Woman shoplifting in Walgreens fatally shot in head by bystander

Woman Shoplifting In Walgreens Fatally Shot In Head By Bystander

Police say the bystander saw her arguing with the manager, pulled out a gun and shot her in the head.

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At least 10 people killed as 52 shot in deadliest shooting weekend of the year in Chicago

At Least 10 People Killed As 52 Shot In Deadliest Shooting Weekend Of The Year In Chicago

At least 880 people have been shot in the city this year

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Victim ID'ed in Lake Shore Drive shooting near Lincoln Park, 1 killed, 3 critically wounded

Victim ID'ed In Lake Shore Drive Shooting Near Lincoln Park, 1 Killed, 3 Critically Wounded

A witness describes the deadly shooting on Lake Shore Drive near Lincoln Park that left one man dead and three others critically wounded late Thursday night, according Chicago police said.

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Leaked Chicago Police Video Shows Fatal Shooting of Mother Holding Her Baby

Leaked Chicago Police Video Shows Fatal Shooting Of Mother Holding Her Baby

Chicago Police did not authorize the release of the video footage

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R. Kelly charged with 11 new counts of sexual abuse

R. Kelly Charged With 11 New Counts Of Sexual Assault And Abuse

The new charges follow allegations the singer sexually assaulted four women, three of whom were underage at the time

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Hundreds of Pages of Jussie Smollett Case Files Released

Hundreds Of Pages Of Jussie Smollett Case Files Released

Hundreds of pages from Chicago police surrounding 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett's case were released Thursday.

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41 shot, 7 fatally, in Chicago Memorial Day weekend gun violence

41 Shot, 7 Fatally, In Chicago Memorial Day Weekend Gun Violence

At least 41 people were shot - seven fatally - in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend, including five people shot in a single incident Sunday on the Near West Side.

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Tornado risk covers Chicago while 'catastrophic flooding' could hit Arkansas

Tornado Risk Covers Chicago While 'catastrophic Flooding' Could Hit Arkansas

More than 25 million people are at risk for severe weather Monday while swaths of the US grapple with tornado watches or searing heat.

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A Chicago high school is spending $53,000 to reprint its yearbooks after several students flashed white supremacy symbols in their photos

A Chicago High School Is Spending $53,000 To Reprint Its Yearbooks After Several Students Flashed White Supremacy Symbols In Their Photos

The yearbooks contained 18 photos featuring students making an upside-down OK sign, which has recently been associated with white supremacist groups.

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Whistleblowers go undercover to expose criminal drug operation within the Chicago PD

Whistleblowers Go Undercover To Expose Criminal Drug Operation Within The Chicago PD

When two Chicago police officers discover a "criminal enterprise" run by a crew of dirty cops, they break the code of silence to try and bring them to justice

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Jussie Smollett update: Judge rules to unseal records in 'Empire' actor's case

Jussie Smollett Update: Judge Rules To Unseal Records In 'Empire' Actor's Case

A judge has ruled that documents in the Jussie Smollett case can be unsealed. .

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Suburban Chicago High School Reprints Yearbooks After Possible White Nationalist Symbol Found

Suburban Chicago High School Reprints Yearbooks After Possible White Nationalist Symbol Found

The gestures could also be a reference to the "circle game," a harmless teenage joke.

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Chicago becomes first city to collect

Chicago Becomes First City To Collect "Netflix Tax"

As entertainment and shopping moves online, states and cities are looking to the digital world for potential revenue

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Driving High: Police are testing a device that detects drugs in minutes

Driving High: Police Are Testing A Device That Detects Drugs In Minutes

Police in suburban Chicago are leading the charge to find a device they can use to test drivers who might be high.

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Boy, 14, charged with attempted murder in Argyle Red Line shooting released to mother's custody.

Boy, 14, Charged With Attempted Murder In Argyle Red Line Shooting Released To Mother's Custody

A 14-year-old boy accused of attempted murder for allegedly shooting two men during evening rush hour on a Red Line L platform on the North Side has been released to his mother's custody.

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Nine-year-old boy charged with murder after mother shot dead in Michigan

Nine-year-old Boy Charged With Murder After Mother Shot Dead In Michigan

A woman's body was found in a township between Chicago and Detroit, and the boy is reportedly having psychiatric evaluations.

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YouTube star Austin Jones sentenced to 10 years in child porn case

YouTube Star Austin Jones Sentenced To 10 Years In Child Porn Case

Former YouTube singer Austin Jones, who had a large teenage following, was sentenced in Chicago federal court to 10 years in prison for coercing six girls to send him sexually explicit videos.

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Chicago becomes largest US city to commit to 100% clean energy

Chicago Becomes Largest US City To Commit To 100% Clean Energy

The city council voted unanimously on the resolution, which also calls for complete electrification of the city's bus fleet by 2040.

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Chicago prosecutor called Jussie Smollett a 'washed up celeb who lied to cops' in text

Chicago Prosecutor Kim Foxx Called Jussie Smollett A 'washed Up Celeb Who Lied To Cops' In Text

Before her office dropped charges that accused actor Jussie Smollett of orchestrating a fake hate crime against himself, Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx took issue with both the actor and the charges against him, according to texts obtained by CNN.

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CPS Teacher Charged With Battery After Incident With Student

CPS Teacher Charged With Battery After Incident With Student

Spencer Technology Academy teacher Myra Timms, 33, is facing a misdemeanor battery charge after she allegedly made physical contact with one of her male students last week.

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