A man has been charged after police found more than 1,000 guns in his Los Angeles home

A Man Has Been Charged After Police Found More Than 1,000 Guns In His Los Angeles Home

A Los Angeles man found with more than 1,000 guns in his Bel-Air home in May was charged with 64 felony counts, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office said Monday.

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Ex-Guns N’ Roses Drummer Steven Adler In Hospital After Reportedly Stabbing Himself

Ex-Guns N' Roses Drummer Steven Adler In Hospital After Reportedly Stabbing Himself

Steven Adler, former drummer for Guns N' Roses, was hospitalized Thursday night after reportedly suffering a self-inflicted stab wound. According to TMZ, a person at Adler's home in Los Angeles called 911 around 6:30 p.m. to report that someone had stabbed themselves. RELATED: Axl Rose And Duff McKagan Talk Guns 'N Roses Reunion In Rare TV...

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Alabama dealership offers Bible, shotgun, and American flag with every car purchase

Alabama Dealership Offers Bible, Shotgun, And American Flag With Every Car Purchase

"We're going to be celebrating July 4th a little bit differently this year."

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The Insanity in Oregon Is a Glimpse of Our Very Dark Future: People with guns have involved themselves in a legislative dispute while the officials of one political party cheer them on.

The Insanity In Oregon Is A Glimpse Of Our Very Dark Future

People with guns have involved themselves in a legislative dispute while the officials of one political party cheer them on.

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LPD: Woman arrested for turning in husband's firearms to Lakeland police

LPD: Woman Arrested For Turning In Husband's Firearms To Lakeland Police

LAKELAND -- A 32-year-old woman was arrested on June 15 when she gathered her husband's guns to turn them over to the Lakeland Police Department.

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Arizona couple files $10M lawsuit after cops allegedly pull guns on family after 4-year-old steals doll

Arizona Couple Files $10M Lawsuit After Cops Allegedly Pull Guns On Family After 4-year-old Steals Doll

An Arizona couple filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city of Phoenix claiming police officers committed civil rights violations after video showed them allegedly pointing guns at them after their 4-year-old daughter stole a doll from a dollar store last month.

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ATF agents searching for thousands of guns stolen from their facility before they could be destroyed

ATF Agents Looking For Guns And Glock Parts Stolen And Sold By Guard

ATF agents across the country have been working to track down thousands of guns and firearms parts that had been seized by law enforceme...

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Parents say police pulled guns on them after 4-year-old daughter took a doll from a store in Phoenix

Parents Say Police Pulled Guns On Them After 4-year-old Daughter Took A Doll From A Store In Phoenix

A Phoenix couple is seeking $10 million from the city after a video showed police officers drawing a gun on them after their 4-year-old daughter allegedly stole a doll from a Family Dollar store.

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Banned from guns, Texas gave him a license anyway. Citizens paid the price.

Banned From Guns, Texas Gave Him A License Anyway. Citizens Paid The Price.

He'd been committed twice to psychiatric hospitals; online he was known as the Asian Nazi for his racist threats. Texas regulators helped him get guns.

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Fewer guns mean fewer killings, and we all know it

Fewer Guns Mean Fewer Killings, And We All Know It

For the victims' families and loved ones, this is a tragedy, writes Jill Filipovic. But this shooting isn't just a random catastrophe, and no pro-gun politicians get to call it one unless they also recognize their role in enabling it.

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Salesforce bans companies that sell certain types of guns from using its software

Salesforce Bans Companies That Sell Certain Types Of Guns From Using Its Software

The new Salesforce policy will apply to new customers, as well as existing customers when their contracts are up for renewal, and will apply to companies that sell automatic, semi-automatic and 3D printed guns, among other firearms.

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Milwaukee Vietnam veteran stops would-be carjackers on Memorial Day

Milwaukee Veteran Stops Would-be Carjackers On Memorial Day

A Vietnam War veteran stopped three teens armed with guns as they tried to steal his car on Milwaukee's north side Memorial Day.

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Couple goes fishing, catches burglars' bag containing guns and sorority pins stolen 26 years ago

Couple Goes Fishing, Catches Burglars' Bag Containing Guns And Sorority Pins Stolen 26 Years Ago

Sam Nichols III was out in the fields in Auburn, Alabama, when his wife told him he got a call from the sheriff's office in Greene County, Georgia.

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More than 1,000 guns seized from a home in upscale neighborhood of LA

More Than 1,000 Guns Seized From A Home In Upscale Neighborhood Of LA

More than 1,000 guns were found in a home in the upscale Los Angeles neighborhood Holmby Hills.

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LAPD seize massive collection of weapons at Holmby Hills home

ATF, LAPD Seize Massive Collection Of Weapons At Holmby Hills Home

Federal agents and Los Angeles police seized hundreds, possibly thousands, of firearms after executing a search warrant at a home in Holmby Hills.

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Teachers with guns will make schools even less safe. Veto this dangerous legislation, Gov. DeSantis

Teachers With Guns Will Make Schools Even Less Safe. Veto This Dangerous Legislation, Gov. DeSantis

DeSantis cannot ignore credible research that says arming teachers is a bad deal. Teachers, police officers and students agree.

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NRA has become 'a fringe group for gun rights extremists'

Op-ed: NRA Has Become 'a Fringe Group For Gun Rights Extremists'

Editor's note: IndyStar is publishing two op-eds related to gun laws in America. One makes the case for protecting gun rights. This one ...

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Trump supporter arrested for homophobic death threats against Democrats of color

Trump Supporter Arrested For Homophobic Death Threats Against Democrats Of Color

He told one Democrat, "The day you come after our guns, m*therf*cker, is the day you'll be dead...

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Newton pawn shop to pay $2m in firearm lawsuit after 3 killed

Newton Pawn Shop To Pay $2M In Firearm Lawsuit

A Newton pawn shop that sold guns involved in a deadly shooting in 2016 is paying a steep price.

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Burlington mother uses gun to defend 10-year-old son, home against burglar

Burlington Mother Uses Gun To Defend 10-year-old Son, Home Against Burglar

A woman shot at and scared off a man who was trying to steal from her Burlington home Wednesday morning.

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