Georgia district attorneys refuse to enforce new abortion law

Georgia District Attorneys Refuse To Enforce New Abortion Law

A number of district attorneys in counties around Atlanta said they will not prosecute women for getting an abortion under Georgia's recently passed restrictive "heartbeat" aborti...

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After abortion vote, calls to boycott Alabama

After Abortion Vote, Calls To Boycott Alabama

The hashtag #BoycottAlabama gained momentum online, with activists calling for boycotts of products ranging from Mercedes-Benz cars to broiler chickens that are produced in Alabama.

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Georgia prison guard says she was banned from wearing hijab at work over fears she could smuggle contraband

Georgia Prison Guard Says She Was Banned From Wearing Hijab At Work Over Fears She Could Smuggle Contraband

'You can serve in the US military while wearing your religious clothing. You can patrol the streets of the city as a police officer. You can perform heart surgery. You can fly a plane,' says Edward Ahmed Mitchell

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Revealed: nine more US states considering hardline anti-abortion bills

Revealed: Nine More US States Considering Hardline Anti-abortion Bills

Legislation similar to the six-week abortion ban signed into law in Georgia this month pushed by high-profile conservative Janet Porter

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Columbus police sergeant accused of murder, coroner identifies woman who was killed

Columbus Police Sergeant Accused Of Murder In A Domestic Situation Involving A Paramedic

Columbus GA Police Sgt. William Leonard Talley, 51, faces a murder charge after a woman was shot to death. He was in a wreck and has been hospitalized in critical condition.

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There have been 15 school shootings in the US so far this year

There Have Been 15 School Shootings In The US So Far This Year

Nineteen weeks into 2019, there have already been 15 school shootings in the US in which someone was hurt or killed.

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Actors and Filmmakers Are Refusing to Work in Georgia Because of Its Latest Abortion Restriction

Actors And Filmmakers Are Refusing To Work In Georgia Because Of Its Latest Abortion Restriction

"I can't ask any female member of any film production with which I am involved to so marginalize themselves or compromise their inalienable authority over their own bodies."

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A cardiac nurse couldn't afford a pacemaker for her dog, so she started a program to donate used ones to pets

A Cardiac Nurse Couldn't Afford A Pacemaker For Her Dog, So She Started A Program To Donate Used Ones To Pets

Cardiac nurse Terri Matula couldn't afford to buy a pacemaker for her beloved dog more than 20 years ago, so she started a program to donate used pacemakers to dogs and other animals.

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3 production companies say they won't film in Georgia after abortion law signed

3 Production Companies Say They Won't Film In Georgia After Abortion Law Signed

Hollywood has been outspoken against a controversial Georgia abortion law, and now the heads of three production companies are saying they will not film in the state.

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Three Production Companies Say They Won't Film in Georgia Over Abortion Law

Three Production Companies Say They Won't Film In Georgia Over Abortion Law

David Simon's Blown Deadline Productions, Killer Films CEO Christine Vachon and Mark Duplass pledged to no longer shoot in the state as long as the law exists.

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Georgia sprinter impales himself with javelin in horrific accident, undergoes surgery

Georgia Sprinter Impales Himself With Javelin In Horrific Accident, Undergoes Surgery

Freshman Elija Godwin suffered a punctured and collapsed lung after falling on the throwing spear

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Abortions after six weeks will now be illegal in Georgia

Abortions After Six Weeks Will Now Be Illegal In Georgia

Abortion rights advocates say the law will result in a total ban on abortions in the state.

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Multistate child exploitation operation bust leads to 82 arrests, 17 rescues, officials say

Multistate Child Exploitation Operation Bust Leads To 82 Arrests, 17 Rescues, Officials Say

Officials in Georgia announced Friday that 82 suspects were arrested as a result of a four-month-long sting across eight states targeting those who possessed or distributed 'the most violent sexual abuse material involving infants and toddlers.'

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A Georgia woman has been sentenced to death for starving her 10-year-old stepdaughter

A Georgia Woman Has Been Sentenced To Death For Starving Her 10-year-old Stepdaughter

A Georgia stepmother is set to become the state's only female death row inmate after she was convicted this week of starving her 10-year-old stepdaughter to death.

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E. Coli outbreak confirmed in Tennessee and four other states

E. Coli Outbreak Confirmed In Tennessee, Four Other States

An E-Coli outbreak is in Tennessee and currently, there are 96 cases in Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio and Virginia

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Georgia police officer pinned, dragged by DUI suspect he was about to arrest, dashcam video shows

Georgia Police Officer Pinned, Dragged By DUI Suspect He Was About To Arrest, Dashcam Video Shows

The 24-year-old suspect tried to get away twice, according to the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety.

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3 dead, 2 police officers injured after day-long hostage standoff in Georgia

3 Dead, 2 Police Officers Injured After Day-long Hostage Standoff In Georgia

Get breaking national and world news, broadcast video coverage, and exclusive interviews. Find the top news online at ABC news.

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AP: Girl’s parents hope jaw-dropping hit-and-run video can help ID driver

Girl's Parents Hope Jaw-dropping Hit-and-run Video Can Help ID Driver

The girl's father picked her up and drove her to the hospital, "keeping his hand on her heart to make sure she was breathing and that her heart was still beating," the nine-year-old's mother said.

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6-year-old dies of heart attack while taking baseball team pictures

6-year-old Dies Of Heart Attack While Taking Baseball Team Pictures

The boy was on the field to take a team photo, and then he collapsed

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Georgia lawmakers pass bill banning abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy

Georgia Lawmakers Pass Bill Banning Abortions After 6 Weeks Of Pregnancy

Washington D.C. [USA], Apr 1 (ANI): Georgia lawmakers on Friday (local time) passed a bill that restricts abortion after a heartbeat is detected in an embryo, which is typically about six weeks into a pregnancy.

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