South australian man arrested after driving a stolen car to his court appearance

SA Man Arrested After Driving A STOLEN Car To His Court Appearance

Police noticed the blue Holden sedan parked in a fast food car park near the Christies Beach Magistrates Court about 2pm on Tuesday 30 Ju...

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School bus driver suspected of setting up hit on student, Durham Police say

School Bus Driver Suspected Of Setting Up Hit On Student, Durham Police Say

Durham police officers said they believe a school bus driver may have ordered someone to shoot a 17-year-old Northern High School student.

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An Amazon delivery driver stole a Texas couple's dog and tried to sell it online, police say

An Amazon Delivery Driver Stole A Texas Couple's Dog And Tried To Sell It Online, Police Say

An Amazon delivery driver was fired and arrested after police say she stole a dachshund from in front of a Texas couple's home and attempted to sell it online.

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DUI suspect smashes into gates of OC jail complex

Gate Crasher: DUI Suspect Smashes Into OC Jail Facility

A 19-year DUI suspect crashed her Range Rover right into the gates of an Orange County jail facility, officials said.

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Suspect in deadly beating after traffic crash had no license, didn't own car

Suspect In Deadly Beating After Traffic Crash Had No License, Didn't Own Car

The driver in an accident that led to the beating death of a young Berkley man had no driver's license and should have never been behind the wheel.

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Video shows SUV driver leaving car wash, plunging car accidentally into New Jersey river

Video Shows SUV Driver Leaving Car Wash, Plunging Car Accidentally Into New Jersey River

The video shows two car wash workers as the car careens toward them and almost hits a fence with an exit arrow before speeding up and dropping into the river.

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A FedEx driver drove shooting victims to the hospital

A FedEx Driver Drove Shooting Victims To The Hospital

A FedEx driver ended up delivering people to an Atlanta emergency room after a shooting Monday.

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Semi driver arrested after multiple vehicle crash on I-465 kills woman, 2 toddlers

Semi Driver Arrested After Multiple Vehicle Crash On I-465 Kills Woman, 2 Toddlers

The driver of a semi involved in a multiple vehicle crash on I-465 Sunday has been arrested.

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Man Charged for Using Beer Case as Booster Seat for Two Year-Old

Driver Accused Of Using 30-can Beer Pack As Booster Seat For 2-year-old

A proper child seat was brought to the driver, and Family and Children's Services was notified.

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Parents' victim statement edited to spare feelings of driver who killed child

Parents' Victim Statement Edited To Spare Feelings Of Driver Who Killed Child

MP calls for law change after full statement could not be read out because it could upset driver

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Two dead after police pursuit ends in six-car crash east of Arnprior – Ottawa Citizen

Two Dead After Police Pursuit Ends In Six-car Crash East Of Arnprior

Two people died Sunday after a driver being pursued by police on Highway 417 east of Arnprior began driving the wrong way on the busy highway and sparked a six-vehicle collision.Two more people wer...

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Driver sentenced to 30 years after deadly crash on Grand Parkway

Driver Sentenced To 30 Years After Deadly Crash On Grand Parkway

Charles Glaze, 54, plead guilty to the killings of Michael Brown and Linda Fuggiti after horrific multi-car crash.

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FBI, ICE using state driver's license photos without consent to create facial recognition database

FBI, ICE Using State Driver's License Photos Without Consent For Facial Recognition Searches: Report

The FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have reportedly been using driver's license photos for facial recognition searches without license holders' knowledge or consent.

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Michigan State Trooper runs a stop sign and hits somebody and then puts them in handcuffs...

MSP Officer Runs Stops Sign, Hit By Car, Arrests Other Driver

A police officer in an unmarked SUV ran a stop sign before getting struck by a car on Wednesday. The crash happened at the corner of Livernois and Cadet Street in southwest Detroit. Video surveillance from a neighbor's house shows a Michigan State Police officer in a silver SUV ignoring a stop sign and driving through the intersection.

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Las Vegas hearse driver learns dead body doesn't qualify car for HOV lane

Las Vegas Hearse Driver Learns Dead Body Doesn't Qualify Car For HOV Lane

A trooper with the Nevada Highway Patrol recently pulled over a hearse and had to inform the driver that the corpse he was transporting didn't qualify the vehicle for the HOV lane.

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A driver caught on video dragging a deputy with his car during a traffic stop is facing an attempted murder charge

A Driver Caught On Video Dragging A Deputy With His Car During A Traffic Stop Is Facing An Attempted Murder Charge

A Florida man is facing a charge of attempted murder after body camera and dashcam video showed him dragging a sheriff's deputy with his car during a traffic stop.

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McLaren driver only had car for 10 minutes before ticket, impound: police

McLaren Driver Only Had Car For 10 Minutes Before Ticket, Impound: Police

A Coquitlam man didn't get long to enjoy his new car, say West Vancouver police.

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Pregnant woman, 2-year-old son dead in Tennessee after driver deliberately mows them down, police say

Pregnant Woman, 2-year-old Son Dead After Tennessee Driver Deliberately Mows Them Down, Police Say

The 33-year-old driver did not know the victims but intentionally chose to run them over, police said.

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Driver charged in DUI crash into home that killed mom, 2 daughters

Driver Charged In DUI Crash Into Home That Killed Mom, 2 Daughters

A mother and her two young daughters died from their injuries after police say a suspected drunk driver slammed into their home in northern California early Sunday at more than 50 miles per hour.

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Police chief gives $575 ticket for tossing cigarette butt out window

Police Chief Gives $575 Ticket For Tossing Cigarette Butt Out Window

The chief recently doled out a hefty ticket after a 21-year-old driver flicked a cigarette butt out of his Ford Mustang.

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