Car mechanic graduates from medical school at 47 to help address shortage of black doctors

Car Mechanic Graduates From Medical School At 47 To Help Address Shortage Of Black Doctors

Carl Allamby had a successful car repair business and an abysmal high school record. But when he went to pursue a business degree, a required biology course flipped a switch in him.

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Heroic neighbor saves 6-year-old boy from pit bull attack in Texas.

GRAPHIC: Heroic Neighbor Saves 6-year-old Boy From Pit Bull Attack In Texas

The 19-year-old ran directly at the dog, getting its attention, so the 6-year-old could escape inside, as seen in surveillance video.

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FBI shines light on now shut down

FBI Shines Light On Now Shut Down "human Chop Shop" In PHX

Several years have passed since Biological Resource Center shut it's doors, but new court documents detail the hidden horrors investigators found inside.

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$3.6 Million in Pay for Head of Nonprofit Shelter Operator

$3.6 Million In Pay For Head Of Nonprofit Shelter Operator

The former leader of the largest nonprofit group running shelters for migrant children received $3.6 million in compensation in the group's latest fiscal year, according to tax records.

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A $38,000 reward is being offered after a Florida dolphin was fatally speared in the head

A $38,000 Reward Is Being Offered After A Florida Dolphin Was Fatally Speared In The Head

A bottlenose dolphin was found dead with a deep head wound on a southwest Florida beach in May. Marine officials are offering a $38,000 reward for help track down its attackers.

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Daycare worker intentionally dropped 11-month-old on head, deputies say

Daycare Worker Intentionally Dropped 11-month-old On Head, Deputies Say

Authorities in North Carolina are investigating reports that a daycare worker intentionally dropped a baby on his head.

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Worm with eyes in head and bottom found off Shetland

Worm With Eyes In Head And Bottom Found

Scientists found the new species during a survey of a marine protected area off Scotland.

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Home invasion suspect who was thwarted by 11-year-old on the loose after walking out of hospital

Home Invasion Suspect Who Was Thwarted By 11-year-old Captured After Walking Out Of Hospital

A North Carolina man who walked out of a hospital on Friday night -- after an 11-year-old struck him in the head with a machete in a foiled home invasion -- was captured after more than a day on the run, investigators announced Sunday.

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Machete-wielding 11-year-old foils North Carolina home invasion

Machete-wielding 11-year-old Foils North Carolina Home Invasion

An 11-year-old boy in North Carolina struck an intruder in the back of the head with a machete to foil a home invasion on Friday.

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Off duty deputy shot in head in fast food restaurant; suspect arrested

Off-duty Deputy Shot In Head In Fast Food Restaurant, Suspect Arrested

An off-duty Los Angeles sheriff's deputy was shot in a Jack in the Box and a manhunt is underway.

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40,000-year-old severed wolf's head discovered in Siberia

40,000-year-old Severed Wolf's Head Discovered In Siberia

The head, complete with intact teeth and fur, was discovered in Yakutia, eastern Russia.

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Texas inmate thrown to ground in jail by officers now on life support

Texas Inmate Thrown To Ground In Jail By Officers Now On Life Support

Officers initially said Chester Jackson fell, but video shows him being thrown, and hitting his head on a toilet while he's wearing handcuffs.

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Concealed carry holder shoots gunman in head, police say

Concealed Carry Holder Shoots Gunman In Head, Police Say

A concealed carry holder shot and critically wounded someone who approached him with a gun Monday in Little Village on the Southwest Side.

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Texas man cuts off mother's head with hacksaw, police say

Texas Man Cuts Off Mother's Head With Hacksaw, Police Say

Neighbour of Isaac Israel Warriner calls police after allegedly seeing 22-year-old with suspicious amount of cleaning supplies

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Community Outraged After Police Shoot 3 Children in the Head

Community Outraged After Police Shoot 3 Children In The Head

"My 4-year-old daughter was shot in the head, and she has a bullet in her brain, and my 5-year-old has a skull fracture."

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EPA head Andrew Wheeler never disclosed chemical lobbying job: congressman

EPA Head Andrew Wheeler Never Disclosed Chemical Lobbying Job: Congressman

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency failed to disclose lobbying work he did for a company that is regulated by the agency, according to a federal lawmaker. When EPA Administrator Andrew...

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Sorry Trump, Say Experts, You Can't Just 'Head to the Supreme Court' If Impeached:

Sorry Trump, Say Experts, You Can't Just 'Head To The Supreme Court' If Impeached

"So much wrong with this president and with the election of a man who is ignorant about the Constitution."

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Trump says he would 'head to the Supreme Court' to block impeachment

Trump Says He Would 'head To The Supreme Court' To Block Impeachment

However, the US Constitution gives the 'sole power' of ruling on impeachment to Congress

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Saudi Arabia beheads 37 prisoners for terrorism crimes

Saudi Arabia Beheads 37 Prisoners For Terrorism Crimes

Public displays of the bodies of executed men last for around three hours until late afternoon prayers, with the severed head and body hoisted to the top of a poll overlooking a main square

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Tiger attacks and mauls zookeeper in Topeka, Kansas

Tiger Attacks And Mauls Zookeeper In Topeka, Kansas

Zoo open at time of attack in which female keeper suffers wounds to head, neck and back

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