LAPD Police Officers' Personal Information Stolen in Data Breach

LAPD Police Officers' Personal Information Stolen In Data Breach

The personal information of about 2,500 LAPD officers, along with approximately 17,500 police officer applicants, was stolen in a theft of data held by the City's Personnel Department, several officials...

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Michelle Obama shares tribute to Baltimore step team after Trump calls city's district 'disgusting'.

Michelle Obama Shares Tribute To Baltimore Step Team After Trump Calls City's District 'disgusting'

Former First Lady Michelle Obama on Saturday paid special tribute to a Baltimore dance team after President Trump derided Rep. Elijah Cummings' (D-Md.) district as "disgusting" and "rodent infested."

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Baltimore stands up for its city after Trump tweets 'no human being would want to live there'

Baltimore Stands Up For Its City After Trump Tweets 'no Human Being Would Want To Live There'

Baltimore did not take President Donald Trump's recent attack of the city lying down. Charm City stood up and fought back.

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DA: Father who left twins in car said he ‘blanked out’ The 1-year-old boy and girl were pronounced dead at the scene.

DA: Father Who Left Twins In Car Said He 'blanked Out'

A New York father has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and other charges in the deaths of 1-year-old twins left in a car while he put in a day at work.

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Baltimore mayor slams 'unacceptable' comments from Trump on city

Baltimore Mayor Slams 'unacceptable' Comments From Trump On City

Baltimore Mayor Bernard "Jack" Young (D) blasted President Trump's comments about his city and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) on Saturday, calling the president a "disappointment to the people of Baltimore."

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Ransomware hits Johannesburg electricity supply

Ransomware Hits Johannesburg Electricity Supply

A ransomware attack is blamed for causing electricity supply problems in South Africa's biggest city.

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Cincinnati forms a network to combat potential ICE raids of immigrants here illegally

Cincinnati To Combat Potential ICE Raids Of Immigrants Here Illegally

Cincinnati will create a Rapid Response Network to protect the city's immigrants and refugees from raids by U.S. Immigration Customs and...

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Atlanta pauses scooter permits after deaths

Atlanta Pauses Scooter Permits After Deaths

The city had come under pressure from activists in recent days who had protested on Atlanta's streets after a man riding a scooter was run over by a transit bus.

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City Council Votes to Name NYC Street ‘Stan Lee Way’

City Council Votes To Name NYC Street 'Stan Lee Way'

A section of University Avenue in the Bronx could soon be called 'Stan Lee Way.'

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Los Angeles could soon be 1st major city to ban horse racing

Los Angeles Could Soon Be 1st Major City To Ban Horse Racing

The Los Angeles Board of Animal Services Tuesday will consider a motion to prohibit racing and off-track betting in L.A., in what appears to be a mostly symboli move.

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San Diego Impounds 2,500 Scooters Over Comic-Con Weekend

San Diego Impounds 2,500 Scooters Over Comic-Con

The city of San Diego impounded approximately 2,500 dockless scooters and bicycles over the weekend of Comic-Con 2019.

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Georgia woman fires gun in McDonald’s after receiving cold fries

Police: Ga. Woman Fires Gun In McDonald's After Receiving Cold Fries

A Georgia woman is in custody after the owner of a McDonald's in Garden City said she fired a gun inside the restaurant.

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Shared Live On Facebook, Immigration Agents In Kansas City Smash Car Window To Arrest Man

Shared Live On Facebook, Immigration Agents In Kansas City Smash Car Window To Arrest Man

Immigration agents captured on a Facebook live video Monday morning in Kansas City are seen smashing the driver side window of a car, pulling the driver

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FBI raids Los Angeles Department of Water and Power with sealed warrant

FBI Serves Search Warrant At Los Angeles Department Of Water And Power And City Hall

FBI agents served a search warrant at Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and City Hall on Monday.

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After at least 7 children diagnosed with cancer, parents eye chemical in city's water

After At Least 7 Children Diagnosed With Cancer, Parents Eye Chemical In City's Water

Ripon, California, is just one of dozens of cities across the country dealing with the possibly harmful chemical

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Forget 'manmade': Berkeley bans gender-specific words

Forget 'manmade': Berkeley Bans Gender-specific Words

Nothing will be manmade in the liberal city but 'human-made.' And students at the University of California, Berkeley, will join 'collegiate Greek system residences' rather than fraternities and sororities.

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City apologizes, settles for $151,000 with realtor and client over police response

City Settles For $151K With Realtor And Client Over Police Response

The City of Cincinnati apologized and settled with a realtor and his client who were briefly held at gunpoint and questioned while viewi...

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Fort Lauderdale, surrounding cities without water for at least 24 hours

Fort Lauderdale, Surrounding Cities Without Water Until Friday Morning

A water main break in Fort Lauderdale has left the city and neighboring municipalities without water service at least until Friday morning.

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Buena Park dogs attacked, 1 fatally, when coyote gets into home through pet door

Buena Park Dogs Attacked, 1 Fatally, When Coyote Gets Into Home Through Pet Door

Two dogs were brutally attacked by a coyote, one fatally, while they were inside their Buena Park home, a family says.

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9,000 year old city found, had farms, livestock, and more.

9,000 Year Old City Unearthed In Israel

Huge 9,000-year-old Stone Age settlement, one of the largest in the world, has been discovered in Israel.

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