Driver charged in DUI crash into home that killed mom, 2 daughters

Driver Charged In DUI Crash Into Home That Killed Mom, 2 Daughters

A mother and her two young daughters died from their injuries after police say a suspected drunk driver slammed into their home in northern California early Sunday at more than 50 miles per hour.

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Police chief gives $575 ticket for tossing cigarette butt out window

Police Chief Gives $575 Ticket For Tossing Cigarette Butt Out Window

The chief recently doled out a hefty ticket after a 21-year-old driver flicked a cigarette butt out of his Ford Mustang.

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Lyft driver arrested for driving with 17 license suspensions

Lyft Driver Arrested For Driving With 17 License Suspensions, Police Say

Leith Crossen told police he was dropping off a Lyft passenger. Lyft denies he was driving for them at the time.

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19-Year Old Man driving wrong way on I-70 told police 'it was faster'

Man Driving Wrong Way On I-70 Told Police 'it Was Faster'

The driver was not impaired and told officers he thought it would be faster to drive the wrong way.

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3 teens killed after being hit by drunken driver in Salem, police say

3 Teens Killed After Being Hit By Drunken Driver In Salem, Police Say

Juan C. Rodriguez Palacios, 25, of Salem is accused of first-degree manslaughter, driving under the influence of intoxicants, third-degree assault, reckless endangering and reckless driving.

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School bus driver blames bad doughnut for DWI accusations

School Bus Driver Blames Bad Doughnut For DWI Accusations

A school bus driver accused of being intoxicated while driving with children aboard her bus blamed the ordeal on an upset stomach.

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Lyft passenger pummels driver in Queens, New York

VIDEO: Lyft Passenger Pummels Driver In Queens, New York

Disturbing video shows a Lyft driver viciously attacked by a passenger in Queens, and now, that driver is speaking out about the harrowing ordeal.

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A wild police chase in California had multiple collisions and dogs leaping from a stolen RV

A Wild Police Chase In California Had Multiple Collisions And Dogs Leaping From A Stolen RV

A woman accused of leading California Highway Patrol officers on a wild high-speed chase through the San Fernando Valley Tuesday evening in a stolen RV has been arrested.

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Newark Police Officer Charged in Shooting Death of Fleeing Driver

Newark Police Officer Charged In Shooting Death Of Fleeing Driver

A grand jury indicted the 26-year-old officer in connection with the police shooting death of a man who fled a traffic stop in January.

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Indiana State Trooper's car hit by impaired driver while arresting another impaired driver

Indiana State Trooper's Car Hit By Impaired Driver While Arresting Another Impaired Driver

An Indiana State Trooper was hit in the rear of his police car by an impaired driver, while sitting in the car with another impaired driver.

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Elementary students hit by teen driver passing school bus in Ohio

Elementary Students Hit By Teen Driver Passing School Bus In Ohio

Video shows the terrifying moments from inside the school bus when a teen driver failed to stop for kids crossing the street.

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An Uber driver allegedly tried to lock 2 women in his car and told them, 'You're not going anywhere'

Uber Driver Allegedly Tried To Lock 2 Women In His Car And Said, 'You're Not Going Anywhere'

An Uber driver in Pittsburgh has been arrested on charges of kidnapping after he was accused of trying to lock two women in his car.

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School bus driver dragged biracial student because of his 'racial animus,' lawsuit says

School Bus Driver Dragged Biracial Student Because Of His 'racial Animus,' Lawsuit Says

A Utah mother is suing a former bus driver who she alleges closed the bus door on her 14-year-old biracial son's backpack and dragged him approximately 150 feet because of his "racial animus" toward students of mixed race.

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An ex-school bus driver pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old girl. He got probation.

An Ex-school Bus Driver Pleaded Guilty To Raping A 14-year-old Girl. He Got Probation

A former school bus driver who pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old girl will not receive any prison time, according to the sentence handed down by a New York State Supreme Court judge.

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VIDEO: Suspended Driver with a Toddler in His Car Brings Firetruck to a Stop in Road Rage Incident | Southern Maryland News Net

VIDEO: Suspended Driver With A Toddler In His Car Brings Firetruck To A Stop In Road Rage Incident

The driver of the Sonata pulled in front of the fire truck and slammed on his brakes, he then came to a complete stop in the middle of the road, stopping the firetruck.

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Arkansas officer who fired 15 shots into car, killing driver, faces no charges

Arkansas Officer Who Fired 15 Shots Into Car, Killing Driver, Faces No Charges

Attorney for family of Bradley Blackshire decries decision after prosecutor says use of force justified under state law

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Long Beach hit-and-run driver talks to cameraman before running away from crash site on 405 Freeway

VIDEO: Long Beach Hit-and-run Driver Talks To Cameraman Before Running Away From Crash Site On 405 Freeway

A hit-and-run driver on the 405 Freeway in Long Beach crashed her car and made a run for it, but not before telling her story to a local news photographer.

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BBC: Serial drink driver avoids jail ‘for being a woman’

Drink-driver Spared Jail 'for Being Woman'

A judge tells Victoria Parry she would have been sent straight to prison if she were a man.

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Minnesota House votes to allow driver's licenses for immigrants in the country illegally

Minnesota House Votes To Allow Driver's Licenses For Immigrants In The Country Illegally

The Minnesota House passed a measure Friday 74-52 that would give all immigrants the ability to get driver's licenses, even if they are in the country illegally.

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20-year-old arrested in road-rage shooting that killed 10-year old girl in Phoenix

20-year-old Arrested In Road-rage Shooting That Killed 10-year Old Girl In Phoenix

A driver followed the girl and her family to their home on Wednesday after their vehicle had cut him off in traffic. He then opened fire.

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