7th floor of building collapsed in north Houston

Workers Hurt In Partial Building Collapse In North Houston

Workers were pouring concrete at the time of the collapse, according to authorities.

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Sister grabs baby dangling from bombed building

Sister Grabs Baby Dangling From Bombed Building

The striking picture of the girls and their father was taken after government bombing in Idlib, Syria.

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Data show America’s future is more “squad” than “send her back”

Data Show America's Future Is More "squad" Than "send Her Back"

If any American "committed to building a more equitable and just world," is the squad, who does that include?

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Man climbs down apartment block to escape fire Spider-Man-style in West Philadelphia

Man Escapes Apartment Block Fire By Climbing Down The Side Of High-rise Building

A daring escape artist channels his inner Spider-Man to escape an apartment block fire, climbing down the high-rise building to safety.

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Dozens Hurt in Suspected Arson Fire at Japanese Anime Studio

At Least 10 Killed In Suspected Arson At Japanese Anime Studio

Japanese news media reported that the police were questioning a suspect who said he had sprayed liquid at the studio, Kyoto Animation.

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New Mexico construction worker hailed as hero after catching a baby and toddler from a burning building

New Mexico Construction Worker Hailed As Hero After Catching A Baby And Toddler From A Burning Building

Mason Fierro caught a two-month-old baby and then caught a toddler.

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'I don't care if I was burning': Heroic uncle rescues his 8-year-old niece from a house fire

Heroic Uncle Rescues His 8-year-old Niece From A House Fire

This super-uncle ran straight into a burning building to save his 8-year-old niece when a fire broke out at their home.

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Bomb threat at Portland City Hall prompts evacuation

Bomb Threat At Portland City Hall Prompts Temporary Evacuation

Officers responded to City Hall around 12:15 p.m. to investigate and have not yet found any evidence of an explosive device, according to the Portland Police Bureau. The building was evacuated as a precaution.

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At Least 18 Dead as Building Collapses in Cambodian City

At Least 24 Dead As Building Collapses In Cambodian City

The authorities said that the unfinished Chinese-owned project had lacked required permits and had continued despite orders to cease work.

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FBI looking into suspected Dallas gunman's military and social media history

FBI Looking Into Suspected Dallas Gunman's Military And Social Media History

The FBI is investigating the military background and social media history of a 22-year-old man who is suspected of trying to shoot up a federal building in Dallas Monday.

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Australia gives approval for work to begin on controversial new coal mine

Australia Gives Approval For Work To Begin On Controversial New Coal Mine

One of India's wealthiest men just got the green light to start building a hugely controversial coal mine in Australia.

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Apartment 'Totally Unusable' After Crane Collapse; More Than 500 Residents Forced to Move

Apartment 'Totally Unusable' After Crane Collapse

Those who called Elan City Lights home until Sunday afternoon will be forced to find a new home. Monday night, managers of the complex posted an update online saying 'the building has become totally unusable for...

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Helicopter crashes into building in midtown Manhattan

One Dead After Helicopter Crash-lands On Roof Of Midtown Manhattan Building

A helicopter crash-landed Monday afternoon onto the roof of a building in midtown Manhattan and then caught fire, authorities said. One person was killed in the crash, which occurred atop 787 Seventh Ave., a 51-story building located between West 51st and West 52nd streets, at the north end of Times Square. The building, known as the Axa Equitable Center, has tenants including BNP Paribas, Citibank and international law firm Willkie Farr & Gallagher.

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For the first time ever, Wisconsin is flying the rainbow pride flag over its Capitol building

For The First Time Ever, Wisconsin Is Flying The Rainbow Pride Flag Over Its Capitol Building

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers issued an executive order Friday stating that the pride flag will be flown over the State Capitol Building for the rest of June, coinciding with Pride month world-wide.

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City says private border wall didn't have building permit and orders construction to 'cease and desist'

City Says Private Border Wall Didn't Have Building Permit And Orders Construction To 'cease And Desist'

City officials in Sunland Park, New Mexico, say the owners of land near the border where a private wall is being built didn't get the proper permits for construction.

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New Mexico mayor files cease and desist to group starting to build border wall

New Mexico Mayor Files Cease-and-desist To Group Starting To Build Border Wall

A New Mexico mayor said Tuesday that a cease-and-desist order has been filed after a private group began building a portion of wall at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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17 teens die in Surat coaching centre fire; 15 jumped off building. Many survived

17 Teens Die In Surat Coaching Centre Fire; 15 Jumped Off Building. Many Survived

In videos posted on social media, around ten people could be seen jumping out in an attempt to escape the blaze. Some of them were already ablaze as they jumped out of the top floor.

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Road closure: Massive boulder closes Colorado highway

Massive Boulder Closes Colorado Highway "indefinitely"

A giant rock "the size of a building" is blocking a highway in Colorado

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No One Wants to Live in Trump’s Decrepit, Tainted Tower | “The name on the building became a problem. . . . No one wants in that building.”

Report: No One Wants To Live In Trump's Decrepit, Tainted Tower

"The name on the building became a problem. . . . No one wants in that building."

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Trump supporters who donated to GoFundMe wall now worry they got scammed

Trump Supporters Who Donated To GoFundMe Wall Now Worry They Got Scammed

Trump boosters are baffled: Hustler and scam artist who raised $20 million on GoFundMe isn't really building a wall

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