John Paul Stevens Was Right: Citizens United Opened the Door to Foreign Money in U.S. Elections

John Paul Stevens Was Right: Citizens United Opened The Door To Foreign Money In U.S. Elections

Citizens United created a huge loophole for foreign influence in American politics, and in the nine years since then, it's been used over and over again.

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FBI Warns of Indonesia Showbiz Job Scam Targeting Entertainment Industry Professionals

FBI Warns Of Indonesia Showbiz Job Scam

The FBI announced Monday it is looking to locate victims of a scam that entices U.S. citizens to travel to Indonesia seeking jobs from fraudsters posing as well-known professionals in the entertainment industry....

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Fear of ICE raids leads some U.S. citizens to carry their passports

Some U.S. Citizens Who Fear ICE Raids Are Carrying Passports

"I've been carrying a passport since the day [Trump] was elected," said the American spokesman for a Latino organization.

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Thousands of U.S. Citizens Have Been Mistakenly Detained or Deported

Thousands Of U.S. Citizens Have Been Mistakenly Detained Or Deported

We are law professors who have studied civil litigation involving citizenship disputes and thousands of cases involving citizens caught up in immigration c

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77% of Drug Traffickers Are U.S. Citizens, Not Illegal Immigrants

77% Of Drug Traffickers Are U.S. Citizens, Not Illegal Immigrants

The vast majority of drug smugglers are American citizens.

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US pride hits record low, poll shows - For the second time in 19 years, under 50 per cent of US citizens feel 'extremely proud' to be American

US National Pride Hitting Record Low, Poll Finds

For the second time in 19 years, under 50 per cent of US citizens feel 'extremely proud' to be American

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Biden: Does Trump know Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens?

Biden: Does Trump Know Puerto Ricans Are U.S. Citizens?

"It's shameful, the way we treated Puerto Rico and the islands," Biden said.

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Emails show Texas governor requested the voter purge that used flawed data

Emails Show Texas Governor Requested The Voter Purge That Used Flawed Data

State officials scrapped the program that threatened to boot nearly 100,000 voters from the rolls on suspicion of not being citizens after it was revealed that flawed data was used.

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A US government lawyer stopped to help three asylum seekers on a highway. Now she could face criminal charges

A US Government Lawyer Stopped To Help Three Asylum Seekers On A Highway. Now She Could Face Criminal Charges

Trump administration has stepped up punitive measures targeting citizens who provide compassionate assistance to migrants

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France Hands ISIS Suspects to Iraq, Which Sentences Them to Hang

France Hands ISIS Suspects To Iraq, Which Sentences Them To Hang

For countries struggling with what to do with their citizens who joined the Islamic State, Iraq offers a solution. But does Iraqi justice meet international standards?

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Islamic State: Iraq sentences French citizens to death

Islamic State: Iraq Sentences French Citizens To Death

The three men were found guilty of joining the militant group.

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Millions of senior citizens can’t afford food — and they’re not all living in poverty

Millions Of Senior Citizens Can't Afford Food -- And They're Not All Living In Poverty

Even seniors with incomes above the federal poverty line struggle to afford food in the U.S.

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U.S. Citizens in Austria that find themselves without a passport can go to a McDonald's for assistance.

Lost Passport? McDonald's Offers Embassy Hotline

US citizens who need help in Austria can now head to their nearest burger joint.

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HUD plan aimed at undocumented immigrants to displace 55K kids in US legally

HUD Plan Aimed At Undocumented Immigrants To Displace 55K Kids In US Legally

HUD estimates 55K children could be displaced by its plan to tighten rules on housing assistance for immigrants

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Nearly 100 people are facing federal charges associated with an alleged sham marriage ring operated out of the Houston area, federal prosecutors said Monday

Feds Break Up Houston-area Sham Marriage Ring, Charging Nearly 100 People

Nearly 100 people are facing federal charges associated with an alleged sham marriage ring operated out of the Houston area, federal prosecutors said Monday.

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French free hostages in Burkina Faso

French Free Hostages In Burkina Faso

Two French citizens are among four foreigners freed in the operation, in which two French soldiers die.

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Schiff Introduces Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

Schiff Introduces Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) on Wednesday introduced a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United ruling, which eliminated restrictions on corporate campaign spending.

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Ugandan President wants to ban oral sex; says the 'mouth is for eating'

Ugandan President Wants To Ban Oral Sex; Says The 'mouth Is For Eating'

The president of Uganda has said he wants to ban the nation's citizens from practising oral sex because 'the mouth is for eating'. He blamed outsiders for convincing Ugandans to perform oral sex on one another.

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'No authority': New Mexico governor tells militia to stop arresting migrants at border

'No Authority': New Mexico Governor Tells Militia To Stop Arresting Migrants At Border

"It should go without saying that regular citizens have no authority to arrest or detain anyone," New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham .

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Reports: Senior citizens are replacing teens as employees in fast food restaurants

Reports: Senior Citizens Are Replacing Teens As Employees In Fast Food Restaurants

When we think of staff working in a fast food restaurant we might be forgiven for thinking of a teenager with a look that says he or she would rather be anywhere else than serving

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