Mother of five kids murdered by their father asks court to spare his life

Mother Of Five Kids Murdered By Their Father Asks Court To Spare His Life

"He did not show my children any mercy by any means. But my kids loved him and if I'm speaking on behalf of my kids and not myself, that's what I have to say," she said.

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Mississippi Agriculture Commissioner Andy Gipson's father killed by Simpson County deputy

Andy Gipson Mississippi: Deputy Shoots Ag Commissioner's Father

Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture Andy Gipson's father was shot and killed by law enforcement Thursday morning.

Harry Gipson...

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South Carolina man found guilty of murdering his children in 2014

Jury Finds Timothy Jones, Jr., SC Man Accused Of Murdering His 5 Children In 2014, Guilty On All Charges

After more than three weeks of testimony, a jury has reached a verdict in the trial of Timothy Jones, Jr., a Lexington County man accused of murdering his five children in 2014.

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A 12-year-old boy who was starved, chained and kept in a dog collar died. His mother never knew he left the state

A 12-year-old Boy Who Was Starved, Chained And Kept In A Dog Collar Died. His Mother Never Knew He Left The State

Eduardo Posso was supposed to be living in Florida with his sister, father and stepmother and attending school.

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NASA scientist released from prison, but can't leave Turkey

NASA Scientist Released From Prison, But Can't Leave Turkey

The father of two was on a family visit to the county when he was arrested in the aftermath of a failed coup in 2016.

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Suspect in Maleah Davis' disappearance wouldn't let dad see her the day she went missing, dad says

Suspect In Maleah Davis' Disappearance Wouldn't Let Dad See Her The Day She Went Missing, Dad Says

Maleah Davis' father said in court Wednesday that he tried to see her hours before she was reported missing, but that the suspect in her disappearance would not allow it, according to CNN affiliate KTRK.

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Two North Carolina men, dad killed in ATV crash at Tennessee adventure park

Two North Carolina Men, Dad Killed In ATV Crash At Tennessee Adventure Park

Two North Carolina men and one of their fathers were killed Sunday when their all-terrain vehicle fell more than 100 feet down an embankment.

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Retired military colonel slams Liz Cheney's treason accusations, says her father committed a

Retired Military Colonel Slams Liz Cheney's Treason Accusations, Says Her Father Committed A "war Crime"

"But if Liz Cheney is really interested in accountability for serious malfeasance what her daddy did is a war crime and a violation of the Convention Against Torture," Retired Air Force Colonel Morris Davis said.

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Son of parents who pleaded guilty in admissions scandal accused in alleged assault on father

Son Of Parents Who Pleaded Guilty In Admissions Scandal Accused In Alleged Assault On Father

The son of two parents who pleaded guilty in the wide-reaching college admissions scam was arrested and charged with felony assault following an alleged altercation with his father, according to two law enforcement sources.

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Homeless valedictorian scores $3 million in scholarships

A Teen Who Was Homeless Scores More Than $3 Million In College Scholarships

Memphis high school senior Tupac Mosley maintained a 4.3 GPA, scored a 31 on his ACT, and was named valedictorian -- all while dealing with the death of his father and the lack of a permanent home.

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20 years later, Diana Saunders still searches for her 3 missing sons

20 Years Later, Diana Saunders Still Searches For Her 3 Missing Sons

Diana Saunders has lived with the pain of not knowing the fate of her three sons who were allegedly abducted by their father from their home in Torbay, Newfoundland more than two decades ago.

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Tom Petty's daughters say their late father's wife has illegitimately seized control of his estate

Tom Petty's Daughters Say Their Late Father's Wife Has Illegitimately Seized Control Of His Estate

In the latest move in an ongoing back-and-forth over Tom Petty's estate, the late singer's daughters are suing his widow, Dana York Petty.

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Florida woman missing for 6 years found in freezer inside scrap warehouse

Florida Woman Missing For 6 Years Found In Freezer Inside Scrap Warehouse

Lacey's father told the Sun Sentinel he hadn't heard from her since Thanksgiving 2013.

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Ivanka Talks About Her Father Admitting He Was In Massive Debt In Old Clip

Ivanka Talks About Her Father Admitting He Was In Massive Debt In Old Clip

He pointed to a homeless person to explain his dire financial situation.

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Police say no charges for Florida father who asked clerk if he could pawn his infant child

Police Say No Charges For Florida Father Who Asked Clerk If He Could Pawn His Infant Child

Sarasota Police say the father walked into the A&F Jewelry and Loan store on North Washington Boulevard around 5:15 p.m. on Tuesday, May 7 with his infant child in a carrier and asked the clerk if he could pawn a baby.

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Brothers accused of years-long sexual abuse of siblings; father blamed 'raging hormones' - Story

Brothers Accused Of Years-long Sexual Abuse Of Siblings; Father Blamed 'raging Hormones'

Three brothers in Milwaukee were charged with the alleged sexual assault of their younger siblings while their father, aware of the abuse, is accused of doing nothing to stop it.

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Japan's new Emperor Naruhito ascends throne as Reiwa era begins

Emperor Naruhito Ascends Throne As Japan's Reiwa Era Begins

Japan's new emperor, Naruhito, has formally ascended to the Chrysanthemum Throne, replacing his father, Akihito, who had abdicated a day earlier.

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Father arrested after accidentally shooting 6-year-old during gun safety lesson

Father Arrested After Accidentally Shooting 6-year-old During Gun Safety Lesson

The 6-year-old girl remains in critical condition in the hospital and will have to undergo multiple surgeries for her injuries.

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JRR Tolkien’s son ‘sexually abused by one of father’s friends’

JRR Tolkien's Son 'sexually Abused By One Of Father's Friends'

Author's eldest child, a priest himself accused of abuse in 2001, talks of assault in recording made by his own victim

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Son leads police to bodies in Tenerife cave

Son Leads Police To Bodies In Tenerife Cave

Police find the dead bodies of a German woman and her son, and arrest the father.

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