ATF on the hunt for thousands of illegal machine gun conversion devices smuggled into US

ATF Agents Hunting Down Illegal Machine Gun Device

Federal authorities suspect that thousands of machine gun conversion devices have been illegally imported into the United States from China, in some cases ending up in the hands of convicted felons, CNN has learned.

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Court ordered review finds possibly thousands more cases of family separation

Court Ordered Review Finds Possibly Thousands More Cases Of Family Separation: Report

A court-ordered review of migrant families who may have been separated at the U.S.-Mexico border found over 1,700 cases of possible separations thus far.

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Pakistan authorities record a dozen cases of 'honour' killing in a fortnight

Pakistan Authorities Record A Dozen Cases Of 'honour' Killing In A Fortnight

Legislation passed following murder of Qandeel Baloch in 2016 proves ineffective as authorities fail to pursue cases

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A criminal investigation has been launched against a French doctor over the poisoning of 17 people in France. Prosecutors allege he deliberately tampered with his colleagues' anaesthesia pouches to create an emergency and show off his talents.

French Doctor Charged With 17 Poisonings

Frederic Pechier has already been charged with poisoning seven others, but denies any wrongdoing.

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E. coli outbreak linked to ground beef infects 196 people, CDC says

E. Coli Outbreak Linked To Ground Beef Infects 196 People, CDC Says

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Monday said there are 196 reported cases of E. coli linked to ground beef across 10 states.

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Dog disease that can be passed to people confirmed in Iowa

Dog Disease That Can Be Passed To People Confirmed In Iowa

State veterinarian says several cases of canine brucellosis have been confirmed at a commercial breeding facility for small dogs

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More than 800 cases of measles in US, with NY outbreak continuing to lead

More Than 800 Cases Of Measles In US, With NY Outbreak Continuing To Lead

The number of measles cases in the US is now at 839 for the year, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's weekly measles update. Of the 75 new cases, 66 were reported in New York.

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Iowa has confirmed multiple cases of a disease that can be transmitted from dogs to humans

Iowa Has Confirmed Multiple Cases Of A Disease That Can Be Transmitted From Dogs To Humans

The Iowa State Veterinarian confirmed "multiple" cases of Canine Brucellosis, a disease that can be transmitted from infected dogs to humans and other animals.

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Barr Waffles On Whether He’s Spoken To White House About Mueller Spin-Off Cases

Barr Waffles On Whether He's Spoken To White House About Mueller Spin-Off Cases

Grilled about the dozen or so non-public cases that were spun off from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, Attorney General...

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Record 26 Ebola deaths in DRCongo in a single day

Record 26 Ebola Deaths In DRCongo In A Single Day

Twenty-six people died of Ebola in a single day in the Democratic Republic of Congo's North Kivu province, the highest daily toll since i...

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Measles outbreak: CDC finds 704 cases nationwide, most in 25 years

Measles Outbreak: CDC Finds 704 Cases Nationwide, Most In 25 Years

CDC stresses immunization as new measles cases in the U.S. climbs to the highest number in a year since 1994.

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People Arrested By The Trigger-Happy Amber Guyger Are Having Their Cases Dismissed

People Arrested By The Trigger-Happy Amber Guyger Are Having Their Cases Dismissed

At least nine people who were arrested by Amber Guyger have had their cases dismissed before the start of her murder trial for killing Botham Jean in his own home in Dallas.

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Nearly 300 quarantined in measles scare at 2 Los Angeles universities

Nearly 300 Quarantined In Measles Scare At 2 Los Angeles Universities

The quarantines are occurring as the CDC said the highest number of cases have been reported since measles was declared eliminated in the U.S.

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U.S. measles cases hit 25-year high as misinformation on vaccines spreads

U.S. Measles Cases Hit 25-year High As Misinformation On Vaccines Spreads

New York City health officials on Wednesday reported 61 new cases since late last week, pushing this year's nationwide tally past the 667 cases reported for all of 2014.

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Sierra Leone declares emergency over rape and sexual assault

Sierra Leone Declares Rape Emergency

President Bio made the announcement after hearing from an Ebola survivor who had been raped.

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US measles outbreak is largest since disease was declared eliminated in 2000

US Measles Outbreak Is Largest Since Disease Was Declared Eliminated In 2000

The measles outbreak in the United States surpassed 667 reported cases, which previously was the highest number of cases on record since the disease was eliminated. That was in 2014.

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Measles Outbreak Declared in Los Angeles County

Measles Outbreak Declared In Los Angeles County

Five cases of the disease, the first in the county this year, are being investigated by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

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U.S. sees surge in confirmed cases of measles, CDC reports

U.S. Sees Surge In Confirmed Cases Of Measles, CDC Reports

From Jan. 1 to April 11, 555 individual cases of measles have been confirmed in 20 states.

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Rockland measles outbreak: Up to 180 cases, more exposure sites

Rockland Measles Cases Jump In One Day

Rockland County today reported 180 confirmed cases of measles since the outbreak of the disease in October, representing a jump of seven ...

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Hepatitis A outbreak declared in Broward County, Florida

Hepatitis A Outbreak Declared In Broward County

Health officials confirmed Thursday that an outbreak of Hepatitis A is spreading across Broward County.

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