Ethiopia plants more than 350 million trees in 12 hours

Ethiopia Plants More Than 350 Million Trees In 12 Hours

Ethiopia planted more than 353 million trees in 12 hours on Monday, which officials believe is a world record.

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Ransomware hits Johannesburg electricity supply

Ransomware Hits Johannesburg Electricity Supply

A ransomware attack is blamed for causing electricity supply problems in South Africa's biggest city.

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Man jumps on plane wing as it prepares for takeoff

Man Jumps On Plane Wing As It Prepares For Takeoff

A man who climbed onto the wing of a plane as it prepared for takeoff at the airport in Nigeria's Lagos city has been arrested, authorities said.

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Piece of skull found in Greece ‘is oldest human fossil outside Africa’

Piece Of Skull Found In Greece 'is Oldest Human Fossil Outside Africa'

Remains discovered on Mani peninsula could rewrite history of Homo sapiens in Eurasia

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Libya claims UAE bombed migrant center with US-made jet

Libya Claims UAE Bombed Migrant Center With US-made Jet

Libya's UN-backed government has said the United Arab Emirates used a US-made F-16 fighter jet in Wednesday's attack on a migrant detention center that killed at least 53 people.

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Fears of violence as Sudan gets ready for 'million man' march

Fears Of Violence As Sudan Gets Ready For 'million Man' March

Generals urged not to hurt protesters who plan to pour on to streets of Khartoum

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Trump dismisses UN request for FBI to investigate Jamal Khashoggi's murder

Trump Dismisses UN Request For FBI To Investigate Jamal Khashoggi's Murder

President says 'it's been heavily investigated' and suggests it would jeopardise weapons sales to Saudi Arabia

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The chance of a 15-year-old boy dying by the age of 50 is now higher in America than in Bangladesh, driven by the opioid epidemic

The UN Revises Down Its Population Forecasts

Prescription drugs are saving lives in Africa, but ending them in America

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Ethiopia coup attempt leaves army chief shot, says PM

Ethiopia Coup Attempt Leaves Regional Leader Dead - Reports

General reported as being behind armed attempt to seize power in Amhara state

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Sudanese activists seek justice for mass rapes after militia's 'break the girls' bid

Sudanese Activists Seek Justice For Mass Rapes After Militia's 'break The Girls' Bid

Sudanese activists are struggling to document reports of mass rapes during a June 3 paramilitary crackdown on a Khartoum protest camp. But security fears coupled with Internet cuts are making it an uphill task.

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Mali attack: gunmen on motorbikes kill at least 41 people in two villages

Mali Attack: Gunmen On Motorbikes Kill At Least 41 People In Two Villages

Attacks on the villages of Yoro and Gangafani 2 compound a dire security situation in central Mali

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30 dead in triple suicide bomb blasts in Nigeria

30 Dead In Triple Suicide Bomb Blasts In Nigeria

Three suicide bombers, two girls and a boy, killed 30 people and injured 39 others when they detonated explosives in Nigeria's northeast, emergency response officials said on Monday.

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Niassa Reserve marks first year without confirmed elephant kill, conservationists claim

Despite Being Larger Than Switzerland, One Wildlife Park Is Making Poaching Extinct

One of Africa's largest wildlife preserves marks a year without a single elephant found killed by poachers, which experts label an extraordinary development.

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Leaked documents reveal Russian effort to exert influence in Africa

Leaked Documents Reveal Russian Effort To Exert Influence In Africa

Exclusive: Kremlin ally Yevgeny Prigozhin leading push to turn continent into strategic hub, documents show

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Sudanese doctors say dozens of people raped during sit-in attack|Doctors believe paramilitaries carried out more than 70 rapes during an attack on a protest camp in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, a week ago

Sudanese Doctors Say Dozens Of People Raped During Sit-in Attack

Hospitals in Khartoum record more than 70 cases of rape in aftermath of attack on protest

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Botswana scraps gay sex laws in big victory for LGBTQ rights in Africa

Botswana Scraps Gay Sex Laws In Big Victory For LGBTQ Rights In Africa

Botswana's High Court has overturned a colonial-era law criminalizing consensual same-sex relations in a landmark victory for Africa's LGBTQ movements.

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South African officials warned residents to beware of 14 lions that might have escaped from a national park Thursday

A Pride Of 14 Lions Might Have Escaped From A South African National Park

The pride fled from Kruger National Park, one of Africa's largest game reserves at over 7,500-plus square miles, and were spotted in the town of Phalaborwa near a mine, local officials said.

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Confirmed death toll rises to 35 in Sudan as Rapid Defense Forces effectively disperse sit-in and begin cracking down on consequent protests all over the country using indiscriminate violence and deadly force

Sudan: Opposition Rejects Army's Plan For Snap Elections

Military council called fresh elections after deadly crackdown on protest sit-in on Monday

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At least a 13 killed and hundreds injured by gunfire from Sudanese Rapid Defense Forces in an attempt to disperse the months long sit-in infront of defense ministry

At Least 30 Killed As Sudan Military Storms Sit-in

At least 30 protesters were killed and hundreds injured on Monday when the Sudanese military opened fire to break up a sit-in, according to a local doctors' union.

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Kenya's highest court upholds law making gay sex illegal

Kenyan Court Upholds Law Making Gay Sex Illegal

In a blow to the LGBTQI movement in Africa, Kenya's High Court ruled Friday that a colonial-era law banning same-sex relations should remain in place.

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