Four face criminal charges in Vermont $250 million visa-fraud scandal

Four Face Criminal Charges In Vermont $250 Million Visa-fraud Scandal

A federal judge unsealed an indictment Wednesday morning for criminal charges against four men involved in a visa-fraud scandal in the N...

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Al Jazeera journalist Mahmoud Hussein released from Egypt jail

Egypt To Free Al Jazeera Journalist Mahmoud Hussein From Jail

Hussein was arrested in December 2016 without trial or charges. His release was confirmed by his daughter.

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No charges over attack, says Schwarzenegger

No Charges Over Attack, Says Schwarzenegger

The actor says he will not press charges after being attacked at a public event in South Africa.

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The Colorado school shooting suspects are due in court as mourners honor a student hero

1 Colorado Shooting Suspect Faces 48 Counts While A 16-year-old Suspect Is Charged As An Adult

On the same day mourners gather to remember Kendrick Castillo, two schoolmates accused in the mass shooting that killed him face their charges.

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British man facing up to five years in prison for recording police abuse against refugees in Calais

British Man Facing Up To Five Years In Prison For Recording Police Abuse Against Refugees In Calais

Amnesty International calls for all charges against Tom Ciotkowski to be dropped, branding them 'unjust' and 'emblematic' of harassment and intimidation faced by volunteers in northern France

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Nearly 100 people are facing federal charges associated with an alleged sham marriage ring operated out of the Houston area, federal prosecutors said Monday

Feds Break Up Houston-area Sham Marriage Ring, Charging Nearly 100 People

Nearly 100 people are facing federal charges associated with an alleged sham marriage ring operated out of the Houston area, federal prosecutors said Monday.

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An Uber driver allegedly tried to lock 2 women in his car and told them, 'You're not going anywhere'

Uber Driver Allegedly Tried To Lock 2 Women In His Car And Said, 'You're Not Going Anywhere'

An Uber driver in Pittsburgh has been arrested on charges of kidnapping after he was accused of trying to lock two women in his car.

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Florida man who was arrested for refusing to remove vulgar sticker has charges dropped

Florida Man Who Was Arrested For Refusing To Remove Vulgar Sticker Has Charges Dropped

A Florida man who was arrested for refusing to remove a vulgar car sticker that read, "I eat a--," had the charges against him dropped Thursday, officials said.

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The suspect in the California synagogue shooting faces 109 federal civil rights and hate crime charges

The Suspect In The California Synagogue Shooting Faces 109 Federal Civil Rights And Hate Crime Charges

The suspect in last month's shooting at a synagogue in Poway, California, now faces more than a hundred federal civil rights and hate crime charges, according to federal prosecutors.

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Police say no charges for Florida father who asked clerk if he could pawn his infant child

Police Say No Charges For Florida Father Who Asked Clerk If He Could Pawn His Infant Child

Sarasota Police say the father walked into the A&F Jewelry and Loan store on North Washington Boulevard around 5:15 p.m. on Tuesday, May 7 with his infant child in a carrier and asked the clerk if he could pawn a baby.

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Trump would have 'multiple charges for obstruction' if he wasn't president, hundreds of former prosecutors say

Trump Would Have 'multiple Charges For Obstruction' If He Wasn't President, Hundreds Of Former Prosecutors Say

'The Mueller report describes several acts that satisfy all of the elements for an obstruction charge'

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Deputy knocks 61-year-old man to ground outside IHOP

Deputy Knocks 61-year-old Man To Ground Outside IHOP

A Harris County Sheriff's deputy could face charges for laying hands on a man after encouraging him to slap him.

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NRA Being Sued For Illegal Coordination With Trump Campaign

NRA Being Sued For Illegal Coordination With Trump Campaign - The Ring Of Fire Network

The NRA is being sued by the Giffords Law Center for allegedly violating campaign finance laws and illegally coordinating with Republican campaigns, including the campaign of Donald Trump. The charges in the lawsuit are incredibly serious, but part of the complaint says that the FEC has been made aware of these issues and never did ...

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North Carolina woman arrested in front of daughter on Frontier Airlines flight after complaining about vomit in seat

North Carolina Woman Arrested In Front Of Daughter On Frontier Airlines Flight After Complaining About Vomit In Seat

A Durham, North Carolina woman is facing charges after a confrontation on a Frontier Airlines flight that landed her in jail.

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Researcher who slowed 'WannaCry' attack pleads guilty to malware charges

Researcher Who Slowed 'WannaCry' Attack Pleads Guilty To Malware Charges

Marcus Hutchins, the British 24-year-old security researcher hailed as a hero for neutralising the global "WannaCry" ransomware attack in...

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Suspect charged for pipe bomb mailings says Trump rallies became like a 'drug' for him

Suspect Charged For Pipe Bomb Mailings Says Trump Rallies Became Like A 'drug' For Him

Cesar Sayoc Jr., who pleaded guilty to charges related to mailing explosive devices to prominent Democrats, said this week that attending President Trump's rallies became like a "drug" for him before his arrest.

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Assistant fire chief charged with arson in Iowa

Oxford Assistant Fire Chief Charged With Arson, OWI After Field Fires

The assistant chief of the Oxford Fire Department in Johnson County is facing several charges after a number of grass and field fires.

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For First Time, Pharmaceutical Distributor Faces Federal Criminal Charges Over Opioid Crisis

For First Time, Pharmaceutical Distributor Faces Federal Criminal Charges Over Opioid Crisis

The charges against the wholesaler, Rochester Drug Cooperative, and two of its former executives marked a new tactic for prosecutors in tackling the epidemic of addiction to prescription painkillers.

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Two men released without charges after death of journalist Lyra McKee

Two Men Released Without Charges After Death Of Journalist Lyra McKee

The two teenagers who had been arrested in connection with the killing of investigative journalist Lyra McKee were released without charges on Sunday, police in Northern Ireland said.

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Member of armed militia who detained migrants faced similar charges in 2006

Member Of Armed Militia Who Detained Migrants Faced Similar Charges In 2006

Larry Mitchell Hopkins, arrested on Saturday, was also arrested in Oregon in 2006 for impersonating a police officer while unlawfully carrying a firearm as a convicted felon

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