The California Condor Nearly Went Extinct. Now, the 1000th Chick of a Recovery Program Has Hatched.

The California Condor Nearly Went Extinct. Now, The 1000th Chick Of A Recovery Program Has Hatched.

"When we confirmed it...it was just this feeling of overwhelming joy," one wildlife expert said

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Sweltering BART train reaches 107 degrees during Bay Area heat wave

Sweltering BART Train Reaches 107 Degrees During Bay Area Heat Wave

The blistering heat led to a second day of problems for BART riders. Many say they're feeling the heat especially on older cars when the air conditioning fails. 

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Woman wakes up from vegetative state after 28 years

Woman Wakes Up From Vegetative State After 28 Years

'I never gave up on her because I always had a feeling that one day she would wake up,' her son says

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Feeling Poorer? That's Because

Feeling Poorer? That's Because "real" Wages Fell Last Year

Although the U.S. economy remains solid, many Americans aren't benefiting as pay struggles to keep up with inflation

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Trump's Policies Are Increasing Teen Stress and Eroding Mental Health

Feeling Stressed And Depressed? Trump's Policies Might Be To Blame

For young people across the country, fear of gun violence and stress over racist policies are increasing stress and eroding mental health.

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Voters Face a Simple Choice: Expand Social Security and Medicare, or Watch GOP Eviscerate Them Both

Voters Face A Simple Choice: Expand Social Security And Medicare, Or Watch GOP Eviscerate Them Both

Plainly put, millions of American seniors are feeling the pinch and they need a raise in the form of bigger Social Security checks and expanded Medicare benefits.. Do older Americans want bigger Social Security checks and expanded Medicare coverage - or do they want their benefits cut?

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New Jersey mom follows 'gut feeling', stopping potential school shooting in central Kentucky

New Jersey Mom Follows 'gut Feeling', Stopping Potential School Shooting In Central Kentucky

A gut feeling from a New Jersey mom and her tip to dispatch helped Kentucky State Police stop a school shooting before the suspected gunman even left his driveway.

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Audio reveals white woman called 911 on black baby sitter because she had a 'funny feeling'

Audio Reveals White Woman Called 911 On Black Baby Sitter Because She Had A 'funny Feeling'

After calling police about she followed the babysitter before officers eventually reached him and the two kids -- and learned there was nothing wrong.

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While in ICE custody, thousands of migrants reported sexual abuse

While In ICE Custody, Thousands Of Migrants Reported Sexual Abuse

As migrant children wait in U.S. immigration detention centers to reunite with their families, public records reveal that in the past decade, thousands of people have reported sexual abuse while in a similar type of immigration custody. Emily Kassie, an investigative reporter and producer with the Marshall Project who obtained the data and spoke to survivors, joins Hari Sreenivasan for more.

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