This baby was born on 7-Eleven Day at 7:11 pm, weighing 7 pounds and 11 ounces

This Baby Was Born On 7-Eleven Day At 7:11 Pm, Weighing 7 Pounds And 11 Ounces

7-Eleven Day typically means free Slurpees for everyone, but this year's celebration turned out more special than usual for one Missouri family.

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If everyone had voted, Hillary Clinton would probably be president. Republicans owe much of their electoral success to liberals who don’t vote

If Everyone Had Voted, Hillary Clinton Would Probably Be President

Republicans owe much of their electoral success to liberals who don't vote

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Jon Stewart Continues to Blast Republicans for Not Supporting the 9/11 Victim Fund: “Not all Republicans oppose this, but everyone who has opposed it is a Republican. It’s unacceptable”

Jon Stewart Continues To Blast Republicans For Not Supporting The 9/11 Victim Fund

"Not all Republicans oppose this, but everyone who has opposed it is a Republican. It's unacceptable"

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Fox News' Shep Smith tells viewers 'everyone in America' should read Mueller report

Fox News's Shep Smith Tells Viewers 'everyone In America' Should Read Mueller Report

Fox News anchor Shep Smith told viewers Tuesday that "everyone in America" should read special counsel Robert Mueller's report in full.

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Colorado Governor Signs Gay Conversion Therapy Ban

Colorado Governor Signs Gay Conversion Therapy Ban

Gov. Jared Polis, who is gay, said the bill underscores that "Colorado is a state where everyone can be their true selves and live the life they want."

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Attorney General William Barr on caring about his reputation:

Attorney General William Barr On Caring About His Reputation: "Everyone Dies"

Barr tells CBS News' Jan Crawford that the attacks on his character stem from a "hyper-partisan period of time"

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Man's $1M Life Savings Stolen As Cell Number is Hijacked

Man's $1M Life Savings Stolen As Cell Number Is Hijacked

Hackers are exploiting a system designed to make your financial, social media, and e-mail accounts safer. Security experts recommend everyone take action now to protect themselves.

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A legend passes: Dick Cole, last of the Doolittle Raiders, dies at 103

A Legend Passes: Dick Cole, Last Of The Doolittle Raiders, Dies At 103

Retired Lt. Col. Dick Cole, the last surviving member of the Doolittle Raiders who rallied the nation’s spirit during the darkest days ...

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Everyone is asking for the Mueller report, and you can too: The Justice Department has been flooded with public records requests since the Russia probe wrapped.

Everyone Is Asking For The Mueller Report, And You Can Too

The Justice Department has been flooded with public records requests since the Russia probe wrapped.

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“Ivanka Would Be a Better Pick”: Trump’s Fed Nominee Trashed by Everyone with a Brain

"Ivanka Would Be A Better Pick": Trump's Fed Nominee Trashed By Everyone With A Brain

Stephen Moore, who is so perpetually wrong that at least one newspaper has said it will never publish him again, is not a popular choice.

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House votes 420-0 to make Mueller's report public

House Votes 420-0 To Make Mueller's Report Public

Everyone wants to see the Mueller report. Yes, literally everyone. Attorney General William Barr has so far refused to promise to make the contents of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe public -- an issue that led most Senate Democrats to oppose his confirmation in the first place. Yet it seems even Republicans are fed up with the secrecy, as the House voted unanimously Thursday on a resolution demanding the report be made public. Both sides of the aisle teamed up, voting 420-0 to make Mueller's report on potential ties between President Trump's campaign and Russian election interference available to Congress and the public. Eight members of Congress didn't vote and four Republicans voted "present," but no one voted against the non-binding resolution. The decision can't force Barr to release the entire report to the public or even Congress, prompting some Republicans to say it was a "waste of time," The Washington Post notes. There's also no indication that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will bring it for a vote. Still, the resolution serves as an overwhelming reminder to Barr of what many lawmakers want from him. House Democrats have already started their own probe into the Trump campaign and administration, potentially to duplicate and expand on Mueller's or provide what Barr may withhold. Mueller has reportedly been wrapping up his investigation, and is expected to release it to Barr in the next few months. Kathryn Krawczyk

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Trump offers socialism for the rich, capitalism for everyone else

Trump Offers Socialism For The Rich, Capitalism For Everyone Else

It's the wealthiest Americans who are getting something for nothing, writes Robert Reich, a former US secretary of labor

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The circular firing squad: Mueller targets turn on each other

The Circular Firing Squad: Mueller Targets Turn On Each Other

After Rudy Giuliani's latest comments, it's everyone for themselves. And it's a prosecutor's dream for the special counsel.

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Family of wrongfully accused man in shooting death of 7 year-old girl still receiving violent threats

Family Of Wrongfully Accused Man Receiving Violent Threats

The family of a man initially accused by an activist in the murder of Jazmine Barnes is telling everyone to "back off."

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Trump asked Pelosi why everyone wants to impeach him, source says

Trump Asked Pelosi Why Everyone Wants To Impeach Him, Source Says

More descriptions of heated exchanges between Trump and congressional Democratic leaders during a Friday meeting are emerging

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Conservatives Mock Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez For College Dancing Video, Everyone's Else Thinks It’s Adorable

Conservatives Mock Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez For College Dancing Video, Everyone Else Thinks It's Adorable

The video went viral on the same day that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was sworn in as the youngest congresswoman in history.

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Everyone who enabled Trump — doctors, lawyers, Republican legislators — should be held accountable

Everyone Who Enabled Trump -- Doctors, Lawyers, Republican Legislators -- Should Be Held Accountable

It's bad enough lawyers have made professional compromises in service to Trump, but lawmakers should know the law and also face a reckoning.

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Three people including a police officer stabbed at Manchester Victoria station

LIVE Updates: Three People Including A Police Officer Stabbed At Manchester Victoria Station

Officers from British Transport Police were called to the station just before 9pm as a man wielding a knife stabbed members of the public.

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42,000 Coast Guard members are the only military branch to work without pay during shutdown

42,000 Coast Guard Members Working Without Pay During Shutdown

"Everyone thinks the military is getting paid during the shutdown, but the Coast Guard is facing no pay," wrote one Twitter user who said her husband is Coast Guard.

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The Climate Apocalypse Is Now, and It’s Happening to You

The Climate Apocalypse Is Now, And It's Happening To You

Goodbye, Arctic. Hello, heat stroke and asthma attacks. New climate reports connect the dots between predictions and your life--today.

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