Hackers take over the London Metropolitan Police's Twitter account

Hackers Take Over Metropolitan Police's Twitter Account

Late on Friday night, the Twitter account of London's Metropolitan Police Service began tweeting unusual announcements. "XEON IS THE BEST FIGHTER IN SCOTLAND," it proclaimed, alongside the challenge: "what you gonna do phone the police?"

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CNN Reports Assange Met With Russians and Hackers as He Turned Embassy in London Into Command Post for Election Attack

CNN Reports Assange Met With Russians And Hackers As He Turned Embassy In London Into Command Post For Election Attack

Documents obtained by CNN reportedly detail how the WikiLeaks founder received in-person deliveries, potentially containing hacked materials from Russian...

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British Airways fined £183m for data breach

British Airways Faces Record GBP183m Fine For Data Breach

The airline is contesting the penalty imposed by the watchdog after hackers breached its IT systems.

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A second Florida city paid hackers thousands to get its computer systems back

A Second Florida City Paid Hackers Thousands To Get Its Computer Systems Back

It's the latest city hit in a growing trend of ransomware attacks on governments.

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Two US towns pay $1.1m ransom to hackers

Two US Towns Pay $1.1m Ransom To Hackers

Lake City becomes the second Florida town in two weeks to pay up after a ransomware attack.

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Hackers hit telecommunications firms in possible Chinese espionage campaign, researchers say

Hackers Hit Telecommunications Firms In Possible Chinese Espionage Campaign, Researchers Say

Hackers broke into the systems of more than a dozen global telecommunications companies, researchers from a cyber security company said.

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NASA hacked because of unauthorized Raspberry Pi connected to its network

NASA Hacked Because Of Unauthorized Raspberry Pi Connected To Its Network

NASA described the hackers as an "advanced persistent threat," a term generally used for nation-state hacking groups.

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Florida city pays $600,000 to hackers who seized its computer system

Florida City Pays $600,000 To Hackers Who Seized Its Computer System

Cyberattack blocked 911 dispatchers from logging calls, as a growing number U.S. municipalities are taken hostage

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Mitch McConnell is Making the 2020 Election Open Season for Hackers

Mitch McConnell Is Making The 2020 Election Open Season For Hackers

The Senate Majority Leader and his allies are blocking reforms that would protect voting systems.

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Radiohead Donates Money to Climate Change Group Instead of Paying Ransom to Hackers. The band released hours of hacked recordings rather than pay ransom money to the hacker who stole them.

Radiohead Donates Money To Climate Change Group Instead Of Paying Ransom To Hackers

The band released hours of hacked recordings rather than pay ransom money to the hacker who stole them.

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Baltimore government held hostage by hackers' ransomware

Baltimore Government Held Hostage By Hackers' Ransomware

The hack has disabled government email and payments to city departments, with no end in sight.

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Russian hackers were ‘in a position’ to alter Florida county voting records: Marco Rubio

Russian Hackers Were 'in A Position' To Alter Florida County Voting Records: Marco Rubio

Part of a larger campaign to undermine confidence in the 2016 election

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Man's $1M Life Savings Stolen As Cell Number is Hijacked

Man's $1M Life Savings Stolen As Cell Number Is Hijacked

Hackers are exploiting a system designed to make your financial, social media, and e-mail accounts safer. Security experts recommend everyone take action now to protect themselves.

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Rubio says hackers penetrated Florida elections systems

Rubio Says Hackers Penetrated Florida Elections Systems

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) told The New York Times on Friday that hackers penetrated a Florida county's elections system in 2016.

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Trump, GOP Won't Act on Election Interference Warnings

Trump, GOP Won't Act On Election Interference Warnings

Foreign powers and domestic disruptors are already interfering in next year?s presidential and congressional elections and this week we learned what the likely response of the Trump re-election...

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Massive 'Fortnite' security hole allowed hackers to take over accounts, eavesdrop on chats

Massive 'Fortnite' Security Hole Allowed Hackers To Take Over Accounts

To fall victim to this attack, a player needed only to click on a crafted phishing link -- one typically designed to look like it was coming from an Epic Games domain.

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The US and UK government have taken the unprecedented step of accusing hackers linked to the Chinese government of waging a sustained cyber-campaign focussed on large scale intellectual theft of commercial property.

US And UK Accuse China Of Sustained Hacking Campaign

'The tentacles of the campaign are vast,' UK official says, as two Chinese nationals charged in US

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Hackers 'intercept EU diplomatic cables'

Hackers 'intercept EU Diplomatic Cables'

It involves thousands of messages in which diplomats discussed Trump, trade and other issues.

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Two friends who took part in a £77 million hack on the TalkTalk website have been jailed.

Hackers Jailed For GBP77m TalkTalk Attack

Matthew Hanley, 23, and Connor Allsopp, 21, accessed customers' information during the cyber attack.

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Feds charge Chinese intel officers with stealing U.S. plane technology

Feds Charge Chinese Intel Officers With Stealing U.S. Plane Technology

According to the indictment, the officers and their hackers stole technology for a turbofan jet engine used in U.S. and European commercial airliners.

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