Elaine Chao and Mitch McConnell’s potential conflict of interest, explained

Elaine Chao And Mitch McConnell's Potential Conflict Of Interest, Explained

Chao oversaw grant money that could benefit her husband politically. Is it an ethics violation?

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Treasury Wants to Hire Monica Crowley. Her Last Boss Was an Oligarch Probed by Mueller.

Treasury Wants To Hire Monica Crowley. Her Last Boss Was An Oligarch Probed By Mueller.

Monica Crowley at a November 8, 2017, event in New York CitySean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty

More than two years after she wi...

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UN dilutes resolution on sexual violence in conflict after US threatens veto over abortion stance

UN Dilutes Resolution On Sexual Violence In Conflict After US Threatens Veto Over Abortion Stance

An updated version passed that passed that eliminated language on providing 'sexual and reproductive health care' to survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

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Trump’s new Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, confirmed days ago, is now under investigation

Trump's New Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, Confirmed Days Ago, Is Now Under Investigation

The Interior Department's inspector general will investigate conflict of interest complaints against Secretary David Bernhardt.

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In Yemen war, coalition forces rely on German arms and technology

In Yemen War, Coalition Forces Rely On German Arms And Technology

Germany prides itself on its restrictive export policies, which ban arms sales to countries involved in armed conflict. But a DW exclusive shows the Saudi-led coalition at war in Yemen uses German-built weapons and tech.

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Botswana to consider lifting hunting ban and let tourists shoot elephants

Botswana To Consider Lifting Hunting Ban And Let Tourists Shoot Elephants

Lawmakers say limited cull will curb growing conflict between country's wildlife and people

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US nuclear weapons: first low-yield warheads roll off the production line

US Nuclear Weapons: First Low-yield Warheads Roll Off The Production Line

New type of weapon, ordered by Trump's nuclear posture review, could make conflict more likely, say experts

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Raising 'All Manner of Conflict of Interest Questions,' the Only National Park Site Reopening Amid Shutdown Is in Trump Hotel

Raising 'All Manner Of Conflict Of Interest Questions,' The Only National Park Site Reopening Amid Shutdown Is In Trump Hotel

"The corruption and disgrace of this government are without bottom."

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Yemen: inquiry finds Saudis diverting arms to factions loyal to their cause

Yemen: Inquiry Finds Saudis Diverting Arms To Factions Loyal To Their Cause

Analysts say weapons from UK and US have fallen into hands of splinter groups in Yemen, some with links to al-Qaida and Isis

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Donald Trump’s Biggest Lender Was Just Raided in Connection With a Money Laundering Investigation

Donald Trump's Biggest Lender Was Just Raided In A Money Laundering Investigation

Deutsche Bank is struggling and ripe for a takeover. That poses enormous conflict of interest concerns.

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Saudis demanded good publicity over Yemen aid, leaked UN document shows | Global development

Saudis Demanded Good Publicity Over Yemen Aid, Leaked UN Document Shows

The UN aid agency, Ocha, was pushed to accept extensive terms attached to $930m from Saudi Arabia and UAE

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Saudi-led airstrike kills 17 in contested Yemeni port city - National

Saudi-led Airstrike Kills 17 In Contested Yemeni Port City

The strike, which hit in the Jebel Ras area, also wounded 20 people, said a spokesman for the rebel-run Health Ministry.

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The U.S. must settle its constitutional crisis before it confirms Kavanaugh

The US Must Settle Its Constitutional Crisis Before It Confirms Kavanaugh

Donald Trump is now in a position where he is selecting a judge who may eventually judge him - a clear conflict of interest

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Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross may have violated criminal conflict of interest law in stock holdings, Campaign Legal Center complaint says

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross May Have Broken Criminal Conflict Of Interest Law, Watchdog Says

The complaint says public records reviewed by the Campaign Legal Center suggest that Ross also may have violated three laws barring certain false statements or omissions in congressional testimony and financial disclosure filings he made.

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Afghan civilian deaths 'hit record high'

Afghan Civilian Deaths 'hit Record High'

Some 1,692 deaths were recorded in the country's conflict in the first six months of 2018, UN says.

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The leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea have signed a declaration saying that the

Ethiopia And Eritrea Declare End Of War

Ethiopian and Eritrean heads of state agree to end a conflict that began in 1998 after landmark talks.

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