

10-year Sentence For Participant In Abuse Of Caged Woman

Jody Lambert, 24, tearfully apologized to the victim in federal court Thursday.

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Teen ‘sexual cult’ in Ontario foster home known to Children’s Aid Society, victim says

Teen 'sexual Cult' In Ontario Foster Home Known To Children's Aid Society, Victim Says

Stories from an eastern Ontario foster home show that teens were being taken advantage of and nothing was being done to stop it.

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More sexual abuse cases by leaders from Southern Baptist churches uncovered

More Sexual Abuse Cases By Leaders From Southern Baptist Churches Uncovered

After our Abuse of Faith investigation, more than 350 people called or emailed to share information about other criminal cases as well as abuse that remains unpunished. With their help, we have added 45 more criminal cases involving Southern Baptist church leaders and volunteers to our searchable, online database.

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Fair Oaks Farms animal abuse: After video exposes abuse at Fair Oaks Farms, grocery store removes Fairlife dairy products, company responds to backlash

Fair Oaks Farms Under Investigation After Undercover Video Exposes Animal Abuse

Footage shows Fair Oaks Farms workers dragging calves by their ears and hitting them with milk bottles

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