Warner: 'Common sense' election security bills 'would get 75 votes' if brought to the Senate floor

Warner: 'Common Sense' Election Security Bills 'would Get 75 Votes' If Brought To The Senate Floor

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Sunday that "common-sense" election security measures would get a supermajority on the Senate floor if a vote was allowed.

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Donald Trump erupts after polls say he would lose to every major Democrat in 2020: 'They don't even exist'

Donald Trump Erupts After Polls Say He Would Lose To Every Major Democrat In 2020

President claims without evidence that polling institutions 'suppress the numbers' against him

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There is hard data that shows that a centrist Democrat would be a losing candidate

There Is Hard Data That Shows That A Centrist Democrat Would Be A Losing Candidate

Economist Thomas Piketty wrote a paper about this in 2018, though the Democrats paid no attention

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Warner: 'Height of irresponsibility' that Congress hasn't improved election security

Warner: 'Height Of Irresponsibility' That Congress Hasn't Improved Election Security

Sen. Mark Warner (Va.), the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said on Sunday that Congress's failure to improve election security ahead of 2020 is the "height of irresponsibility."

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Democrat Jaime Harrison announces Senate run against Lindsey Graham

Democrat Jaime Harrison Announces Senate Run Against Lindsey Graham

South Carolina Democrat Jaime Harrison announced on Wednesday he will seek to unseat GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is up for reelection next year.

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Trump must release tax returns or be barred from California 2020 election ballot, state senate votes

Trump Must Release Tax Returns Or Be Barred From California's 2020 Election Ballot

US president broke 40-year tradition when he refused in 2016

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IRS, FBI Search Home of Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, Baltimore City Hall

IRS, FBI Search Home Of Baltimore Mayor And City Hall

The IRS and FBI are executing search warrants Thursday morning at the home of Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh and Baltimore City Hall, FBI sources tell News4.

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Bernie Sanders is the new #1 in our 2020 rankings

Bernie Sanders Is The New #1 In Our 2020 Rankings

Bernie Sanders has been running for president for the last four-ish years straight. In the wake of his closer-than-expected primary loss to Hillary Clinton in 2016, Sanders kept his massive grassroots organization active and made sure anyone and everyone knew that he wasn't done with this whole "national politics" thing.

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Republican rescinds Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's invite to meet coal miners after it completely backfires

Republican Revokes Invite For AOC To Meet Coal Miners After It Completely Backfires

The progressive Democrat is now suggesting hosting a town hall in Kentucky, with or without the Republican's participation

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Tulsi Gabbard's Financial Disclosures Leave Out Ties To Koch-Funded Think Tank

Tulsi Gabbard's Financial Disclosures Leave Out Ties To Koch-Funded...

The Hawaii congresswoman, who's running as a Democrat for president, sits on a foreign policy advisory council for the Catholic University of America.

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House Judiciary chairman: Whitaker 'did not deny' Trump talked to him about 'personnel decisions' in Cohen case

House Judiciary Dem, Republican Clash Over Details Of Whitaker Testimony

The top Democrat and Republican on the House Judiciary Committee are offering diverging interpretations of former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker's closed-door testimony regarding the Michael Cohen case.

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Republican congressman tweets anti-Semitic attack on leading Democrat investigating Trump

Republican Congressman Tweets 'anti-Semitic' Attack On Leading Democrat Investigating Trump

Ohio Republican and House Freedom Caucus founder Jim Jordan tweeted a common anti-Semitic trope in attacking Tom Steyer, the billionaire ...

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Push to Elect Presidents by Popular Vote Gains Momentum

Push To Elect Presidents By Popular Vote Gains Momentum

Colorado is the latest state to join an agreement to bypass the Electoral College.

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Bernie Sanders to sign pledge affirming he will run as a Democrat

Bernie Sanders To Sign Pledge Affirming He Will Run As A Democrat

Sen. Bernie SandersBernard (Bernie) SandersSanders campaign reports raising M in less than a day The Memo: Bernie Sanders’s WH launch s...

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Republicans Already Are Demonizing Democrats as Socialists and Baby Killers

Republicans Already Are Demonizing Democrats As Socialists And Baby Killers

With 21 months until Election Day 2020, Republicans are trying to paint Democrats as left-wing radicals on the economy, abortion and Israel.

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Ralph Northam will 'put Virginia first' and resign as governor, Democrat says

Ralph Northam Will 'put Virginia First' And Resign As Governor, Democrat Says

Terry McAuliffe says 'Ralph will put Virginia first and will do so soon' but Virginia lieutenant governor Fairfax, who is black, does not call for resignation

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Ocasio-Cortez is Right: Our Economic System Needs Major Changes

Ocasio-Cortez Is Right: Our Economic System Needs Major Changes

I'm a moderate Democrat, and I don't always agree with AOC's politics. But she's giving voice to millions of Americans who work hard but get left behind.

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Dawn Addiego, New Jersey Republican, flips to Democrat, says party of Reagan 'no longer exists'

Dawn Addiego, New Jersey Republican, Flips To Democrat

Longtime Republican New Jersey state Sen. Dawn Marie Addiego has switched parties to become a Democrat, a move she says was made in part because the party of Ronald Reagan "no longer exists."

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Grassroots Progressives Launch Campaign to Oust Corporate Democrat Who Votes With Trump 70% of the Time

Grassroots Progressives Launch Campaign To Oust Corporate Democrat Who Votes With Trump 70% Of The Time

"Progressives have an opportunity to strategically primary the most vile Democrats in their ranks, and Henry Cuellar should top the list."

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Mueller's final report to be made public, top House Judiciary Dem vows

Jerry Nadler, Top Judiciary Committee Dem, Says He'll Make Mueller Report Public

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, the new top Democrat leading the House Judiciary Committee, said Friday he'll make special counsel Robert Mueller's report public once it is issued, so the American people can see what is in it.

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