Shots fired at Kentucky National Park over Bigfoot Sighting

Shots Fired At Mammoth Cave Over An Alleged Bigfoot Sighting

A fun weekend camping trip for a young couple ended up turning into a nightmare when another person fired gunshots into the woods because he was claiming to have seen Sasquatch.

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An Amazon delivery driver stole a Texas couple's dog and tried to sell it online, police say

An Amazon Delivery Driver Stole A Texas Couple's Dog And Tried To Sell It Online, Police Say

An Amazon delivery driver was fired and arrested after police say she stole a dachshund from in front of a Texas couple's home and attempted to sell it online.

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High schoolers charged in attack on lesbian couple

High Schoolers Charged In Attack On Lesbian Couple

Four teenagers have been charged in a homophobic attack on a London bus that sparked widespread outrage in the UK.

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California couple hurt in 'very brutal' attack by group of teenagers outside their home

California Couple Hurt In 'very Brutal' Attack By Group Of Teenagers Outside Their Home

A couple in California that were taking out the trash over the weekend ended up victims of a "very brutal" attack that was caught on camera, according to officials.

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Gay couple sues over U.S. refusal to recognize child as citizen

Gay Couple Sues Over U.S. Refusal To Recognize Child As Citizen

Americans Derek Mize and Jonathan Gregg are suing because their daughter Simone, born via surrogate in England, is being denied U.S. citizenship.

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Angry Orchard Fires Manager After Black Couple Was Harassed During Proposal

Angry Orchard Fires Manager After Black Couple Was Harassed During Proposal

Angry Orchard said in a statement that it will take steps to ensure that everyone on its team has additional training in unconscious bias.

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US man and his wife murdered at police roadblock in Guerrero

US Man And His Wife Murdered At Police Roadblock In Guerrero

Community police in Petatlan, Guerrero, allegedly shot and killed a couple from the United States and wounded their son.

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2 men reported missing now suspects in homicide of young couple: RCMP

2 B.C. Men Considered Missing Now Suspects In Homicide Of Young Couple

Two men previously reported missing are now suspects in the homicides of a young couple gunned down in Northern B.C. last week, as well as in the suspicious death of another man whose body was found near the men's burnt-out truck days later.

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Couple who slipped off cliff into ocean on Hawaiian vacation prompts new warning

Couple Who Slipped Off Cliff Into Ocean On Hawaiian Vacation Prompts New Warning

Ocean safety officials said it is imperative that everyone adheres to posted warning signs especially in remote areas on a cliff where there are no lifeguards.

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'Doomsday prepper' couple is accused of abusing two victims on their farm for years

'Doomsday Prepper' Couple Is Accused Of Abusing Two Victims On Their Farm For Years

A Florida couple is accused of physically and sexually abusing two victims on their farm for years, police said.

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A Georgia couple is sued by a white tenant who says she was evicted after having African American guests

A Georgia Couple Is Sued By A White Tenant Who Says She Was Evicted After Having African American Guests

A white woman in North Georgia has filed a housing discrimination suit against landlords who she says evicted her because she had African American guests over for a play date with her daughters, aged 2 and 9.

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Couple Meets ‘Hitman’ At Olive Garden To Put Hits Out On Their Respective Exes: ‘We’re Taking Care Of Both Problems’

Couple Meets 'Hitman' At Olive Garden To Put Hits Out On Their Respective Exes: 'We're Taking Care Of Both Problems'

At an Olive Garden in Houston, Texas, undercover officer Javier Duran and police informant Moataz "Zach" Azzeh met with local veterinarian Valerie McDaniel and failed doctor Leon Jacob to discuss the murder of their respective exes. Jacob had contacted Azzeh a few weeks prior to ask for his help in abducting his ex-girlfriend Meghan Verikas, who had pressed charges against Jacob following multiple assault and stalking incidents. Jacob told Azzeh he wanted him to kidnap Verikas and convince her to drop the charges that were threatening his future in medicine.

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Couple forced to give up newborn twins after wrong embryos implanted in IVF mix-up, lawsuit claims

Couple Forced To Give Up Newborn Twins After Wrong Embryos Implanted In IVF Mix-up, Lawsuit Claims

A New York couple who gave birth to twins in March after traveling to Los Angeles to undergo in vitro fertilization has filed a lawsuit against the clinic claiming that a mix-up resulted in them giving birth to another couple's children, which they then had to give up.

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Gay penguins join Pride at London Zoo

Gay Penguins Join Pride At London Zoo

Banners reading "some penguins are gay, get over it" have been erected at the birds' beach home.

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'She said we'd burn in hell' - woman attacks gay couple for holding hands

Woman Attacks Gay Couple For HOLDING HANDS Outside Station

Police treating incident outside Selly Oak railway station as a hate crime

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Colorado couple: We were sickened at same Dominican Republic resort where 3 Americans died

Couple: We Were Sickened At Same DR Hotel Where Americans Died

As authorities investigate the unexplained deaths of three Americans at a resort in the Dominican Republic, a Colorado couple who stayed at the same facility last year said they became violently ill after being exposed to what they suspect were insecticides spread through the air conditioning system.

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She was fired for pulling a gun on a black couple. Now, the ex-campground employee has been arrested

She Was Fired For Pulling A Gun On A Black Couple. Now, The Ex-campground Employee Has Been Arrested

An ex-employee of a Mississippi campground, fired last month after pulling a gun on a black couple, was arrested Tuesday, the Oktibbeha County Sheriff's Office said.

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Woman charged after pulling gun on black couple at Miss. campground

Woman Charged After Pulling Gun On Black Couple At Miss. Campground

WTVA says that according to The Starkville Daily News, 70-year-old Ruby Howell turned herself in Tuesday morning on a misdemeanor charge of threatening exhibition of a weapon.

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Fort Worth couple dies of mysterious illness on vacation in Fiji

Fort Worth Couple Dies Of Mysterious Illness On Vacation In Fiji

A Fort Worth, Texas, couple has died after contracting a mysterious illness while on vacation.

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A black couple were having a picnic. Then a white campground manager pulled out a gun.

A Black Couple Were Having A Picnic. Then A White Campground Manager Pulled Out A Gun.

Franklin and Jessica Richardson had planned for a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. They would spend Sunday picnicking on the sandy shores of Oktibbeha County Lake, a popular fishing destination on the outskirts of Starkville, Mississippi, and maybe even rent a cabin for the night.

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