NY Girl, 12, Charged With Spray-Painting Swastikas on Church and Other Buildings

NY Girl, 12, Charged With Spray-Painting Swastikas On Church

A 12-year-old girl has been charged with spray-painting swastikas on the sides of a church and other buildings in New York's Finger Lakes region

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Churches opening up for undocumented immigrants ahead of planned ICE raids Sunday

Churches Opening Up For Undocumented Immigrants Ahead Of Planned ICE Raids Sunday

Living Church Ministries said it will supply food and pick up those afraid to leave home.

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Kentucky tells church giving away used glasses to homeless it is breaking law

Kentucky Tells Church Giving Away Used Glasses To Homeless It Is Breaking Law

A Kentucky church member developed a program 16 years ago to help thousands of people who can't afford glasses and it has spread to 79 countries -- but they may not be able to do it because of state officials.

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German priest causes church walkout as preaches for predator priest forgiveness

German Priest Causes Church Walkout As Preaches For Predator Priest Forgiveness

The cleric said he wanted to tell parishioners about the biblically important meaning of forgiveness. He regretted that predator priests were labelled "criminals" but many of his congregation walked out of the church.

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Satanic Temple is recognized as Church and is now exempt from taxes

Satanic Temple Is Recognized As Church And Is Now Exempt From Taxes - News Wawe 101

The Satanic Temple or "The Satanic Temple" is now considered a church by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), and may apply for grants based on faith. The Satanic Temple has received tax-exempt status, which places it on the same footing as major religions, such as Catholicism and organizations such as the Salvation Army. The recognition ...

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Minneapolis pastor and his church expelled for permitting gay marriage

Minneapolis Pastor And His Church Expelled For Permitting Gay Marriage

Rev Dan Collison had his credentials removed by a 77% vote at the Evangelical Covenant Church's annual meeting

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Bishop plans to spray murder-plagued city with holy water from helicopter to 'get rid of the devil'

Bishop Plans To Spray Murder-plagued City With Holy Water From Helicopter To 'get Rid Of The Devil'

Colombian monsignor says he wants to end 'exorcise all those demons that are destroying our port'

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Alabama Megachurch With Racist Past Can Now Have Its Own Police Force

Alabama Megachurch With Racist Past Can Now Have Its Own Police Force

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) signed a bill into law Wednesday that will grant a Presbyterian church the right to set up its own pol...

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Ex-Scientology member sues church and its leader alleging abuse, human trafficking

Ex-Scientologist Sues Church And Its Leader Alleging Abuse, Human Trafficking

The complaint, filed by a woman who went to work for anti-Scientology campaigner Leah Remini, is the first of many, her attorneys say.

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Authorities foil terror plot on local church in Pittsburgh.

PITTSBURGH TERRORISM: Syrian Refugee Arrested For Allegedly Planning Terror Attack On Pittsburgh Church

A Syrian man has been arrested by the FBI in Pittsburgh for allegedly planning an attack on a local church.

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Crowd protests outside church in Picton after priest publishes anti-Pride statement

Crowd Protests Outside Church In Picton After Priest Publishes Anti-Pride Statement

A crowd of protesters waving rainbow flags, and carrying signs protested outside a Catholic Church in Picton Sunday morning in response to an anti-Pride message in the weekly bulletin.

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Alabama sheriff charged with scamming food bank, church

Alabama Sheriff Charged With Scamming Food Bank, Church

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - An Alabama sheriff was arrested Friday and agreed to plead guilty to federal charges of scamming a food bank and his own small-town church to pocket thousands under an old law that let state sheriffs profit from feeding prisoners. Pickens County Sheriff David Abston, who held office in the rural west Alabama county for more than three decades, agreed to plead guilty to fraud and filing a false tax return, court records show. Abston, who resigned, also agreed to forfeit about $51,000, according to a plea deal. Although a Depression-era law changed by lawmakers this year let sheriffs profit from jail kitchens, prosecutors said Abston's setup was a scam. "A sitting county sheriff is alleged to have defrauded a food bank and a church for his personal gain at the expense of the underprivileged that the food bank serves," U.S. Attorney Jay Town said in a statement. The statement said Abston got his own church, Highland Baptist of Gordo, involved in the West Alabama Food Bank in 2014. Abston then wrote checks totaling some $80,000 over four years to purchase cut-rate food that was meant for the poor and wrongly used it to feed prisoners. Abston faces more than 20 years in prison, but the plea agreement showed that prosecutors will recommend a lighter sentence. The final decision is up to a judge, and no hearing date was set immediately. Sheriffs get state reimbursements to feed jail prisoners, and an old Alabama law let them keep any leftover funds. During the four years the scheme operated, Abston got more than $400,000 in food allowance money from the state and other government agencies, prosecutors said. The system led to several scandals, including one a decade ago in which a federal judge briefly jailed a sheriff nicknamed "Sheriff Corndog"...

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La Sagrada Familia Basilica finally given planning permission from Barcelona local government

Unfinished La Sagrada Familia Finally Granted Planning Approval After 137 Years

After 137 years of construction, council has given the nod for the completion of architect Antoni Gaudi's iconic church.

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Catholic Church spent $10.6 million to lobby against legislation that would benefit victims of child sex abuse

Catholic Church Spent $10.6 Million To Lobby Against Legislation That Would Benefit Victims Of Child Sex Abuse

More than 30 states have either introduced or passed laws to extend the statute of limitations for child sex abuse victims - and a new report reveals the Catholic Church spent millions to fight it

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Bail set at $50 million for La Luz del Mundo church leader facing sex charges

Bail Set At $50 Million For La Luz Del Mundo Church Leader Facing Sex Charges

Bail was set at $50 million for Joaquin Garcia, the leader of the La Luz del Mundo church who is facing human trafficking and child-rape charges.

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Church leader charged with child rape in US

Church Leader Charged With Child Rape In US

Naason Joaquin Garcia, who is known as "the Apostle", heads La Luz del Mundo religious organisation.

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Boston church stamps Harriet Tubman on all its $20 bills

Boston Church Stamps Harriet Tubman On All Its $20 Bills - Religion News Service

BOSTON (RNS) -- Since May, the Jamaica Plain church has been stamping all $20 bills from its offering plates with abolitionist Harriet Tubman's face. It is, the church's pastor said, a 'worthy replacement.'

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Jesus army churches close after child sex abuse claims.

Jesus Army Churches Close After Child Sex Abuse Claims

An evangelical church shuts down after victims of historic abuse, including children, come forward.

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Judge denies request to dismiss lawsuits against the Air Force over Texas church attack

Judge Denies Request To Dismiss Lawsuits Against The Air Force Over Texas Church Attack

A federal judge has rejected a defense request to claims against the U.S. Air Force stemming from a 2017 massacre at a Texas church that left more than two dozen people dead.

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Church tells NJ charter school to cover up LGBT mural; school obliges

Church Tells NJ Charter School To Cover Up LGBT Mural; School Obliges

A Hackensack charter school student said she was “heartbroken” after a local church and landlord instructed her school to cover up a...

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