‘Serving under Trump is embarrassing’: Fifth Republican congressman retires in just two weeks as GOP fears more exits

Fifth Republican Congressman Retires In Just Two Weeks

The Democratic majority in congress is also a factor that could see more representatives quit

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Trump retweets Islamophobic activist calling Baltimore a ‘s***hole’

Trump Retweets Islamophobic Activist Calling Baltimore A 's***hole'

President shares post by far-right commentator Katie Hopkins after attacking senior congressman

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Baltimore Sun Calls Trump ‘Vermin’ In Scathing Op-Ed Responding To POTUS’ Attacks

Baltimore Sun Calls Trump 'Vermin' In Scathing Op-Ed Responding To POTUS' Attacks

The Baltimore Sun on Saturday evening hit back at President Donald Trump’s repeated attacks against Rep. Elijah Cummings and the...

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Congressman slams hypocrisy of Trump telling Americans to join military: He

Congressman Slams Hypocrisy Of Trump Telling Americans To Join Military: He "refused To Do It Himself'

Trump reportedly avoided service during the Vietnam War after his father Fred Trump called in a favor with a doctor.

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First Republican to call for Trump's impeachment 'won't rule out running' against him for president

First Republican To Call For Trump's Impeachment 'won't Rule Out Running' Against Him For President

Justin Amash, the first and only Republican congressman to publicly call for impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, says he has no...

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Rep. Joaquin Castro calls Fox News host Laura Ingraham

Joaquin Castro: Laura Ingraham Is "a White Supremacist"

A feud between Castro and Ingraham erupted after the congressman shared images of conditions at detention centers

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Ex-GOP lawmaker says Trump 'illegitimate president,' should be impeached

Ex-GOP Lawmaker Says Trump 'illegitimate President,' Should Be Impeached

A former Republican congressman who served for nearly two decades in the House slammed President Trump on Friday as an "illegitimate president" and called for his impeachment.

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Anthony Weiner Released From Prison After Serving 18 Months for Sexting Teenager

Anthony Weiner Released From Prison After Serving 18 Months For Sexting Teenager

The former Democratic congressman had been sentenced to 21 months for sending sexually explicit texts to a 15-year-old girl.

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Congressman calls out Trump for

Congressman Calls Out Trump For "glorifying" General Robert E. Lee: "He Always Said He Hates Losers'

"The president is now glorifying a loser," Congressman James Clyburn pointed out on Sunday. "Robert E. Lee was a loser," he asserted.

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House Majority Whip Clyburn: Trump ‘Is Now Glorifying a Loser. Robert E. Lee Was a Loser’

House Majority Whip Clyburn: Trump 'Is Now Glorifying A Loser. Robert E. Lee Was A Loser'

"I think he's expressing what's in his heart," the congressman said of the president

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Accused of money laundering in Russia, former NC congressman’s bank loses license

Accused Of Money Laundering In Russia, Former NC Congressman's Bank Loses License

Russian authorities just shut down a bank owned by Charles Taylor, a Republican who represented western North Carolina in Congress. The central bank in Moscow accused Taylor's bank of money laundering.

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Donald Trump impeachment more likely if Republicans have a secret ballot, Democrat congressman says

Donald Trump Impeachment More Likely If Republicans Have A Secret Ballot, Congressman Says

California Representative Brad Sherman told Newsweek continued Republican support for the president is "not out of love for Trump."

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Matt Gaetz overheard telling Trump about threatening Michael Cohen tweet: 'I was happy to do it for you'

Matt Gaetz Overheard Telling Trump About Threatening Michael Cohen Tweet: 'I Was Happy To Do It For You'

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., was observed discussing his threatening tweet about Michael Cohen with President Trump Wednesday evening.

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Trump is the

Trump Is The "greatest Threat" To Democracy And The Constitution "since The Civil War," Congressman Says

"There have been major abuses of power, major obstruction of justice, obvious violations of the emoluments clause of the Constitution," Congressman Jerry Nadler said.

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Brazil's sole openly gay congressman leaves country after death threats

Brazil's Sole Openly Gay Congressman Leaves Country After Death Threats

Jean Wyllys said he was currently outside of the country and had no plans to return after a growing number of threats in past year

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Incoming GOP congressman says vaccines may cause autism, contradicting CDC

Incoming GOP Congressman Says Vaccines May Cause Autism, Contradicting CDC

An incoming Republican Congressman told constituents at a town hall this week that he believes vaccines may cause autism, contradicting the Centers for Disease Control and other scientific institutions, according to

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Google CEO responds to Steve King's iPhone concerns: 'Congressman, iPhone is made by a different company'

Google CEO Responds To Steve King's IPhone Concerns: 'Congressman, IPhone Is Made By A Different Company'

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Tuesday responded to Rep. Steve King's (R-Iowa) confusion over why he sees unwelcome news on his iPhone, telling King, "Congressman, iPhone is made by a different company."

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Republican congressman who crafted health care repeal officially ousted from Congress

Republican Congressman Who Crafted Health Care Repeal Officially Ousted From Congress

Democrats pick up seats in New Jersey and California, thanks to candidates running on health care.

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Republican sues to stop vote count, citing a made-up provision of the Constitution

Republican Congressman Sues To Stop Vote Count, Cites Made-up Provision Of The Constitution

GOP lawsuit claims an imaginary constitutional provision prevents 22,805 ballots from being counted

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Republican dubbed 'Russia's favorite congressman' loses seat after 30 years

Republican Dubbed 'Russia's Favorite Congressman' Loses Seat After 30 Years

Dana Rohrabacher once arm-wrestled Putin, but his extreme positions have increasingly alienated California constituents

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