Judge rules Alex Jones withheld information in suit by Sandy Hook families

New Trouble For Alex Jones In Court Fight With Sandy Hook Families

NEWTOWN - Extremist Alex Jones' latest court trouble involves more than routine pre-trial wrangling with the Sandy Hook families who are suing him for defamation. The real fight is over the families' claim that the conspiracies Jones promoted as the frontman of Infowars were calculated to drive business to his internet supplements business. The heart of the court case came out in dueling motions filed over the last two weeks by the families, who accuse Jones of deliberately withholding information about his business strategy to hide his motives, and by Jones, who accuses the families of having no proof and of making him fish at his own expense for documents that don't exist. "The (families) proceed at their own peril by insisting that Jones defendants engage in sophisticated editorial content-making, targeting stories to products and seeking to stimulate sales by means of peddling known falsehoods likely to go viral," wrote Jones' attorney Norman Pattis. "Simply put, there is no evidence to support the claim that the Jones defendants knowingly market falsehoods for financial gain." The judge overseeing the case has sided with the family, ordering Jones under threat of punishment to turn over to the families the missing business records in question. "[T]he court will consider appropriate sanctions for (Jones') failure to fully comply should (he) not produce the data in one week," state Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis ruled Monday. If it seems as though Jones has been in trouble with this judge before, he has. In March, Bellis said she was fed up with Jones' delays in turning over documents to the families, and threatened to throw out his motion to dismiss their case. In...

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German nurse accused of 100 deaths says sorry to families

German Nurse Accused Of 100 Deaths Says Sorry To Families

A former nurse on trial on allegations he killed 100 patients at two hospitals in northern Germany apologized to his victims' relatives in a final statement to the court Wednesday, saying he realized how much pain and suffering he had caused with his 'terrible deeds.'

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'Appalling treatment': Couple in wheelchairs left alone for almost 12 hours at Vancouver airport

Man Blasts Airlines For Ignoring His Parents, Left Alone In Wheelchairs For Almost 12 Hours

Two families are demanding answers from major airlines after their elderly parents were abandoned at an airport for hours -- without help to access food, water or washrooms.

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Fewer guns mean fewer killings, and we all know it

Fewer Guns Mean Fewer Killings, And We All Know It

For the victims' families and loved ones, this is a tragedy, writes Jill Filipovic. But this shooting isn't just a random catastrophe, and no pro-gun politicians get to call it one unless they also recognize their role in enabling it.

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Survey shows U.S. military families far unhappier with housing than landlords claim

U.S. Military Families Far Unhappier With Housing Than Landlords Claim

Military landlords often report high tenant satisfaction scores in annual surveys. A granular survey of families by a nonprofit shows the opposite.

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6 confirmed dead, identified in Alaska 2-plane midair crash: officials

6 Confirmed Dead, Identified In Alaska 2-plane Midair Crash: Officials

Six people have been confirmed dead in a two-plane collision in Alaska Monday, according to Alaska State Troopers.

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Trump officials wanted ICE to round up and arrest thousands of migrant families across US

Trump Officials Wanted ICE To Round Up And Arrest Thousands Of Migrant Families Across US

Policy reportedly backed by Stephen MIller described as 'less than half-baked'

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A decade after the recession, 40% of U.S. families still struggling

A Decade After The Recession, 40% Of U.S. Families Still Struggling

Steady economic growth hasn't lifted the fortunes of millions of Americans amid mounting housing and medical costs

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Measles vaccinations jump 106% as B.C. counters anti-vaxxer fear-mongering

Measles Vaccinations Jump 106% As B.C. Counters Anti-vaxxer Fear-mongering

Although B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix has refused to make the MMR vaccine mandatory, he did institute the measles immunization catch-up program starting on April 1.

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Elizabeth Warren: Americans don't need cliché financial advice. They just need to be paid more

Perspectives: Elizabeth Warren: Americans Don't Need Cliche Financial Advice. They Just Need To Be Paid More

Hard-working families have become adept at stretching their paychecks to the breaking point, skimping on necessities just to make ends meet, writes Elizabeth Warren, the senior senator from Massachusetts and a Democratic presidential candidate.

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Border apprehensions: 99,000 migrants apprehended along U.S.-Mexico border in April, Customs and Border Protection says

Border Apprehensions Continue Record Streak, Climbing To 99,000 In April

Officials apprehended more than 58,000 migrants traveling as families last month. The Border Patrol chief warned that the government might "lose control of the border"

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This Church Paid Off $2.2 Million in Medical Debt for Local Families Instead of Spending to Promote Their Easter Services

This Church Paid Off $2.2 Million In Medical Debt For Local Families Instead Of Spending To Promote Their Easter Services

Usually, this time of year, Wichita's Pathway Church spends money on TV ads and direct mail to promote their Easter Sunday service. But, as lead pastor Todd Carter recently explained...

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Living costs rising faster for UK's poorest families than richest

Living Costs Rising Faster For UK's Poorest Families Than Richest

Poorer households fare worse because of types of goods and services they buy, says ONS

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Judge Gives U.S. 6 Months to Account for Thousands More Separated Migrant Families

Judge Gives U.S. 6 Months To Account For Thousands More Separated Migrant Families

A federal judge has given the government six months to account for thousands of migrant families separated at the border but not originally reported.

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Parkland Victims’ Families Sue, Claiming Negligence in Mass Shooting

Parkland Victims' Families Sue, Claiming Negligence In Mass Shooting

Families of the Parkland shooting victims filed 22 lawsuits, accusing the local school district and sheriff's office in Florida of negligence.

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Father and son separated at the border reunite after 326 days

Father And Son Separated At The Border Reunite After 326 Days

Jose Alvizures crossed the border with his son to seek asylum after getting death threats from gangs

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'Fox News brain': meet the families torn apart by toxic cable news

'Fox News Brain': Meet The Families Torn Apart By Toxic Cable News

Fox News built a wall between Luke O'Neil and his mother, and he's just one of many families split by its viral ideology

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US wants 2 years to ID migrant kids separated from families

US Wants 2 Years To ID Migrant Kids Separated From Families

The Trump administration wants up to two years to find potentially thousands of children who were separated from their families at the border before a judge halted the practice last year, a task that it says is more laborious than previous efforts because the children are no longer in government custody.

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Identifying separated migrant families may take two years, US government says

Identifying Separated Migrant Families May Take Two Years, US Government Says

Trump administration outlines plan in response to lawsuit after thousands of children were taken from their parents at border

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Americans' Donated Airline Miles Have Helped Reunite Hundreds Of Families Separated At The Border By Trump Administration

Americans' Donated Airline Miles Have Helped Reunite Hundreds Of Families Separated At The Border

"Thank God these organizations helped us to reunite with our son, we are happier now," a father reunited with his son said.

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