Evening flash floods in Brooklyn render city streets impassable

Evening Flash Floods In Brooklyn Render City Streets Impassable

After a weekend of scorching, muggy heat, the sky finally opened up on Brooklyn.

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Former NFL star Petrus dies from heatstroke

Former NFL Star Petrus Dies From Heatstroke

Ex-New York Giants player Mitch Petrus fell ill while working outside in intense heat in Arkansas.

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Fire at electric substation leaves 13,000 without power in Madison, Wisconsin, amid heat wave

12,000 Are Without Power In Madison, Wisconsin, During The Heat Wave

About 12,000 customers are without electricity in Madison, Wisconsin, during a dangerous heat wave, after fires at two downtown substations, according to local officials.

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Millions of people are threatened by a potentially deadly heat wave in the coming days

Millions Of People Are Threatened By A Potentially Deadly Heat Wave In The Coming Days

A dangerous and potentially deadly heatwave threatens much of the continental US, with dozens of record high temperatures both in the daytime and in the evening expected this weekend.

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Anchorage was 90 degrees on July 4. That's not a typo

Anchorage Was 90 Degrees On July 4. That's Not A Typo

Alaska's heat wave continued through Independence Day, and in Anchorage, the temperatures shattered an all-time record.

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Death of Dog Trainer Highlights Strenuous Heat and Working Conditions at Texas Prisons

Death Of Dog Trainer Highlights Strenuous Heat And Working Conditions At Texas Prisons

Seth Donnelly was one of the many inmates Texas prison officials use as prey for dog hunts. He died from heatstroke after collapsing on the job in Abilene.

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It's so hot in Spain, a pile of manure self-combusted, starting a 10,000-acre wildfire

It's So Hot In Spain That Manure Self-ignited, Sparking A 10,000-acre Wildfire

Firefighters in Spain are battling a major wildfire that probably started after a heap of manure self-ignited amid the intense European heat wave.

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Arizona Public Service cut Stephanie Pullman's power because she owed $51. It was 105+ degrees outside. The heat killed her.

On 107-Degree Day, APS Cut Power To Stephanie Pullman's Home. She Didn't Live

In 2018, APS cut off power to customers more than 110,000 times.

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Sweltering BART train reaches 107 degrees during Bay Area heat wave

Sweltering BART Train Reaches 107 Degrees During Bay Area Heat Wave

The blistering heat led to a second day of problems for BART riders. Many say they're feeling the heat especially on older cars when the air conditioning fails. 

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Record-Breaking Heat in Alaska Wreaks Havoc on Communities and Ecosystems

Record-Breaking Heat In Alaska Wreaks Havoc On Communities And Ecosystems

Abnormally high temperatures have led to unsafe travel conditions, uncertain ecological futures and even multiple deaths

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For Decades, a Nationally Renowned Drug Rehab Program Sent Patients to Work and Pocketed Their Wages, Possibly Violating Federal Law

They Worked In Sweltering Heat For Exxon, Shell And Walmart. They Didn't Get Paid A Dime

"I can't fathom this being legitimate," one former Labor Department investigator says of a drug rehab's work program.

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Federal Judge Will Tour Brooklyn Jail That Lacked Heat and Power

Brooklyn Jail To Be Visited By Federal Judge After Heat And Power Crisis

The judge, who sits in Manhattan, plans to visit the Metropolitan Detention Center to investigate complaints of deteriorating conditions.

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No Heat for Days at a Jail in Brooklyn Where Hundreds of Inmates Are Sick and ‘Frantic’

No Heat For Days At A Jail In Brooklyn Where Hundreds Of Inmates Are Sick And 'Frantic'

Inmates maintain they have been locked in their cells with limited heat and electricity for more than a week, defense lawyers say. The warden's office denies the claim.

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Woman who partied while children died in hot car to serve 40 years in prison

Woman Who Partied While Children Died In Hot Car To Serve 40 Years In Prison

'She knew those kids were back there. She left them in that car,' country sheriff says

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The Sea May Be Absorbing Way More Heat Than We Thought | WIRED

The Sea May Be Absorbing Way More Heat Than We Thought

Scientists have developed a radical new method for measuring global warming-induced rising ocean temperatures: They aren't sampling water, but air.

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Heat and Drought Could Threaten World Beer Supply

Heat And Drought Could Threaten World Beer Supply

A new study says a warming globe will be bad news for barley, an essential ingredient in the world's most popular alcoholic beverage.

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Kemp, Abrams in dead heat in race for Governor of Georgia

Kemp, Abrams In Dead Heat In Race For Governor Of Georgia

The latest poll has Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams in a statistical dead heat in the race for Governor of Georgia.

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Teen 'feels like Superman' after surviving lightning strike

Teen 'feels Like Superman' After Surviving Lightning Strike

Josiah Wiedman, 13, is left in a critical condition after the strike but declares "Dang, I beat death" from his hospital bed.

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Finland heatwave forces reindeer to cool off at the beach

It's So Hot In Finland's North Reindeer Can Be Seen On The Beach

As beachgoers in Finland's north seek relief from sweltering temperatures with a dip in the ocean, they are joined by three reindeer doing exactly the same thing.

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Deadly heat wave hovers over Japan and South Korea

Record High In Japan As Heat Wave Grips The Region

Japan recorded its highest temperature ever Monday as a deadly heat wave continued to grip a wide swath of the country and nearby South and North Korea. The mercury hit 41.1 degrees Celsius (106 degrees Fahrenheit) in Kumagaya, a city in Saitama prefecture about 65 kilometers (40 miles)...

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