F.B.I. Agents Raid South Bend Housing Authority Offices

F.B.I. Agents Raid South Bend Housing Authority Offices

The Indiana city's mayor, the presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, distanced himself from the housing agency in a statement.

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Top Hispanic group launches 'Trump Wins We Lose' campaign

Top Hispanic Group Launches 'Trump Wins We Lose' Campaign

The Latino Victory Fund is focusing the campaign on health care, the economy, education, immigration, Puerto Rico and the environment, ar...

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Elizabeth Warren to announce crossing 1 million donations threshold

Elizabeth Warren To Announce Crossing 1 Million Donations Threshold

Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign is set to announce on Friday that it has received more than 1 million donations this election, according to a forthcoming email to supporters shared with CNN.

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Russia targeted all 50 states in 2016 election hacking campaign, Senate report confirms

Russia Targeted All 50 States In 2016 Election Hacking Campaign, Senate Report Confirms

"America is facing a direct assault on the heart of our democracy," one lawmaker said.

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New Campaign Highlights Major Companies Backing Antigay Politicians — Credo Active singles out tech firms who fly rainbow flags while donating to homophobic lawmakers.

New Campaign Highlights Major Companies Backing Antigay Politicians

A new campaign wants corporations like AT&T and Amazon to stop giving money to anti-LGBTQ politicians. Until that happens, the organi...

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Padma Lakshmi on Trump's handling of 'send her back' chant: 'It's Charlottesville 2.0'

Padma Lakshmi On Trump's Handling Of 'send Her Back' Chant: 'It's Charlottesville 2.0'

Television host and activist Padma Lakshmi on Friday decried President Trump's treatment of the "send her back" chants targeting freshman Rep.

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Trump campaign and RNC spend more than $600,000 on law firm representing Hope Hicks

Trump Campaign And RNC Spend More Than $600,000 On Law Firm Representing Hope Hicks

President Donald Trump's campaign and the Republican National Committee have paid more than $600,000 in legal fees to the law firm that represents Hope Hicks, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

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Amy McGrath Raises $2.5 Million in 24 Hours of Senate Run Against McConnell

Amy McGrath Raised A Record $2.5 Million In The First 24 Hours Of Her 2020 Senate Campaign Against Mitch McConnell

McGrath's campaign manager told NBC News that it's the most money ever raised in the first day of a Senate bid.

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Ocasio-Cortez on Biden: 'I think that he's not a pragmatic choice'

Ocasio-Cortez On Biden: 'I Think That He's Not A Pragmatic Choice'

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is dismissing the idea that former Vice President Joe Biden is the best Democrat to take on President Trump.

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Buttigieg scolds man at campaign event who calls for black people to 'stop committing crimes and doing drugs'

Buttigieg Scolds Man At Campaign Event Who Calls For Black People To 'stop Committing Crimes And Doing Drugs'

2020 presidential hopeful and South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) called out a man at an Independence Day campaign stop in Iowa who suggested the black residents of his hometown "stop committing crimes and doing drugs."

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Pete Buttigieg Raised $24.8 Million in Second Quarter, His Campaign Says

Pete Buttigieg Raised $24.8 Million In Second Quarter, His Campaign Says

Mr. Buttigieg's total is the latest evidence that he has gone from a long shot to a serious candidate for the Democratic nomination in a matter of months.

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Lindsey Graham challenger raises $270,000 within 24 hours of announcing Senate bid

Lindsey Graham Challenger Raises $270,000 Within 24 Hours Of Announcing Senate Bid

Jaime Harrison announced his run against Sen. Lindsey Graham -- and money from small donors came pouring in

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We Traced The Smears Against Kamala Harris To Obama Birthers And Neo-Nazis

We Traced The Smears Against Kamala Harris To Obama Birthers And Neo-Nazis

"Seeing the tweets declaring that Kamala isn't black enough because her parents are from Jamaica and India, I had an immediate flashback to the 2008 campaign."

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All the assault allegations against Donald Trump, recapped

All The Assault Allegations Against Donald Trump, Recapped

Their charges range from an unwanted touch from behind to aggressive, sudden kissing to fingers groping up their skirt and into their underwear. Donald Trump and his campaign insist all of the stories are fabricated and politically motivated.

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Leaked Trump vetting docs

Exclusive: Massive Leak Of Trump Transition Vetting Documents Shows "red Flags" For Top Officials

Some of the contenders were strikingly swampy -- even by the RNC vetters' standards.

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California regulators urge marijuana buyers to seek out legal shops

California Regulators Urge Marijuana Buyers To Seek Out Legal Shops

The "Get #weedwise" campaign sends "a clear message to unlicensed businesses that they need to get licensed or shut down," said the state's cannabis czar.

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Elizabeth Warren thinks corruption is why the US hasn’t acted on climate change

Elizabeth Warren Thinks Corruption Is Why The US Hasn't Acted On Climate Change

Here's how she intends to fight greenhouse gases and money in politics.

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Trump’s 2020 Strategy: Campaign Against Hillary Clinton

Trump's 2020 Strategy: Campaign Against Hillary Clinton

"I think Hillary Clinton made a big mistake with that speech," Trump said about a 2016 speech made by Clinton.

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#AnybodyButTrump2020 trends as Trump rolls out reelection campaign

#AnybodyButTrump2020 Trends As Trump Rolls Out Reelection Campaign

The hashtag #AnybodyButTrump2020 trended on Twitter Tuesday ahead of President Trump's official reelection campaign launch in Orlando, Fla.

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Unflattering internal poll numbers leaked, so Trump campaign is firing pollsters

Unflattering Internal Poll Numbers Leaked, So Trump Campaign Is Firing Pollsters

The numbers show Mr. Trump lagging behind Democratic presidential candidates in key states, such as Joe Biden in states like Michigan and Wisconsin.

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