Michigan charges 5 former priests with criminal sexual conduct

Michigan Charges 5 Former Priests With Criminal Sexual Conduct

Five former Catholic priests have been charged in Michigan with criminal sexual conduct, the state attorney general said Friday, amid a monthslong investigation of alleged clergy sexual abuse in the state.

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Dallas police execute search warrant at Catholic diocese

Dallas Police Investigating Alleged Sexual Abuse By Clergy Execute Search Warrants At Catholic Diocese

Dallas police on Wednesday were searching the headquarters and other properties of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas as part of the church's widening sex abuse scandal, police and church officials said.

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Vatican confirms secret Catholic Church guidelines for priests who father children

Vatican Confirms Secret Catholic Church Guidelines For Priests Who Father Children

Church forbids clergymen from sex and marriage, but sometimes vows are broken, and until now, many children have suffered in silence

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Secret files opened by 1st N.J. diocese reveal the names of 63 priests and deacons accused of sexual abuse

N.J. Catholic Dioceses Release Names Of 188 Priests And Deacons Accused Of Sexual Abuse Of Children

The newly released records date back to 1940, church officials said.

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Texas Catholic leaders to release names of clergy accused of sex abuse

Texas Catholic Leaders To Release Sex Abuse List

The 15 Catholic dioceses in Texas have promised to release the names of clergy accused of sexually abusing a minor from 1950 until present.

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Investigation identifies 500 Catholic priests and clergy accused of sex abuse in Illinois - ABC News

Investigation Identifies 500 Catholic Priests And Clergy Accused Of Sex Abuse

A new investigation by the Illinois attorney general's office has identified 500 priests and clergy members with credible claims of sexual abuse against them.

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